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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 12th – Newsflash! Jen Hates Her Pictures!

Outside Jameka tells why she is so upset with Zach. At one point while they were sitting next to each other on the couch, he touched her knee. After, he wiped his hands off on his pants at least seven times. He explained to her that his hand was clammy, but she knew the truth. Amber starts to cry, her trademark, and says he’s rude and prejudiced. Dick says he’s only alienating himself. Joe wants Zach on the block, but Eric knows Jen won’t do it since he was the only one saying he was willing to “butter her up.”

Eric takes his turn in the HoH room. He says he knows Dick, Dani, Nick, Joe, Amber, and maybe Jessica are threats to her. He thinks taking Jessica out would be beneficial to her. Jess is his first offer, and his second is the real meat of the matter. He wants Dani out, sang she’s a bitch and will never have either of their backs. Jen knows Dick would kill her, though. That’s something to realize. If she puts up Dani and not Dick, it will irritate Dick even more than if he was put up. Yet, both Eric and Jen say they would evict Dani rover Dick, but it might be a close vote. Yet, he might have to backtrack tomorrow, as I don’t think America is going to vote for him to push Daniele out.

Meanwhile, Kail not being HoH gives her and Mike more time to plot. They both want Daniele out, and with Eric wanting that too, maybe that’s what will happen. Kail and Mike also start to question Nick’s allegiance to them, which is pretty smart. He’s playing the game both ways. He’s playing like James. Kail rejoins Jen upstairs and the nominations are set at Dani and Dick. They discuss what order to put the keys in the box. Dick is downstairs talking about having to win PoV if he’s up with Nick, but if he’s up with his daughter, I wonder if he’ll fight to get her off. There’s Danielle’s “awkward.”

Dick, Eric, and Amber continue to talk game for awhile, and when Amber leaves, she runs into Dustin in the kitchen, and she says she thinks it will be either Dick and herself up or Dick and Joe. They discuss after this week, if they’re both still there, bringing someone else into their alliance. Dick tells Dustin not to trust Joe, and once Dustin leaves, he moves in on Amber and tries to convince her not to trust him, because of everything that happened with him and Joe, including the gonorrhea story. He thinks he’ll be put up with Joe, if not Daniele. If he’s up with Dani, he said they need to have Jess or Nick win PoV to take Dani off.

After calling an end to the “Dick at Night” show as he calls it (I still prefer All Night Dick), he’s in bed with his farts. BB will probably have them up early for the food competition. It will be interesting to see what America tells Eric to do, and how it falls within his own original plan to get rid of Dani. I think he wants to embed himself further in that alliance, and knows Dani stands in his way. Dani is the only one that Dick truly looks out for in the house, even over himself.

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