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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 13th – Fasten Your Seatbelts

Finally Jen is called to the diary room, so it looks like it might soon be time for nominations. Joe sees Nick outside and asks him why they didn’t try to convince Jen to nominate Zach. Nick whispers to Joe that he knows who the nominations are, and Joe assumes that Jen only said all of that stuff to him to scare him.

Amber and Dustin are talking outside, and Dustin is telling her that he told Jen that Amber wouldn’t kiss up to her in order to be safe this week because that’s not Amber’s style. Or something – he’s putting a whole new spin on his actual conversation with Jen. They think they’re golden and congratulate each other for being so loyal and loved by all.

We finally go back to the Vortex of Doom, and it’s on for a good two hours. Is this the longest nomination ceremony ever? What can they all possibly be doing? We come back to see Jen walking away with the big round box of keys, then the whirlpool is back. Terrific. Finally the feeds seem to be back on for good (or at least until someone starts singing) and there are people sitting around the table and others in bedrooms. It’s pretty quiet. The nominees are definitely Daniele and Dick.

Jameka is in one of the bedrooms, crying. Joe and Eric go in to comfort her – the reason she’s crying is because father and daughter have been pitted against each other, and that’s not what the game should be about. Apparently Jameka’s key was the first one out of the box, and Joe’s was last. Dick joins them, and they discuss the fact that Joe’s key was last because he’s the one who will go up if the veto is won and used. He’s aware of this, because Jen told him that he needs to work on his attitude.

Dick is pissed off, even though he knew this was coming, and mentions the 9 gallons of water thing, referring to the tie-breaker question that he believes was fixed. He says that there’s always the PoV, and there’s no reason to be upset about this yet. Joe, of course, is mortified that Jen would tell him that he has a bad attitude in front of everyone else. In other news, Jameka got the ionic hairdryer that she’s been wanting.

Joe and Dick go outside to smoke, and Joe wants to know who Dick would take off the block if he won the veto. Dick says he hasn’t even given that any thought yet. They’re talking about the order of the keys – Jameka was first, followed by Kail, Mike, and Zach. Dick wonders if there’s any way that they can convince Jen to backdoor Zach. Dick says happy birthday to his son again and says that he misses him, but hopes he isn’t home soon to see him.

Joe goes to the hot tub with Jen and pesters her to tell him what he can do to improve his attitude. She won’t give him specifics because she says she can’t think of anything off the top of his head, but she mentions the cancer joke at the dinner table the other night as an example. Jen says that Dick was flipping her off during the nomination ceremony. Hee! See, this guy has GOT to stay in the house.

Nick is in the hot tub too, and they start talking about whether or not Joe thought Nick was gay in sequester. Huh? Nick says that he’s kissed guys before, usually as a dare in a bar to get girls. Er, I know guys like a little girl on girl action, but most girls I know aren’t into watching two guys kiss. Or maybe I’m very wrong on that. Joe says that these nominations will split the house, and then starts badgering Jen again about why she isn’t targeting Dustin.

Daniele, Jameka, and Eric are talking about Eric’s being Jewish. Dani wants to know what his superpower is (hee) and Jameka asks what his “bible” is called. It amazes me the little things that these people are blissfully unaware of. As this is going on, Dustin and Amber are talking about targeting Kail next week if they can.

Amber moves on to talk to Nick, and the way she’s talking makes it sound like her vote would be to keep Daniele in the house because she’s younger and deserves a chance in the game. That’s nice – after all of her big talk about being the most loyal person on earth, she’s going to screw Dick over by voting him out of the house? Dustin comes along and it’s confirmed – Amber and Dustin are planning to vote Dick out and then target Kail for the next eviction. Dick, you need to win that darned veto. Nick says that if he wins the veto, he won’t use it, even to save Daniele.

Dustin is wigging out over Joe’s constant campaigning to get Dustin out of the house. He thinks Joe is building a “posse” specifically to go after Dustin. Who cares?

Nick goes to Dick and tells him that, even though he thinks Dick is really cool, his vote will be with Daniele because he’s deeply “in like” with her. Dick understands completely and doesn’t give it a second thought. He asks Amber to make sure that Daniele eats enough slop, takes her vitamins, and drinks the protein shakes this week to keep her healthy.

Daniele talks to Nick in the bathroom and says that she thinks it’s a double eviction week. Everything is being sped up and they’re all assuming that the veto comp is tomorrow. There’s going to be a 7am wakeup call in the morning apparently, so everyone is talking about going to bed early. Dick man, get some serious sleep tonight. I’ll sacrifice watching the topiary decorating for you to have a better chance at the veto. Daniele thinks that if Dick wins the veto, he won’t use it on himself. Hmm. Not too sure about that one.

Zach is in the hammock with Dick, telling him that he has nothing to worry about. Dick, who is assuming that Amber and Dustin are on his side, says that he thinks the votes will be evenly split, but Zach thinks it’ll easily be Daniele who goes. No one seems to have a good idea of what’s really going on in this house. At all. Dick thinks that Joe is too confident – there’s something going on there.

Dick has a quick conversation with Kail, asking her why she asked if she was on his radar last night. He wonders if he did something to give her the impression that she was. She says no, but adds that he didn’t actually answer the question. He admits that he skirted around it, because it’s too early for him to show his cards especially when she’s been playing hers so close to the chest. Dick gets called to the DR, and they both laugh at the timing of it.