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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 13th – Fasten Your Seatbelts

Zach and Mike are talking, and thinking that their alliance with Kail and Nick is really strong. Zach says that if one of them defects it will all crumble and they’re screwed. Mike assures Zach that they have Nick’s loyalty and he’s agreed to vote for Daniele if that’s what everyone wants to do. Zach wants to start talking to Eric more to get to know him, and says that he hasn’t really bothered to get to know Jameka at all. He doesn’t want to, apparently. They think that Daniele leaving is a slam dunk, and that everyone will be surprised by it. Um, if someone is voted out it means that the majority voted against them, so … no surprise there, right? I keep trying to reach through the monitor and smack these people, but it just doesn’t work.

Zach leaves, saying that he’s going to go and sit next to Daniele, and three minutes later she’ll leave because she really doesn’t like him. At least he’s got that part correct. He adds that, when they leave the house, there are going to be a ton of hot girls that will want to be with them. Good grief.

Amber and Dustin have another one of their long and drawn out talks. Amber’s worried about the possibility of having to play for the veto, because she doesn’t want to win it. She doesn’t want to see Dick or Daniele go, but she’s also been working hard to make connections with the others and doesn’t want to shake things up by using the veto. Dustin tells her that she should throw the veto to Dick or Daniele then, if she gets the chance. They talk more about how they’ll vote. Amber says her heart is telling her to keep Daniele, but her head is saying to keep Dick. She’s leaning towards going with her gut though. I guess her heart is in her gut?

Daniele and Nick are in the bedroom together. Dani is sure that Amber would vote to keep Dick because they’re a lot closer. She’s scared about being evicted this week because she’s not ready to go. Nick starts spewing forth all of the details about the Mrs. Robinson alliance – who’s in it, what they’re planning, how they’re using Jen, and how Daniele is the target this week. Wow! He says that he trusts Daniele the most out of anyone in the house, and will take care of her.

Nick goes on to say that he doesn’t trust Kail or Zach because he’s heard that they don’t trust him. So he’s done with the alliance and wants to target them to take away their numbers. He doesn’t want Dick to go this week, but he’d rather see that happen than to lose Daniele. His ideal situation though would be for Joe to go up after the veto is used and get him out. Nick asks Daniele to promise not to tell anyone else, and she does. She’s stunned.

Dick interrupts them briefly, and when he leaves Nick says that he wishes he could tell Dick everything that he just told her. They pinky swear over the secret, and Daniele, who must think that she owes him one now, admits that she’s only 20 years old.

Meanwhile, Kail is telling Jen and Zach about her conversation with Dick, and how pleased she is with it. They don’t understand why, and she says because now Dick knows that she’s onto him. Oh brother. There’s more talk of “Mrs. Robertson” (will someone PLEASE correct these people?) and what it all means. Kail wants to know if Mrs. Robertson is a school teacher.

Jen leaves and Mike tells Kail that Zach is taking credit for bringing Jen into the group and welcoming her into the HoH room last week. Kail is astounded and can’t figure out why Zach would bother taking credit for something like that. She thinks that she’s made a connection with Dick and can strong arm him somehow, and then turn around and boot him out of the house. Okee dokee. They don’t trust that Nick will vote with them to boot Daniele, but don’t think there’s much they can do about it.

Eric and Jessica have a quick strategy chat, but I can’t really hear them because they’re whispering. Mike is spying on them, but I don’t know if he caught much.

Hamsters are now going around getting ready for bed. No one’s sleeping yet – there’s a lot of the same discussions going on throughout the house that we’ve already heard. Basically, Jen is transparent, both Dick and Daniele think they’re the real target this week, Joe is being over dramatic and scheming, Amber thinks everything is about her, and Jameka feels that it is what it is.

Eric, Daniele, and Amber are in the bathroom talking, and once again Mike is spying on them. They seem to know he’s there though. Someone says that you can tell when other people are around because the cameras move to catch them. Hee – Mike is slinking away to the kitchen now.

Joe, Daniele, and Eric are talking once again about the vote. Daniele thinks she’s more of a threat because she’s quieter, and her dad is noisy and irritates people. Joe says that Dick is rough around the edges, but he’s entertaining and cooks for everyone, and he’s well liked in the house.

Amber and Mike are in the kitchen, and Amber’s talking about how she hates people who are fake. Ugh. Then she mentions that she saw him on the stairs spying on people, and he needs to be careful.

Joe is going around the house telling people that there’s a luxury competition tomorrow. Why, I have no idea. But no one seems to care, so we’ll move on.

Dick and Amber talk outside while everyone else settles in for bed. Dick doesn’t think that Daniele’s a threat, and will probably be the one staying. He seems to be fishing for some sort of confirmation from Amber that he has her vote, and therefore Dustin’s, but she won’t say either way. He doesn’t want to campaign against his daughter – he won’t do that. He’s going to wait until after the PoV competition to figure out what to do. He tells Amber not to trust Eric if Dick ends up leaving. Amber won’t even promise to use the veto if she wins it, saying that she knows Dick would help her in the game, but she doesn’t want a bigger target on her back from Kail’s alliance.

Dick wants to make sure that Nick would use the veto on Daniele if he wins it. Dick likes his chances against someone like Joe or Jessica, but feels like he has no wiggle room against his daughter. Amber reveals that she would use a veto on Dustin in a heartbeat, but that’s because everyone knows that they’re close. Dick seems disappointed that Amber wouldn’t use it on him, but would give it to Dustin without thinking about it. He reminds her that she told him she had his back and would do anything she could to keep him in the house. She says she knows, but this game is so hard. Bah.

Amber finally goes to bed, and Dick messes around with the little bunny topiaries, hiding them. I love this stuff, but Dick, go to bed. Get lots of sleep. Kick ass tomorrow. Get off the block.

Dick gets something to eat and then spends some time looking at the memory wall, wondering where the votes will land. He goes to the bathroom with his food and sits on the edge of the sink briefly, then heads back out. He has a little conversation with us, asking if Daniele and Nick have kissed. He doesn’t think so. Wonders if he could put oil in Jen’s bath so she’d slip and fall. Heh. He questions the 9 gallons thing again. Says that being on indoor lockdown sucks because he wants to have a cigarette and do some laundry, but he can’t. They must be setting up for the comp already.

After a bit more chatter, Dick is finally getting ready for bed. It’s almost 4am, which would be a little too late for me to be at my best for a comp, but much earlier than Dick usually goes to bed. Good luck tomorrow, Dick!

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