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Big Brother 8, Episode 3 – Too Early for Backstabbing

One of the things that we all look forward to while watching Big Brother is the mass amount of backstabbing. But, as in every season, many houseguests worry it is too early to begin.

The Episode

The episode begins with Kail, the current Head of Household, declaring that she feels safe and has no target on her back because she made the best nominations. For those who do not know, she nominated Amber and Carol for eviction.

Amber, on the other hand, is very upset over her nomination. She believes it was not fair, but accepted the nomination as a gift from God.

Carol does not want to fight to stay because she believes Amber deserves to be here. Later in the show, she decides to fight by asking Zach for help in getting her votes to stay.

Nick reveals his strategy for the game: flirting. His favorite chick to flirt with is Daniele and Amber is a close second. Nick decides to sleep in the same bed with Daniele which makes Jen really jealous. Jen starts a lie stating that Nick tried to kiss her. Joe reveals this to Nick who later calls Jen out on the lie. Jen apologizes to Nick about the lie, but the damage is already done.

America’s Player

America’s Player, Eric, has his first challenge. He has to make up a traumatic story about his past and reveal it to one of the houseguests who was chosen by America. America chose Kail. The story was actually pretty good. His story: At the end of high school, he had a girlfriend that reminded him of Daniele. She had an eating disorder, and he went through so much trying to get her to be healthy. Being in the house with Daniele is hard because it brought up so many emotions and memories from his past.

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto competition is “Hide and Seek Veto.” Each of the players are given a veto and put in an isolation booth. The players take turns going into the house and hiding their vetoes. The winner is the player whose veto is not found. The players are Carol who picks Nick, Kail who picks Daniele, and Amber who picks Jameka. After some tricky hiding, Daniele became the first Power of Veto Winner.

During the competition, the remaining houseguests were put in the Head of Household room where Jen started annoying everyone. Dick became fed up with her talking and called her out on the way she treated him.

Since the whole house hates Jen now, Amber tries to get Daniele to use the veto to save herself. In the end, Daniele decides to keep the nominations the same stating that it was too early to start mixing up the game.

Ja’s View!

So I really really really wished that Daniele would have used the veto. It would have been the best move to do. I think the only person who would be mad at her would be Kail, but who likes Kail anyway? I just want Carol to stay but I also like Amber.

Anywho, every episode makes me hate Joe much more. I cannot believe he instigated the fight between Jen and Nick. That was so shady. I wish somebody would have called him out on it. Hopefully he is not in the house much longer, because I basically hate everything about him.

Well that’s it for now. Don’t forget to watch the live eviction Thursday! GO CAROL!


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