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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 10th – To Flip Fop or Not Flip Flop?

Mike and Kail go upstairs to talk strategy and talk about Zach wanting to switch the vote and now get rid of Amber since she has so many ties to people and Carol is getting closer to Zach. He says he talked to Carol and she said she thought the vote was close, which blows both of their minds, as they know she doesn’t have Jameka. Why would close out of 11 voting matter on one person? Am I missing something? Nick joins in and says everyone asks if he’s in an alliance, so he doesn’t think they know about Mrs. R. Kail wants Dick out now, and when she hears that Dick has been telling everyone he wants to put up Kail and Mike, she knows she needs to kiss his butt a little.

Kail decides not to worry too much, because she doesn’t think Dick has much of a chance of winning HoH this week. Hate to break it to ya, but he doesn’t really want it. They talk about Joe being very upfront who he wants up, Jen and Dustin. Kail wants people fighting more so that it takes the heat off of her. She asks the guys who they’re voting for, and they both say to keep Carol, and they think Zach will too. Mike’s big plan is to have Nick talk to Dick and tell him he’s not in any alliance, to see if Dick will spill. They don’t know Dick and they don’t know Jack either.

Joe tries flirting with Dustin, and he tells him to not look at him with those eyes and Dustin leaves. Dustin has too much game to fall for that, Joe. He goes on to play tether-ball with Amber, and she gets hit hard in the face, forcing the ball to break off. Mental note to those doing competitions with Dustin. He’s a player.

Dick called Eric America’s Choice, leaving everyone watching and Eric completely shocked and befuddled. He has to be thinking of past seasons when Janelle “won” America’s Choice, and that’s what he’s talking about, right? It’s just weird!

Mike wants everyone to know the strongman comp is postponed because there is too much stuff going on in the next few days. Too much? A week and a half in the house and they have suddenly forgotten that there are 24 hours in a day? Jameka and Dick decide they’d rather vote on Joe’s gigantic nipples than Carol vs. Amber. Dick wants to vote out just the left one, and then talks to Joe about nipple replacement surgery. Have I mentioned we need more Dick? Wait, that didn’t sound right.

Nick wants to still vote to keep Amber, yet work the votes from others to keep Carol. Mike thinks that is doable. Nick also wants to keep a low profile away from Kail. Duh. That would destroy everything he has working with Dani, not to mention whatever it is he’s working on with Joe.

Zach continues to work on Carol and they decide she and Amber each have three solid votes. He asks who she’d nominate if she were HoH, and she says Dick or someone from that group. That probably solidified her spot for the Mrs. R group wanting to keep her. Let her do their dirty work. She leaves and goes to do a facial with Jen, aka Public Enemy #1.

Carol asks to borrow one of Jean’s bikinis someday, and Jen says she’s surprised no one else in the house has one like her, as everyone she knows has a bikini like hers. Carol tells her not in the midwest. Well, my daughter does, but that’s because it’s made for someone who is 11. Zach joins them in the facials, and Carol starts complaining that it hurts, and realizes it’s because she’s sunburn on her nose. Jen has to tell her to rinse it off. Duh. Jen talks about the cream that they’re using costing $300 for a tub and says she has two of them with her. Could she do anything to drive a further wedge between her and everyone else?

Joe, Dustin, and Amber try to figure out the votes. Okay. We’ve gone from no one caring about the votes this week to everyone caring, because Carol stopped saying how much she wanted to go home and stopped whining about the cameras, and started to play the game.

Dustin moves onto the teacup with Zach and works on him to keep Amber. Dustin knows about Mrs. R., so he’s probably doing this with full knowledge of the implications. As they work through the votes and discuss the others, they use colors to describe everyone else. Jen joins them, and of course their discussion stops.

Joe talks of Zach becoming the new Jen, meaning the annoying one. He wants a new alliance, himself, Nick, Dani, Jameka, and Jess, and wants to call it the Velvet Alliance. What the hell is that? He then finds Carol and reams her for telling others that she has his vote. She thinks she now has 6 or 7 to stay and thinks she’s safe. Meanwhile, Amber is crying to Dustin, fearing that they have lost Zach’s vote. Dick comes in and tells Amber to stop doing this. He says she should come outside and talk to people, then get up first thing in the morning and start talking to people again. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Dick?

Dick and Zach take Amber upstairs to teach her chess, and Eric and Dustin join in. Jameka tells her she has her vote, but Mike is busy telling Carol she has his vote. Carol thinks Eric is leaning in her direction. Umm, no. He’s leaning where we tell him to, and my guess is America will have him vote to keep Amber.

Dustin and Amber cut up laughing about Dick’s …. umm his namesake? They talk of how large and prominent it is. How ironic is that? He tries to change the conversation to talking about Anna Nicole and Slash, but Amber still keeps giggling, saying it’s out of control. He has a whole in his jeans on his upper thigh, so pretends to touch it sticking his finger in the jeans hole. They believe this is perhaps the 15th HG.


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