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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 11th – What Would You Do With Half a Million?

It’s voting day in the Big Brother house. Has the Mrs. Robinson alliance been successful in flipping the vote and ousting Amber? We won’t find that out until the live eviction show, but there’s still plenty else to catch up on. Well, between long stretches of severe boredom, that is.

Nick and Daniele are the first ones awake this morning. They whisper across the room to each other, and Nick ends up climbing in Daniele’s bed and pulling the covers up over them. There’s some rustling and movement, but it looks to me like he’s just trying to cuddle. After a bit of spooning, Daniele’s out of bed and headed for the shower.

Nick goes outside for a morning swim. He comes back in and asks Daniele if she’s okay, which she insists that she is, and then asks her if she wants coffee. Back to the kitchen to make coffee. Daniele works on her face and hair for the next half hour or so, and then the two of them are outside together. Alone with Nick, Daniele is her usual silent self, even though Nick is trying to get her to talk a little.

We get the blue swirly Vortex of Doom and suddenly hamsters are getting out of bed. Wonder what they got for wake-up music this morning? Dustin comes outside to join the exciting duo, and Daniele is finally speaking. She thinks that Eric is part of the Mrs. Robinson alliance, but Dustin is pretty sure that Eric is a floater and not part of any alliance.

They talk about the vote today, which Nick says will be 10-1 for Carol leaving. Dustin, who seems to have at least some clue as to what’s going on in the house, says it might be closer to 7-4 if Kail’s group votes the other way.

Lots of movement now, with people milling about and carrying on their morning routines. The wake up song was “Cruel Summer” and there’s much discussion over who sings it. Nick is sure it’s Ace of Base and someone else mentions The Bangles. It was Bananarama. Dick says that the first two records he bought for himself were Van Halen’s “Van Halen 2” and Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America.” Mine were The Clash, “London Calling” and something by Duran Duran, although the album title escapes me. Oh sorry, this isn’t about me.

More voting talk now. Daniele thinks that each person will be in the DR for at least half an hour, and that production will try to make them all cry. Heh. Somehow I can’t see Dick crying because he’s voting for Carol. Dick can’t believe that it would take that long, but Daniele and Dustin are sure of it. They figure it’ll take at least six hours for the voting to be finished. No one is thrilled at this idea.

Joe is conspiring with Jessica in the bathroom. He thinks that BB is playing these morning songs for a reason, and that they’ll be part of a future HoH competition. Sneaky boy that he is, he’s planning to tell people the wrong artist’s names for the songs every morning so that he’ll have an advantage over them later. Ah, time for my first forehead slap of the day.

Outside, Nick and Mike are talking game. Mike thinks that the name “Mrs. Robinson” for their alliance is pretty funny. He asks Nick to tell people that Mike is a floater if anyone asks, and he’s going to try and distance himself from Kail and make people think he’s not part of an alliance. Nick agrees to this, even though he knows that the others are all well aware of the Mike/Kail connection.

Mike goes inside to play chess with Zach and do a lot of whispering. Dick is the first person to be called in to vote (probably because BB knows that he doesn’t require the massive amount of primping time that the others do).

Outside, Eric is talking to Jessica about how funny it is that others think he’s aligned with Jen. They do? He wants Jen out badly, he says. Carol comes outside and they all talk about the lack of hot water in the house and when the sun will come out today. Dick appears, and he’s all done with his DR session. Took about 5 minutes. Heh.

Dick says that, when the three “enemies” were holed up in the HoH room, he was talking about Julie not wearing a bra, and suddenly she appeared on the screen. This turns the conversation to the live show and what time it will happen on Thursday. Eric correctly thinks it will be live on “New York time” (wasn’t aware NY had its own time zone), rather than BB time. Everyone is curious over who Julie will ask questions of. Most of them think that Nick will be asked about his flirting with Joe, but Nick thinks Julie will spend most of her time talking to Amber and Carol. Zzzzz. Even Carol isn’t interested in that prospect.

Carol gives one last push to secure Eric’s vote, which she has no control over but of course she doesn’t know that. Eric insists that he’s not the swing vote, he’s just an unknown vote and he prefers to leave it at that. He’s got all the information he needs to base his vote on, and he wants to talk to the people in the DR before he makes up his mind for sure, even though he knows which way he’s leaning. Eric, now is the time to stop talking. Carol just wishes she had a feel for what’s going to happen. Eric gives her a little pep talk saying that she did well this week, and then leaves.

Inside Daniele is eating one of her dad’s waffles, topped with ice cream. Yep, you read that right. She’s eating. Small, delicate bites, but she’s still ingesting something other than ice water.

Jessica is trying to outdo Daniele in the “time spent in the mirror putting on makeup” category. Eric comes in and the joke around a bit. Jen joins them and says she wants to do some sort of speed dating game at lunch today. Uh, okay. I can’t believe the amount of time people are spending getting dolled up for voting. How long are they going to be in the bathroom before the live show?

Nick and Joe are spooning on one of the beds in the small bedroom. Joe’s got his arm around Nick and everything. There’s a screencap of this in the photo gallery – link is to your left. You know, in case you think I’m recapping drunk or something. Nick moves over and lays on his back, and they talk about alliances and how everyone in the house is lying to each other.

Nick mentions that he heard from Dustin/Zach that Daniele is only using him to get herself further in the game. Joe isn’t sure, but says that everyone in the house is using each other for something. He adds that he’s even spread some untruths in the house just to get people riled up. No! Really? Not you, Joe!

Nick and Daniele are still not seeing eye to eye. He asks her if she’s better, and she says she was never not better. So much for that attempt at conversation.

Outside, Dick asks Joe if he knows where the term “Big Brother” comes from. Joe knows, as does Dick and most of the literate world, that it’s from George Orwell’s book 1984. Dick says it would be pathetic if the others didn’t know that, so he starts asking around. Mike thinks it’s from Men in Black. Zach is pretty sure that it comes from the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization and refers to a helping hand. What?

Daniele and Eric know about the book and Big Brother. Whew. Jen says that it means that Big Brother is watching over you, but doesn’t know where that comes from. When it’s explained to her, she brushes it off saying that she was born in 1984 so she hasn’t read the book. Oh. My. God.