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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 11th – What Would You Do With Half a Million?

Joe says that Dustin is poisoning Amber’s mind and that she needs to stop spending so much time with him because they’re alienating the others in the house. Amber insists that she’s trying to help Joe and is telling him that he’s an offensive weasel because she cares about him like a big sister would.

Amber goes to pack her things, and the others debate how things will work after someone is evicted. Amber thinks the evictee gets five minutes to leave. Yeah, ’cause that would be fun for the viewers to watch. Joe says no, it’s one minute, then you grab your stuff and go see Julie. Then you hear about the twists in the game, watch the goodbye videos and cry, and then Julie tells you that your aunt or your dog is there to greet you. Bingo. He even adds the little details, like Julie telling them to set their bag down.

Eric and Jameka are talking about how Kail doesn’t open up to anyone about anything. Apparently she asked Eric a lot of questions about himself, but when he said that he wanted to get to know her better she clammed up. Jameka says that Mike is also very quiet and guarded.

Joe puts on one of Amber’s denim jumpers and stuffs a pillow in the front. He also adds a hat and a few other accessories, and then goes prancing through the house saying, in drawl, “I’m Ambuh! I made my baby in a barn and I like taking my baby to the bar. I’m going to smoke and drink to keep my figure.” Dustin is offended and Jen makes some joke about Dustin dating him. Dustin isn’t impressed at all.

Amber laughs, but doesn’t really look like she’s enjoying the show. Joe says he apologizes if he offended anyone at dinner, and then does some more Amber impersonations, saying something about her phone being a dead raccoon tied to a pole. It’s really not that funny, but Joe thinks it is.

Eric and Jameka are talking about uncomfortable situations in the house, and Eric feels that he’s had to escape a lot of conversations today. Joe is finished with his Amber act, and Amber tells him that he’s going to end up like the boy who cried wolf because he talks so much shit, eventually no one’s going to believe him when he’s actually telling the truth.

More talk of having to go to bed early tonight, which must be around midnight if the Showtime thing is on. Jameka doesn’t like what Carol said about coming back in a few weeks, and when Carol joins them Jameka tells her so. Carol thinks that people are acting fake now and says she’s ready to stir things up in the house. Jameka takes exception to this and says she’s the same person she was when she entered the house. Carol leaves, and Eric says that people are over-playing their hands too soon in the game. Jameka agrees and says that they need to slow down and pace themselves.

Joe is inside telling Amber that he lied to her face and voted for her to be evicted. He says that people can’t tell when he’s being serious, and that bothers him. It was one of the problems that he had with Dustin, and that showed him that Dustin didn’t really care about him. He adds that he can’t wait to win HoH tomorrow. Joe makes me tired.

Amber goes to do some more packing, while Daniele gets busy working on Nick’s nails. He wants while nail polish this time, but no one seems to have any. Go figure – who wears white nail polish? Eric jokes that he’s going to be the last man standing without nail polish on.

Jen and Eric go to sit in the hammock and talk. The conversation is about biting your nails and other things of great importance. Eric mentions that Carol told everyone that she had to be in school on August 15th, which could have led to her downfall. They talk about how they both trust Jessica, and Jen thinks she has an advantage in the HoH comp tomorrow because it’ll probably be about Carol (like the All Stars comp was about Allison) and she knows all kinds of things about Carol.

Dustin and Mike are working out together and talking about how the game is about to get a lot more intense after this eviction. They’re thinking about when the double eviction will happen, and how the scheming and plotting is about to get crazy. Let’s hope so, because so far? It hasn’t been all that riveting.

Amber and Dick are in the kitchen and Dick is explaining the Mrs. Robinson reference. Because Amber doesn’t know it either. Where do they find these people? They talk about how Kail is making herself a target by the way she’s acting and not sharing anything with anyone other than Mike and Jen.

Speaking of Mike and Jen, they’re in the backyard with Dustin talking about modeling and acting and finding agents. Yawn.

Some of the hamsters are getting ready for bed now, because of course, tomorrow is a big day. Dick seems to be the only one who doesn’t give a crap, saying that there’s all this preparation for what – 20 minutes on air? Exactly, Dick. Exactly. I like this guy more and more every day. He’s by himself, smoking, and saying that Jen needs a “brain douche.” Ba-hahaha! Almost lost a mouthful of drink there.

He goes on to say that one princess is gone tomorrow, and that Eric is tripping the girls out so they need to get rid of him. Zach too, because he’s messing with Daniele. He wants Mike out before Kail, to leave Kail scrambling with Jen to stay in the house. Smart guy. He also reminds himself not to get too confident and to focus, and says that he needs to work on the people he’s with to make them feel more confident.

Dustin and Dick have a chat. Dick got three new shirts today, and apparently one of his friends signed a release so he can talk about him now. Dustin doesn’t think that Kail, Jen, and Mike are together, but Dick insists that taking Mike out would be a good move. Dustin still thinks that Jen needs to go first.

Dustin then goes to talk with Joe, and Joe says that if he gets HoH he’ll have to put Dustin on the block to save face with his alliance. Then they’re talking about their crushes in the house. Joe likes Nick (shocker) and Dustin likes Mike, Nick, and Eric. Joe doesn’t think Eric is Dustin’s type.

Dick and Eric chat in the tea cup (how weird does that sound?) and Dick says that he talked to Kail, and Kail asked if she was on his radar. He says that he doesn’t see himself winning HoH because he can’t even remember where everyone is from. He says that Mike, Jen, and Kail should be the next three to go. They talk about Jen, and how she’s not mean-spirited, just inconsiderate and clueless.

The regular group of night owls is outside chatting about nothing much. It’s Jameka, Dustin, Dick, Eric, Amber, and Jen. Jen heads off to bed after a brief conversation about someone folding her underwear. Jameka has gas that she needs to walk off before she can go to bed. See how thrilling this stuff is? I’d rather watch Dick talk to himself.

Talk turns to Dick’s dick, pooping your pants, and other assorted pleasantries. They’re having fun together and it’s not without entertainment value, but this type of thing doesn’t lend itself well to recapping. You kind of have to see and hear it yourself.

Finally everyone except Dick is headed off for sleepy time. Dick talks about Mike and Kail, to himself, saying the same stuff he said before. He adds that he’s talking to himself for the benefit of the live feed watchers. Thanks Dick. Really, it’s more interesting than lots of other stuff that happens in there. He says that he could throw the comp to Daniele, but then people would think that they’re working together – which they are. Then he’s in the kitchen cutting up something, which turns out to be fruit and veggies to redecorate the topiaries with. Yay! I don’t know why I love this stuff, but I do. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Dick giggles to himself and wonders if the other hamsters even notice that the topiaries are decorated and changed up. He wanders around, still talking about taking Mike out because he’s the head of the beast. He thinks Kail would lose it if she was nominated, but not right away. She’s act cool first.

Dick goes back outside, smokes, goes back inside, goes to the bathroom, still talking to himself. Finally, at about 3:30, he’s getting ready for bed. Thanks for the entertainment, Dick.

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