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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 11th – What Would You Do With Half a Million?

Amber and Dustin are primping in the bathroom mirror and talking about how sneaky Zach is. They want to get him out. Along with Kail and Jen and Joe, of course. Lots of back and forth about the vote, and apparently Zach said that Joe was voting against Amber. Blah blah blah.

Suddenly we get to watch Carol, alone in the bedroom with the round beds, reading the bible. On all four feeds. Why do you hate me, camera people?

Now we go to the kitchen to learn that Kail doesn’t know where “Big Brother” came from. Honest to goodness people, pop culture just isn’t your thing, is it? Joe explains it to her and she smiles and nods before heading back upstairs to the safety of the HoH room.

Mike and Daniele lounge outside on one of the big chairs, talking about Mike’s home town and shopping and football games. Exciting stuff, except not really. More people join the conversation and discuss sushi and wasabi and being tied to bedposts.

Mike goes into the kitchen and talks to Kail about winning the HoH comp. Kail is still stressing over “Evel” winning it. It’s really funny to me how she won’t call him by his actual name, Dick. Does she call the guy who used to host American Bandstand “Evel Clark?” They discuss how much Zach wants Daniele out of the house, and how Dustin would nominate Mike if he got HoH. Daniele comes in and ends the strategy talk, if you can call it that.

Kail, who can’t seem to get herself out of strategy mode, takes Zach into the storage room for more discussion. Zach tells her to try and distance herself from Mike a little bit. She’s worried about Evel and wants him gone, but Zach thinks that he can control Dick once Daniele is out of the house. That’s a good one. Kail says that Dick came to her after the nominations and thanked her, and said that he owes her one. Why, because she didn’t nominate Daniele? ‘Cause Dick was immune this week. Kail plans to remind Dick of this if he wins HoH. Zach says that Joe is going to invite him into his alliance soon. Really Zach? How is this boy so clue-free about the game?

As she’s leaving, Kail says that she doesn’t even know who “Mrs. Robertson” is so she can’t understand why that’s so funny. Zach says Mrs. Robinson is a movie, and starts singing the song. People, the movie is called “The Graduate” and I highly recommend you rent it when you get out of the house. If for no other reason than to expose yourselves to a little more popular culture than FOX news.

Nick is huddled up on the floor in the small bedroom, covered in blankets. Daniele goes in to find him and they accuse each other of being grouchy this morning. Nick asks Daniele if she wants to talk, and of course she doesn’t, so she leaves the room after saying that she just has a lot on her mind.

Nick goes out to ask Dustin about the whole “Daniele is using him” thing, and Dustin denies ever having that conversation with Zach. He’s upset that Zach would spread such a rumour, and tells Nick that Daniele never said anything like that to him, and that he’d be the last to know if that were true because Daniele doesn’t talk to him much. Dustin wants to confront Zach, but Nick asks him not to because he wants to see how it all plays out.

Kail gets her HoH digital camera, and much picture taking ensues. Of course Jen has to get into this action as much as possible. I can just see her, after being evicted, going through all of the photos on the BB website and crying over the ones of her that aren’t perfect.

Eric asks Amber if her nerves are bad today, and she admits that they are. She’s feeling nauseous over having to pack her bags tonight, just in case she’s out the door tomorrow.

Nick and Daniele are talking again, and this conversation is kid of going in circles. She wants to know if he’s upset, and he wants to know if he has anything to be upset about. They’re interrupted by Kail and her camera for a few minutes, but when she leaves they get back into it. Well, Nick does. He asks her how she feels about things. Silence. How does she feel about him? Silence. Does she trust him? Yes, she does. Nick tells her that he thinks she’s the bee’s knees and doesn’t want to put her in any kind of awkward situation. He leaves and she pulls the covers over her head. He must be really smitten to put up with this stuff.

Kail comes in to talk to Daniele. Dani says that she’s okay, she’s just having a moment. She misses her boyfriend, who is also her best friend, and wishes that she could talk to him. Why doesn’t she just tell Nick this? It would put him out of his misery. Kail compliments Daniele for being mature for her age and having her head on straight. They walk out of the bedroom arm in arm. Way to go, Kail.

Nick tells Mike that he can’t trust Zach, and tells him the story about not trusting Daniele because she’s using him. He says that guys know when a girl likes them, and he can tell that Daniele isn’t faking it. She’s probably not faking anything, but she hasn’t exactly said much to him to confirm any feelings there, has she? The guys talk about having to protect Kail and how it’s going to be a lot of work. Heh. This alliance isn’t working out too well so far, is it?

Mike and Zach are playing chess again, but they’re using the chess pieces to illustrate their strategy. Lots of whispering going on – these two must have gone to the Will and Janelle school of stealth whispering, because I can’t understand most of this. Daniele’s name is mentioned along with nominations and HoH. Zach is wondering if Joe and Dustin are secretly aligned, and if they are then his trust in Dustin is ruined. He’s also worried about Nick talking to Dustin about something. Gee, I wonder what that could be.

Daniele and Joe are outside getting some sunshine, and Nick comes out and whispers to Daniele that he just wanted to come out and smell her hair. They talk about Zach and how he must be the one who’s spreading lies in the house, because he did a similar thing to Amber already.

Speaking of Amber, Daniele goes to talk to her and they discuss the offers that Zach made to her and Carol to try and secure his vote this week. Apparently he offered both of them his vote in exchange for two weeks of voting with him and keeping him off the block. Amber agreed to it, but she doesn’t know if Carol did. Dick comes in and Daniele tells him that Zach has to go. Dick says Zach is no threat, but Daniele insists that he is to her. And she’s right – Zach’s been after her since day one.

Nick and Daniele are talking again, but this time he’s telling her that he wants to sit between her and Joe, his main squeezes, during the live show. Daniele says she didn’t realize there was assigned seating. Nick asks her what she’ll say if Julie asks her what it’s like to have her dad in the house, and she plans on making a face and saying “awwwkward!” He offers her a massage if she does it, and she changes the bet to five punches in his face. Heehee.

Nick tells Daniele that he likes her, a lot, and just wants to cuddle with her sometimes. He doesn’t want to put her in an awkward position (which is the same thing he told her earlier today). She’s silent, of course, and Nick says that he knows she has a lot on her mind and he doesn’t want to pressure her. How long is this going to last, I wonder? At some point Daniele is going to actually have to say something substantial to him.

In the kitchen, Zach and Jameka are making chili for dinner. Zach says that he’s just doing the grunt work and chopping things up. Meanwhile, Jessica, Joe, and Eric are goofing around in the backyard. Eric foresees a montage of clips with Jessica’s crazy outbursts on the show.

BB calls a lockdown for some reason, so everyone heads outside. Lots of chatter going on, of course. Someone asks Jessica if she’ll be relieved to see Carol walk out the door. Well duh. There’s talk about the difference between Survivor fans and Big Brother fans, and Dick says that BB gets the “crazy internet fans.” True ‘dat. But so would Survivor if they gave us live feeds.