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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 12th – Newsflash! Jen Hates Her Pictures!

Jessica comes into the kitchen to make popcorn and burns it. Honestly. Dani finds it unbelievably funny. They talk about Kail celebrating when Jen won, and Dani admits to being afraid of being put up. She know says it depends on “the two puppet-masters,” Kail and Mike. Jess moves on from trying to make some tea, but screws that up too. Nick joins them in the kitten from his shuffleboard game, as he has a groin injury. He says he needs a lot of ice, because it’s a large area.

Outside, Amber is giving Dick a back rub, while inside Jameka joins the group. Jameka enlists Nick’s help to clean a tall window, and Jessica asks if she looks like a servant, saying only brunettes are servants. Apparently they had called Jameka into the DR to tell her to clean the window. She asks if she is Florence from the Jefferson. They told her to delegate who she thought should clean it actually. Eric walks through and Dani tells him that Jess burned the popcorn. He asks if she popped it in her pants because it smells so bad. I’m so glad he’s done with the crazy Eric stuff. This one is much more fun.

Dick, Nick, Amber, and Jameka are outside. During Jameka’s turn for a back rub, Dick talks about making a deal with Jen. Zach breaks up the strategy, coming out to say that BB told him there will be no alcohol tonight since there is a food comp tomorrow. Dustin thinks they’ll be playing for days of the week this time. Jameka announces a gas alert, that she still doesn’t have it, and is about to test it out with some pizza.

Jen and Mike have a strategy session, and she says she wasn’t going to put Dick up, but feels she should since he went off on her, and because she won’t want a smoker in sequester. Mike offers his advice of putting up Joe, Dani, or Jameka. Jen talks about only wanting 2nd place, and Mike is cool with that as he wants 1st. Mike now tries out potential noms of Dick, Joe, Dani, or Jameka. She’s thinking about it, but is afraid of losing another girl. What she needs to realize is that while she’s holed up doing this, everyone is having fun without her. Amber has moved Jameka’s back rub inside by the memory wall, and Eric and Dick would like some porn music to go with it. Eric announces, “The spinning tea cup is for your amusement only, and holds 9 gallons of water. Everyone tells him to shut up.

Jessica waits for Joe to come into the mix and tells everyone the whole story about her and Carol. They had stayed together at dance camp and needed to co. some collage that cost $10. When she heard Carol was talking crap about her, she went to her house and demanded the $5. After that they never talked. Everyone else makes jokes about them having posses and asking if she did mean things to her at school like put fish in her locker or start abortion rumors.

Jen and Mike are still talking possible noms, and she admits that faced with a choice, she thinks HGs would keep Dick over Dani, while Mike thinks it would go the other way. Zach comes out, fills them in on the Jessica/Carol story, and admits Dick dug his own grave. However, after hearing Dick still gave Jen crap even after she won HoH, he says at least he is a true person.

Dick is busy chatting with Eric and Joe, and Eric is proving to be a BB fan, saying, “a tangled web we weave.” Dicks says he expected to be put on the block about three or four times, and Eric tells him he doesn’t think it’s a done deal yet. They debate Mike and Kail making the decisions for Jen, and Joe doesn’t think Mike has the pull the other two do. He knows Kail wants to “shape” the nominations, but not put her name on it. Joe apologies for blowing the comp.

Jen announces that she’s ready to make deals in the HoH room. Joe doesn’t think she has a clue what she’s doing, abut Dick disagrees. He says she’s an attention getter, and followed him around until he went off on her again. He says he told her he’s not going to change his mind, and put him up if she wants, but if he doesn’t go , she will be next. Eric knows that having her in power only alienates her more, and he’s right. Think back to season 6 with the other Eric. That was his undoing, the week he spent as HoH. Well, that and his Friendship alliance.

Dick, the smart guy he is, just figured out there’s another one in the Mrs. R alliance. He just realized Zach plays into it too. No one else will listen to him them. Jen rejoins the backyard, as no one came up for a meeting with her. Now, if that’s not funny, I don’t know what is. Nick finally bites and goes up to the HoH with Jen. He tells her she’s “hard to swallow,” and she says it’s hard to play the dumb girl when you’re not. They get in another tiff about his affections towards Dani.

Jen asks who everyone thinks she’s putting up, and he says Dick. She suggests putting up him and Dani, and he tells her to go ahead. She says yet again that she isn’t there for the money. She lies and says Joe told her to put up Nick and Dustin, when really he only mentioned Dustin’s name. Jen admits to Nick that they’d all be bored without Dick in the house. Perhaps she is smarter than she’s playing.


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