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Big Brother 8 Commentary Week 2.1 – Let the Deal Making Begin

We’ve finished the first week of the season, and Carol was the first evictee by a vote of 10-1. The new HoH? Jen!

That in and of itself should make things very interesting, indeed.

A recent forum post here at Reality Shack has Mike Malin and Will Kirby confirming that Jen has been “coached” in the ways of “Chill Town”. As such, you can pretty much expect that Jen will take her newfound position of power and use it to her advantage: making deals with many that may seem fair but turn out to be one-sided, and generally pulling the puppets’ strings.

It’s hard to predict what Jen, of all people, will do for her nominations. The gist I’m getting, mostly from recaps of the first week’s live feeds, is that there are people who want her gone including Eric, Amber and Dustin. The question is, did any of those comments become common knowledge? If so, Jen might give at least one of those houseguests a nomination. I predict she’ll nominate Dustin and Jameka. She might also play it safe and nominate someone like Jessica instead of Dustin.

After the episode on Sunday, I’ll take a closer look at the Power of Veto situation and go in depth with some heavy-duty analysis.

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  • I haven’t seen anything to suggest that Jen would nominate Dick and Daniele. Hmm.

  • I was ready to say that Dick and Daniele are as good as nominated, but you may be right. I can see Dick wheeling and dealing to try and keep them both safe.

    Jen is so random, it’s hard to guess!

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