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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 12th – Newsflash! Jen Hates Her Pictures!

After dinner the outside group is Dani, Joe, and Dick. Regarding possible nominations, Dick says Mike is the head, and if you cut off the head, the tail dies. Dani asks Joe if it was her and her dad on the block, would Joe vote to keep her, and Joe said he would. Dani isn’t too happy about the situation, regardless of who goes up, and thinks BB set it up this way intentionally for Jen to win. I’t not her fault she was the only one that had the common sense to know a teacup with an open door could only hold liquid up to the bottom of the door. That was the first thing I thought of while it was turning around, yet those three guys didn’t think of it?

Joe realizes he’s probably not America’s favorite anymore because of his answer to Julie about Dustin. Hate to brake it to ya there, but you were never our anyway. An airplane does a flyby and they yell out to it to drop some food and “take Jen away.” If only it were that easy. Jean’s HoH room is ready, and everyone takes off to go see it, but Dick. He refuses, and stays outside on the couch by himself. Jen, no surprise here, is upset about her pictures in there and wants them taken down. She would have rather had pics of her friends and the kids she nannies for, then her dad and half brothers. She gets ear plugs, so I wonder if they thought she was going to sleep with Dick, since everyone says he’s so noisy. She also gets cashews and nutter butters.

While Joe is asking what he has to do to get Dustin nominated, Jameka, Dustin, and Amber are talking about the way Kail reacted when Jen won, and saying how obvious they were with their jumping up and down. Same old BB stuff, people complaining about the victory celebrations.

Jameka isn’t celebrating anything, as she’s laying around in he bathroom waiting for her turn. Not that there’s anyone in there, mind you, Joe just left quite a stink in there and she would rather wait it out. BB instructs her not to obstruct her microphone and she yells back at them, saying she knows they don’t care about her. Amber comes in for “#2”, and they chat awhile before and after. Amber thinks she’s going up, but Jameka tells her no, it will be two guys, maybe even Dustin as a way to get back at Amber. Amber says she’ll fight hard for him. She prayed today … “for 30 minutes!”

Jameka, still waiting, Amber, post #2, and Dani are all chatting in the bathroom. They bring up Kail and talk about how she’s irritating them already walking around wanting to be friendly with them and sitting in on their conversations. Apparently when the subject of nominations came up, Kail said you never know it could be her, and Amber looked at her and said, “Come on!” They also rant about the tiebreaker, saying that it was rigged. Whichever way Jen’s answer was closer to, with or without the door open, would have been the correct answer. I don’t know about that, but I’m not a huge conspiracy person.

Jameka finally gets her shot at the bathroom. Amber weighs herself saying she is the fattest she has ever been at 160, and claims she was 147 in sequester She gained 13 pounds in the past few weeks?Dick comes in checking the bathroom, and Jameka tells him there were 3 poops in the last 30 minutes, but it’s “durable” He walks in takes a whiff, and says, “Oh my God!” What the hell were these people eating tonight? When they talk about Jen being upset about her pictures, Dick says she was only upset they weren’t of her. He’s probably right.

The talk turns to trying to get Jen to nominate two guys and Dani and Jameka start talking about how much they dislike Zach. Jameka says he’s got one more chance before her mouth rats her out. She clams he touched her leg when she was on the couch, and Dani says he does stuff like that to her as well. Jameka resolves to pray about it, as she doesn’t want her mouth getting her in trouble. Do you need to pray about it or just keep your mouth shut if you’re trying to win the game??

Jen is in the hot tub with Jess talking about the HoH competition. She knows people are going to think the game was fixed because no one believe the tea cup only holds 9 gallons of water. She says she could see that if she wrote down 8, but she said 41, knowing it was more, and not wanting to go over. She moves up to the HoH with Kail and says she would never put up Dick and Joe, as while no one likes Joe, some might keep him over Dick. She thought of Dick and Dani, with Dani staying, and Kail agrees it’s her best bet, yet Jen knows keeping Dick in the house to annoy everyone else is probably a good idea. Jen does not want another girl to go home, and the only ones off her radar are Kail, Mike, Eric, and Zach. They have a good thought about keeping Dick. Jen, Joe, and Dick are annoyances to others. If she gets rid of one of the other annoyances, it places a larger target on her. Yet, Kail is pushing Dick. Ahem, I mean she wants Dick. You know what I mean.

While Jameka is skipping out on ice cream for the night to see if it’s what is causing her gas (probably not, as calcium calms your stomach), Mike, Kail, and Zach get together in the kitchen and she relays her conversation with Jen. They know if Dick and Joe go up, Joe will go home because Dick’s alliance will keep him. Zach uses the Black Night skit from Monty Python as an analogy. They cut off his arms and legs and tell him to f ugh tike a man. If they take out Dani, they cut Dick’s legs off, but if they take out Dick, they think he will come to them to join their alliance. Are they nuts? They don’t know Dick. They think the same applies to Joe and Jessica, taking out the stronger Joe. They think the noms should be Dick and Joe, but know it won’t happen that way.


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