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So You Think You Can Dance, June 27th – Oh Yeah! I Almost Forgot!

Mary talks of the difficulty of the spins and says we have to remember they only get 5-1/2 hours to learn these routines, shocking Adam. Shauna is given a ticket on the hot tamale train for those turns, and Mary reminds Cedric that she wanted him out on week one after a bad hip hop, out on week two after a bad fox trot, and out on week three with contemporary. But this week, she wants to get real. She feels this is the first time she has wanted him to stay. She believes he has shown the most growth and she apologizes for being wrong about him. Nigel thinks Shauna was fantastic and did everything asked of her, and Cedric did get down to it when it got to the heel toe combination. He was proud of him, knowing he’d never done anything like that before.

A little known fact about Anya Garnis is that in Russia she was a platinum blonde and studied International Law. Partner Danny Tidwell has an obsession with sunglasses, and spends more on them than food. Their last dance was a hip hop and while the judges loved it, America put them in the bottom three. This week they’ll be doing contemporary with Tyce Dioro. He explains the dance is about a man and woman, not boy and girl, and he thinks there’s a sweet sexuality to it. Anya wants to bring the passion and feelings of the dance across. They dance tonight to Apologize by One Republic. I don’t always get contemporary choreography, but this is beautiful.

Adam tells Danny he is unquestionably one of the most beautiful male dancers he has ever seen. Every once in awhile, though, he felt a disconnect from Danny and Anya, possibly because of the number of jumps. Mary thought it was tremendous, and tells Danny that when he leaps, nobody leaps that high and with so much power and explosiveness. She disagrees with Adam on the subject of a disconnect, saying you can be together when you are apart, but it is something they need to work on. She tells Anya, “Come on now, you are just ridiculous.” Nigel says he liked it … with a caveat. He has a note to the choreographers that all the relationship choreography ends with someone walking away. He wants it known that some relationships do work. He thinks Anya stayed in touch with her emotions during the piece and wants Danny to find the little by of magic he needs to make people want to pick the telephone. It’s more than just technique. Adam and Nigel argue a little bit, as Adam thinks Danny dances as if he’s already won, but Nigel thinks he’s talking crap.

Something we don’t know about Sarah is that she loves to figure skate and competed from 4th through 7th grade. Pasha says he’s crazy about computers, buying computer parts and putting it together, then trying to fix what he did. She was heartbroken to lose Jesus, and Pasha felt the same about Jessie. For their first dance together, they’ll be dancing the West Coast Swing, and who better to choreograph this for them than last year’s winner Benji Schwimmer. He says if James Brown were still around, this would be his partner dance. Benji says he learned how to be sexy last year from Dmitry. His three steps to be cool are 1. Have the Russian sex appeal. 2. Be sexy, but with a chill hip hop gangster ‘tude, and 3. Have him for a teacher. Pasha and Sarah dance tonight to The Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim, and you can see Benji’s influence throughout the whole routine, including Pasha looking like rubber.

Nigel knows that’s the magic that we’ve all been waiting for, and says Benji throws it down. Adam asks if they felt good, and hearing that they do, says they can audition for him and get the job anytime. With Pasha he says he has so much more in his wheel house, and he thinks he stepped it up. Mary thought this was a great routine from Benji, and agrees it was a great performance with great partnership. She mentions that they did all this after never laying a hand on each other previously. Benji could have made it easy for Sarah but didn’t. She jumped up to the plate and made it look easy, thanks to the king of partners, Benji. We get a wooh out of her as well.

Sabra Johnson’s secret is that she was in High School Musical as one of the background dancers, and partner Dominic Sandal’s secret is that he has a crush on someone from the show, Cat, whom he describes as 7 feet tall and with a French accent. Last time they did the rumba, and this week they are hoping to get hip hop, and they do. Even better, it’s being choreographed by Shane Sparks, who says they have so much chemistry, and he believes he has the perfect song and perfect choreography to show hip hop can be sensitive too. At the beginning of Make It Work by Ne-Yo, Sabra and Dominic are in chairs. It’s interesting that this shows yet another relationship, yet doesn’t feature someone waking away in he end. As Shane promised, it’s the perfect song, choreography and much chemistry.


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