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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 13th – Fasten Your Seatbelts

I’m still not sure that I’ve accepted the fact that Jen won HoH. How on earth did that happen? Why didn’t someone, out of four people in the tie-breaker, write “1” on their card? They almost always go over on these things. Eric at least should have known that, but perhaps he really didn’t want the HoH title. Anyway, let’s see how things went down today with the nominations and the food comp.

The houseguests get their expected wakeup call this morning around 8:30am. Daniele and Jen are already up, however, and chatting in the gym. Daniele is saying that she wouldn’t have nominated Jen if she had won HoH because there are other people she wants to target first. Jen wants to know who they are, but Dani doesn’t want to name anyone. Jen says that she wants to nominate the people who are causing the negativity in the house, and she also points out that Daniele and Nick spend a lot of time together. Daniele tries to brush this off, saying that she has a boyfriend at home, and she clicked with Nick but they’re just friends.

Big Brother announces that the food competition will begin in one hour. No one seems to be in any hurry to be ready for this, however.

Dustin and Jen do their little ab class thing upstairs in the hallway outside the HoH room. Amber goes up and watches them. She constantly says that she needs to work out, do the abs thing, etc, and then when the “class” is actually in session? She stands there watching.

Outside Kail is talking to Dick about family and health issues. She’s actually, like, saying words that are strung together to make sentences! She tells him that it was really scary for her family when they found out there was a tumour on her daughter’s throat, and even though it turned out to be benign, there were several days when they didn’t know. Dick had a similar scare (which I think I read about on his MySpace page), and can also relate to the family issues. He says it’s extremely hard to be a parent when you’re dealing with health issues with your kids. Amen.

Eric and Daniele talk about the food comp, hoping that it’s not going to be split into two teams again with half of the house ending up on slop for a week. Talk turns to Jen, and Eric says that he doesn’t understand why people think he’s part of the Mrs. Robinson alliance, but he thinks it’s kind of funny. Daniele mentions her chat with Jen earlier, and says that Jen pointed out that she’s always with Nick. She asks Eric if he sees it that way, and he gets out of the question gracefully. She asks him to point it out to her if it looks like she’s spending too much time with Nick.

Dick comes in, and Daniele excuses herself saying that she doesn’t want to be seen with the person causing all the negativity in the house. Heh. She’s smiling though, and Dick seems to realize it’s a joke. Daniele ends up talking to Nick – the same guy she’s trying not to spend too much time with. She’s scared because she knows she’ll be nominated, and thinks that Nick will be the other nominee. Nick says that if that happens, he will not campaign against her. Daniele starts talking about how much she hates Zach.

Mike, Kail, and Zach are in the bedroom with the round beds, with the door closed, holding a Mrs. Robinson strategy session. Kail says that she knows exactly where Jen’s head is regarding the nominations (no kidding – Kail programmed it pretty well last night) but she wants Jen to talk to the guys on her own and let them know what’s going down.

In the kitchen, Daniele has found Jameka to complain to. Dick comes in, and the girls point out that “the three” are all together in the bedroom. Dick goes to the bedroom and busts in on the conversation, laying down on his bed. Hee. Small talk ensues, followed by Kail and Mike filing out of the room. Way to go Dick! He says Happy Birthday to his son (happy birthday, Vincent!).

It’s now past the time when BB said that the food comp would start, so it looks like we’re in for some generic milling about while everyone waits to get their game on. Daniele is talking to Jen and Jessica about Carol, and how she said that she was told in the diary room that she was one of the top three most popular houseguests. The girls think that’s good for a laugh, as do I. Jen is worried that BB will show the segment of her being unhappy with the pictures of her family, rather than pictures of her friends and the kids she looks after. I’m pretty sure they will – that’s golden.

Kail joins the girls and they talk about siblings and stuff. Daniele mentions that it’s her brother’s birthday today. It’s almost like Vincent’s an honourary houseguest or something. Jen says that she lived with her mom until she was 10, then with her dad, then ran away from home when she was 14.

Jen and Kail head up to their HoH room (because we all know that it’s a week of shared power) and discuss whether or not Dick will campaign against his daughter. Jen thinks that Dick has given up and knows that he’ll be nominated – he hasn’t even made an attempt to talk to her. They both agree that Daniele and Dick can’t openly campaign against each other because of their relationship, and that Dick will probably try to get Daniele voted out despite all of his big talk about wanting to do what’s best for her. Jen is a little bit worried about what Dick will be like if he doesn’t end up being voted out, but she still wants Daniele to be the one to go.

Zach and Mike are whispering to each other, which is so irritating because I can’t make out complete sentences. The gist of the conversation though is that they want Daniele out of the house because Nick’s loyalties are being spread too thin. With Daniele gone, he’ll be able to focus better on their alliance. Zach says that he thinks Nick is a part of Daniele’s alliance, along with Amber and Dustin.

An hour and a half after BB said the competition would begin, the houseguests are finally told to go outside for the food comp. We don’t get to see this one, which is disappointing. Come on BB, it’s just a food comp! After almost two hours of the Vortex, we’re back.

Mike, Nick, and Zack head straight for the storage room, followed closely by Jen. She squeals that she’s so glad that she’s the only girl in the house that can eat. Ugh – that’s not good. Joe says something about being on slop too, so it looks like the slop folks are Jameka, Daniele, Amber, Jessica, Kail, and Joe. Everyone else is eating regular food.

Daniele is really upset, crying in one of the bedrooms. Nick is with her trying to cheer her up. She doesn’t want to be on slop again, and says that she hates crying when other people are around. Nick says he’s going to go for a swim, but he’ll be back in a bit. Nice of him to give her a bit of space to cry it out.

Amber is in a tizzy (I know – how unusual!) about something that Eric said during the competition. Eric is trying to defend himself, saying they were all talking smack to each other during the comp, and somehow now he’s the bad guy because of whatever it is he said. Joe agrees. Eric says that he knows how awful it is to be on slop, so why would he seriously say anything to hurt their feelings? He was just joking around. Apparently the guys were dancing around after winning the competition, and Eric says he didn’t like that because he didn’t want the other team to have to be on slop for the week. He adds that there’s nothing good about watching a 97-pound girl suffering on slop for a week.

Amber, meanwhile, is telling Dustin and Daniele that Eric was really scary and rude during the competition, and this is followed of course by, “he has to go.” Daniele is still talking about nominations, and how she knows she’s going up and this is the worst day ever.

Eric finds Jen in the gym. She’s filled with glee that she gets to have her boys eat with her all week. Eric isn’t happy, however, and says again that he doesn’t like watching 97-pound girls starve. Jen doesn’t care – she says that this was just what the house needed.

Dick and Zach are in the storage room, and Zach is assuring Dick that he can help him this week. They make a deal to watch each other’s backs, and Zach says something about the veto. Dick is all for it, as long as his hands are clean if Daniele ends up leaving. It’s quite obvious that he wants to stay in the game, but not at the expense of his relationship with his daughter. Zach says it’ll work out best for Daniele anyway, since she won’t have to stay on slop. Dick points out that she will have to be on slop for the week no matter what. Duh.

Jessica and Jen have a little pow-wow in the HoH room. Jen says that she heard from Carol that Jessica wanted Jen out of the house because of the competition to be the “hot girl” in the house. Jessica appears to be shocked and assures Jen that this is a lie. She adds that she would never have told Carol anything about her strategy anyway. Jen suggests that the two of them should work together in the house, because the guys will just start to take over if the girls don’t watch out. This brain trust meeting is broken up by Zach, who starts looking at Jen’s pictures and asks questions about her family. The spy screen is fixed now, so they flip it on.