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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 13th – Fasten Your Seatbelts

Daniele and Amber are talking circles around each other. Amber thinks Joe will be going up, and Daniele says that if he does, she can beat him in votes. But she thinks it’ll be her and her dad. Amber is saying that it could be her (Amber), you never know. But Daniele has Amber and Dustin’s full support, so she shouldn’t worry about anything.

Jessica leaves the HoH room and Zach starts working on Jen, suggesting that if she really wants Daniele out of the house then she should nominate Daniele and Amber. Jen doesn’t want to put up two girls though. Zach then suggests Daniele and Joe, but Jen isn’t fond of that idea either. Come on Zach, now’s the time to pull out all the butter-slathered stops here! Instead he says that Daniele needs to go because she’s starting to act like she’s entitled to be there. He says that he’ll vote however she wants him to, but keeping Dick would be smart because he hasn’t clearly chosen sides yet. Jen says that she wishes she could tell Dick that he’s not the target, but she really doesn’t care which one of them leaves this week.

Daniele and Nick are talking about what would happen if they’re nominated together. Nick says that he wants to go before Daniele, because he’s only there for fun and doesn’t need the money. He even tells Jameka to vote him out if he’s up next to Daniele. Zach and Jen get Nick in the HoH room and ask him who he thinks should go up. Nick says Joe, but Jen doesn’t want to have to deal with Joe if he ends up staying.

Eric is busily trying to get Amber to see that he’s not the devil and that he doesn’t get upset when people make comments about his religion or his allergies, so he doesn’t see why she’s so upset over one little comment of his that wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. Kail comes out and Eric apologizes to her if she was offended by what he said, and she says she wasn’t at all – then asks if she said anything offensive during the comp.

Zach and Nick get the HoH room to themselves briefly, and Zach tells Nick straight up that his loyalty is being questioned because of his closeness to Daniele. Nick says that he’s totally with the four, but Zach says that the nominees are going to be Dick and Daniele, and that everyone will question him if he insists that Daniele stays.

Zach leaves and Jen enters. She wants to know how Nick would vote if it were Dick and Daniele on the block. He says he would vote to keep Daniele, because that’s how the rest of the house would vote. Jen asks him if he’s sure, and he says he is – Daniele would be the one to stay. Jen asks him if he wants to sleep in the HoH bed with her and he says no, because he’d look like a sellout. Then he says maybe he will. Jen now wants to know what he would do with the veto if he won it – would he save Daniele? He says no, he’d never use the veto, even if he were nominated. He’d rather pull a Marcellas. Jen says that’s stupid, and Nick agrees. He’d use the veto, but only on himself. My brain cells are slowly rotting here.

Zach finds Mike in the kitchen. They talk about how Daniele has to go, and Mike says that he has some kind of deal with Dick but isn’t sure whether he can trust him fully. Zach thinks that Dick will do whatever it takes to stay in the house this week. Mike mentions that he’s heard Zach’s name from a lot of people, and that he needs to tone things down a bit and get off of their radar. Zach thinks that’s because Joe is trying to instigate things. Poor Zach. So very clueless.

Amber is busily telling Kail about her past addiction to speed, and the doctor that told her she should be getting high off her daughter, not off of drugs. And of course this led to her discovery of God, and even though she doesn’t go to church regularly she still knows that she has this relationship with God and she used to speed a lot in her car but then she had an accident that she could have died in but she lived and that was God’s way of telling her to slow down and … shoot me.

Jen asks Mike who he would vote for if she put Daniele and Dick up. He says Daniele, and she makes him promise this.

Nick and Daniele are once again together talking about the same old thing. Nick says that his first priority in the game is to keep Daniele safe. She says that if she gets HoH next week, she’ll nominate Zach and either Kail or Mike. Nick’s about to be put in an awwwkard situation, and it’ll be fun to watch him squirm through it. Daniele wants to know what Jen’s reason for putting her up is, and Nick says it’s “negativity.” She can’t believe that anyone would find her negative.

Jen tells Dustin that a lot of people have told her that she should put Amber on the block, but she doesn’t see the point in doing that. Great. Now Dustin will tell this to Amber and we’ll have hours of her speculating on who’s after her and why. Blargh. She says that if it comes down to it later, she’d rather put Joe on the block if someone uses the veto and get him out of the house, rather than spend the whole week listening to him whine about it. Dustin says that he’d probably vote for Daniele, since he doesn’t know her all that well yet. He says that they can always get Dick out of the house later.

Since it doesn’t look like the nomination ceremony is going to start on time (4pm, if anyone’s interested), Joe grabs Jen and asks her if he can talk to her. They go up to the HoH room, where Jen tells him that a lot of people are asking her to put him up, so if she doesn’t then he should know that he owes her one. He doesn’t really answer her, and instead says that he wants Dustin out before him because Dustin didn’t even apply to be on the show. He points out that a lot of people want Zach gone, and Jen seems surprised by this. She says that she can’t nominate him because he was the only one who wanted to rub butter off of her. Bleh.

Jen says that there’s no point in trying to get her to nominate Dustin because she’s not going to do that. She adds that a lot of people see Joe as an instigator and she’s been considering him as one of four people that she might possibly nominate. He’s a bit taken aback by this news and says that if that’s how people perceive him, then he guesses that’s what he is. What? He thinks he’s being thrown under the bus. No. No no no. No more talk of being thrown under the bus. That’s so last season. Jen points out that Joe ruined her relationship with Nick with his comments the other night. Joe brushes this off and instead goes around the room and tells her how good she looks in all of her pictures. Ugh.