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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 11th – What Would You Do With Half a Million?

Kail is sitting in the hammock with Jen, and says that she has to be out of the HoH room by noon on Thursday, and it’s quite obvious that she’s nervous about joining everyone downstairs. She’s hoping that Jen wins HoH so that she can go back up there. Kail wants to start bringing her stuff downstairs tonight, but feels that she’d be imposing on the others.

Kail asks Jen if she’s seen “Mrs. Robertson.” Jen says no, but she knows it’s a song. Jen, quit pretending you have a clue about what people are saying. Because if you did, you would correct Kail and tell her it’s flipping Mrs. Robinson and then smack her upside the head for all of us. Kail wants to know how the song goes. Really? She’s never even heard the song? I need a drink, pronto.

Amber, Joe, and Daniele are talking about Carol and how great it is that she’s leaving. They complain about how many meatballs she ate, and how she went and stole the treadmill this morning when it was very clear that Amber wanted to go and work out. Gah. Dustin says that it’s good that Carol is leaving because she isn’t happy in the house and she’ll be better off at home. He’s happy for her.

Lockdown is over and there’s a mad dash to go back inside. Of course nothing is different, there’s no surprise party, or, as Carol had speculated, going away dinner for her. Not even a bubble gum machine.

People are showering and getting ready for dinner now. There’s a small group in the living room talking about the HoH competition tomorrow, and Jameka points out that they should all go to bed early tonight because they’ll have a lot to do tomorrow. Ah yes, Thursdays, when all we get to see is hamsters preening in the mirrors, tidying up the house, and the Vortex of Doom while BB tries to reign them in and practice things for the live show. Fun stuff.

Nick, Daniele, and Amber are ranting some more about Zach. Boring. Jen mentions that she wasn’t allowed to bring razors into the house, but Kail said she was. Hee! Does that tell us anything about Jen’s psych profile? I think it does. Also, why do they need to have dull scissors and knives, but razors are okay? If someone is going to go postal in there, it only takes one little Gillette blade to really mess people up. Or, you know, a chair being thrown.

Dustin and Zach are working out together. Zach says something about Joe telling him that he’s trying to get under Dustin’s skin, but Dustin doesn’t understand why that would help Joe’s game at all. Methinks Zach is trying to stir the pot some more, not realizing that everyone is onto him by now. They laugh about the questions they were asked in the DR – about the I/You drinking game, and the colour-coded houseguests they discussed in the tea cup last night.

Eric and Jessica are talking about Carol, and how this whole first week was a waste and now they’re basically starting over again with 13 houseguests. Nice. There’s a pot of rice on the stove that’s boiling over, which is the most interesting thing on the feeds right now. Jessica is upset because everyone thinks she’s had breast implants, but they’re real.

It’s finally dinner time, and everyone helps themselves to chili and rice, buffet style. Joe is wearing sunglasses and a sport coat to dinner for some reason. The conversation turns to what everyone would do with the half million dollars if they won Big Brother. Dick says he’d get nipple transplants to look like Joe. Heh. Nick wants a monkey. Just take Joe, Nick. Joe tries to say that his sister has cancer, so … but he can’t keep a straight face and blows the Jonny Fairplay move. Kail is reluctant to answer the question, which I assume is because she already has money coming out of her ass. Dick answers for her and says a vacation, remodel the house, start college funds for the kids, and invest the rest.

Someone asks Kail if she’d bother remodeling the house or if she’d just buy a new one. She gets flustered and asks everyone why they’re focusing on her – why don’t they ask Amber? Way to keep your cover there, Kail. Nick wants a motorcycle with a side car. For the monkey maybe? Dick wants to travel around the world and see the aurora borealis somewhere (sorry – they’re talking really fast). Eric can’t come up with anything, so Dick says he’d bring his girlfriend to Manhattan and start up a company or something.

Jen says she doesn’t want to win, because the money would ruin her life. Riiiight. Carol says she would pay for her dream princess wedding, Amber would give her mom money for retirement and then go back to school to become a nurse. Zach would invest in a clothing line, and Mike would travel and pay off debts. Jameka has exact amounts planned that she would give to family members, donate to various religious groups, etc. She’s obviously thought this out.

Dinner’s over and people are taking their dishes to the sink and heading outside. Because no one wants to be responsible for cleaning up, of course. Kail and Mike get stuck on dish duty while Carol tells everyone that she’s leaving tomorrow, but she’ll be back in a few weeks to kick everyone’s asses. Nah, BB wouldn’t bring someone back in again, would they?

Jen comes out in yet another butt-hugging bikini and gets into the hot tub, trying to find her favourite jet. Make of that what you will. Carol is there with her, and they make some inane small talk. Dick is reacting to the chili already and clearing out some space with his intestinal gasses. A bunch of people are talking about Eric being bipolar.

Now they’re talking about everyone’s answers at dinner, and decide that Jen is an idiot and Kail is shady. Well that’s not altogether inaccurate, is it? Joe thinks the answers reveal who is really there to play the game and who isn’t. Because Joe sees deep inside things that no one else picks up on. Bah. Zach thinks the question itself was offensive and tells Joe that he shouldn’t have asked it. Wha?

The giant hockey puck in the freezer is brought out, and Dick, Zach, and Nick break out an ice shuffleboard game. Props to these guys for using a bit of creativity here.

Amber tells Joe that people didn’t appreciate the sister with cancer thing at the dinner table. Joe tries to defend himself, saying it was just a joke and if people don’t have a sense of humour it’s not his problem. Amber insists that there are some things you just shouldn’t say. Joe says that he’s had friends die of AIDS and that using humour is sometimes the only way to get through things like that. Except, you know, no one in the house is actually dying. That we know of. Amber keeps drilling on this one though, saying that the cancer shtick was offensive and that Joe is a weasel.