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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 10th – To Flip Fop or Not Flip Flop?

Amber and Eric talk game, and he tells her not to worry too much about the votes, as he knows Carol doesn’t have the votes she says she does. He knows people are lying to both Amber and Carol about their votes. He refuses to play that game, though, he says, preferring to build relationships. Umm, you refuse to play that game because your role here won’t allow it. Carol wants to join in, and Eric says no. He wants to talk to Amber alone right now. Good for him!

Zach tells Dick that he’s voting for Amber, which isn’t what we’ve been led to believe the last few hours. Dick says everyone wants Jen out the next week. He’s usually in tune to what’s going on, so I’m hoping he sees that the vote is close to turning the other way. We need his help. Good thing BB play doesn’t necessarily translate to chess, unless you’re talking to Janelle, as Zach beat the snot out of Dick right now.

Dick moves on to a discussion with Dustin about his family life. He first talks about missing his son’s birthday, saying he split with his ex, then found out she was pregnant with Danielle. He talks a little about the stuff he told Kail earlier, such as her slamming the door in her grandfather’s face. He also says she doesn’t talk to her mom or brother either. After the door slamming, it was his first blowout with her. After Dick’s mom died, Dani slammed the door in his face, and that about did it with him. He acknowledges having him as a dad wouldn’t be easy. Doesn’t sound like having her for a daughter would be ether.

They join Dustin, Amber, and Eric and talk a little about the game and a lot of dissing of Jen. Dick says to watch out for Kail, Mike and Jen, and he also notes that Kail wants info on everyone else, yet never tells anyone else about her. When it’s just All Night Dick and Amber left for the night, he talks about past seasons and thinks they’ll have the coup d’ tat again this year. They laugh about Jess, and Dick says he thinks they spun her around ten times, then put her in the BB house. LOL! She goes to bed and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. He sets to work cleaning up and makes it to bed an hour later.

I sure hope Amber stays. And if we follow what usually happens on reality shows, especially during the first week, there may be talk of flipping the vote, but it usually doesn’t happen. It’s always the least liked person that goes. Everyone is afraid of taking out the good players with connections. We’ll see if that happens on Thursday night.

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