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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 12th – Newsflash! Jen Hates Her Pictures!

Dani proves to be in a bad mood again. Dustin tells Kail her hair looks pretty, and Dani says he doesn’t have to lie as she’s already made the nominations. She then notes both Jen and Dustin are wearing towels, and Jen asks if she’s jealous. What? W … Why? …. H? …. She’s just too freaking weird. And she’ll be even more so once she doesn’t shave for several weeks since they won’t let her have a razor.

Later on, Dick talks again of his distaste for Jen. He’s asked by Zach what he would do if Jen were his daughter, and he replies he’d know he did something wrong because of how self-absorbed she is. Regarding the fact they could start dating, he repeats his quote from the other night that he’d rather put his … member … in a meat grinder. Zach thinks it would be funny if he was asked about that quote by Julie Chen. He also claims she walks very loudly when others are sleeping. Somehow I just can’t envision her lasting long, then again everyone was tired of Chicken George around this time last season, and look how long he lasted?

Getting Dick all riled up worked for Zach; he seems to be good at getting others’ feathers ruffled. Dick confronts Jen and calls her an inconsiderate bitch, and says it isn’t her place to wake the household up in the morning. He’s tired of her sitting down next to him when he’s sleeping and blabbering away about herself. If she doesn’t stop, he’s going to make her the most miserable bitch in the house. Well, okay then. He walks out, Jen says, “well …” and goes upstairs to work out more. As apparently that’s what she needs to do in this situation.

After a very long time of the blue vortex, we come back, and mostly everyone is out and about, ready for the live show. Zach is wearing a black arm band and is cutting white tape to make the letters for TOM on it. He says that’s his dad’s friend who was diagnosed with liver cancer just before he left for BB. Kail continuities to prove that her town of 500 is absent of any entertainment as not only does she not know Mrs. Robinson or 1984, she also doesn’t know what a blog is. I wonder if she’ll be wearing a flapper gown tonight. Wouldn’t you think if she owns everything in town she’d know her way around a computer? We’ll see if that same ignorance comes out tomorrow on the blog she posted from HoH.

Well, as expected, Carol was evicted in a big way. As was unexpected, Jen won HoH. I’m guessing Dick is second-guessing his decision to go off on her earlier today. Remembering she wanted to put Dick and Dani up, I’m hoping someone else can get to her to get her to fulfill another objective. The funniest thing to me of the whole night was the look on Julie Chen’s face right after Jen won it. It was priceless. She knew her and Les would have a lot to talk about in bed tonight.

Does Kail live in a closet? This town that she practically owns all of, does it all sit and reside within her little closet? When Jen says she knows her CD will be U2 as that’s all she requested, Kail starts singing Red, Red Wine, and is sure that it’s a U2 original. Jen doesn’t think so, but isn’t putting any money on it. People! It’s UB40! These people are going to drive me to drink some red, red wine.

Jameka wants to keep herself busy and decides to corn row Jess’s hair so they can get the wavy effect in it. I used to do little braids, not corn row specifically, in my hair in high school to get that look. Jess is afraid to try it, not knowing what she’ll look like on national TV. Remember, she doesn’t want to use a curling iron and doesn’t think anyone else should, so this could be interesting.

Dick, my new hero, is not kissing butt. He is still telling Jen she is inconsiderate, and feels he needs to, since no one else will. Eric just is knowing that the CBS execs are loving it, because it will be one great week of television. With no immediate worries of leaving, Amber is asking Kail if she thought Joe’s cancer joke was funny. Kail says no, because her daughter almost died of throat cancer. Oh wow. It must have been hard for her to hold that in. Wait, why did she? Why didn’t she tell him where to stick his stupid infantile jokes?

Dick and Nick, my 1st grade reader characters, discuss possible noms, and they are sure that Dick will be one of the two. As for the other, they know it will be one of the others in Dick’s group, probably Joe, Amber, or Nick. So who do we tell Eric to get her to nominate? I said Zach, because he needs a comeuppance and I think it’s doable, and Nick, because he’s playing both sides and needs to get caught. Amber walks into the conversation and thinks it will be her.

Outside on the couch, the guys hash out the answers to the HoH competition, and Dustin and Joe talk about their comments about each other, laughing. Nick admits to being in quite a pickle. He still has a beef with Jen from when she said he tried to kiss her. She asked yesterday if he was ever going to talk to her again, and he said they’d see tomorrow, meaning tonight. Now that she won HoH, if he talks to her, it will look like he’s only doing so because she won HoH, and that’s what he was waiting for.


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