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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 12th – Newsflash! Jen Hates Her Pictures!

It’s the day in Big Brother. The day we find out who the first eviction will be, Amber or Carol. My money is still on Amber to stay and Carol to head back to her luxury-filled life in Kansas.

Kail is the first up, but instead of heading into the kitchen for coffee or back to bed for Bible reading, she heads for the treadmill. Apparently she finally found time to work both that and the Bible into her busy day. Too bad she doesn’t have the benefit of the sheet music to Mrs. Robinson, as she could learn a little about what she desperately wanted to know all day yesterday.

Not too much later the rest of the house is woken up with It’s Going Down by Young Joc. While many of them are outside sharing the morning with each other, Dick and Eric wonder why they had to be up 9 hours before the live show starts. They settle on it being because the chicks might take forever to get ready. Joe talks about waking up and petting Jessica, because he thought she was his cat. I could say something, but I won’t. Way too blue.

Inside, Jameka tells Daniele (I just learned her name is spelled with only one L. Thanks Aurora.) that she and Kail think the evicted HGs pictures will appear on the huge colored mirrors. Dani doesn’t agree, as she thinks they’re too big and blurry ( the-mirrors, not the HGs). It would be neat, but usually they just grayscale out the pictures on the memory wall. Have these people never watched the show or The Graduate? Or read 1984?

After a lock-down sends everyone inside, Nick and Dani talk about pretty much nothing in the bedroom. Zach comes in to join them and spends the whole time giving Dani a hard time, which she generally returns. She gives him crap for making his bed a certain way, and he asks if she would go on slop for two days in exchange for a Dip ‘n Dots, her favorite. She says she would for a Snickers Dip ‘n Dots. He asks if she likes the Key Lime Pie at Hooters, and she says she likes all the desserts except peanut butter pie. As for me, I think I need to go eat something. They’re making me very hungry, and I’m trying to ignore the Dilly bars in my freezer.

Dick is once again the cleaning man and is vacuuming while Mike moves the furniture around for him. Dick jokes they should talk strategy now with the vacuum cleaner going so no one else will hear. Dani gives up on her bantering with Zach and goes back to pretty much the same with Nick. He mentions a song by Green Day, and she says she hates Green Day, to which he answers he hates red days. Is he just screwing with everyone or what? It’s like he’s sitting there trying to annoy everyone but in a slow deliberate manner. Even when he’s nice it’s annoying. Although, he is nice to look at.

Kail commits the first faux pas of the day as she says she’s waiting for Carol to wake up so that she can move her stuff out of the HoH and into Carol’s spot. I don’t even know if Joe would be that rude. Well, yeah, he would. She tried to gloss over what she said by saying it was her room before she was HoH, but I think the cat is out of bag on that one, and Joe’s not petting it.

Some of the guys talk about favorite Christmas present vs. worst Christmas memory. Dustin’s worst is realizing at 4 there was no Santa Claus, but playing along for his older brother for many years to come. Zach says he didn’t learn the truth until he was in 7th grade, leaving me hope for not telling my daughter who is going into 6th grade, and either hasn’t put it together or has and doesn’t want the gifting to stop. As for bad gifts, Dustin got an alarm clock and lamp from his dad when he was 14 and Zach got a nose hair trimmer from his dad when he graduated college. Jen got bunk beds, or so she thought. Turns out they weren’t hers.

Everyone is doing what became known the past few years as Jedi-drilling, because of Howie and Janelle. They’re counting things and observing little nuances about the house. Dick knows he won’t do well at this, as he can’t even remember where everyone is from. He finished vacuuming and put it away in the SR. Carol continues to sleep, despite Kail waiting for her bed.

Kail gets the official word from BB that she has 90 minutes until she needs to evacuate the HoH. She continues getting ready in the HoH bathroom, along with Jen. She says thinks Dick should go up, but she knows he owes her one because she didn’t put up Dani. Jen wants to put up both Dick and Dani and thinks he is on everyone’s list, mentioning Joe and Eric in particular. Kail asks about Jameka and Jen reacts as if she never knew Jameka was in the house. There are other people in this house other than you and your horrifying memorial wall pic. Perhaps if you’d like to stay here more than a few weeks you should get to know them.

Once Jen goes downstairs, she still has a towel on her head. Zach is sitting watching Dani’s timer for her cookies and playing chess by himself. She suggests everyone go into the DR and say whassup. He says there is no reason to go in there, and she says there is, as they’re on lock-down and she has clothes in the washer that she needs moved to the dryer. When he refuses to leave, she decides to go in and ask with the towel on her head for someone to move her clothes from washer to dryer. God forbid if they show that on TV, how badly would she freak out over that?


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