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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 10th – To Flip Fop or Not Flip Flop?

Dick and Dani meet in secret, since they don’t want anyone to know that they’re actually working together. As for what to do about HoH if one of them gets it (see? There it is again!), Dani wants to get rid of Jen, but Dick would prefer to break up the Mrs. R alliance by putting Kail up with Mike, or Kail and Jen. He tells her to be nice to Eric since he’s a floater. He said another time he studied Dr. Will, so I’m wondering if he plans on never winning HoH. He thinks Amber would get rid of Dustin before him, and that one’s hard to believe. Dustin interrupts this conversation, but it doesn’t seem he catches on, as Dick asks Dani if she wants to wish her brother a happy birthday as a way to cover.

Dick moves on to talking with Eric and Mike about their choice of entertainment while they were sequestered before the show. They had PlayStation, but Eric says it was Madden 03 so too outdated. Dick bored quickly on Motocross, and Mike hated Tomb Raider. As unexciting as it was for them to play, it’s even more unexciting for us to watch them talk about it.

Carol works on Zach again, but he pretty much tells her to start doing her own campaigning. Jen moves in on Zach, and talks about being happy that Joe said he would quit smoking. She knows he never will, though, as long as Dick is there doing the same thing. He says he feels like he’s in hell, and hopes it won’t always be this boring in the house. Jen takes offense to him feeling this way when he’s with her, and he says it just seems like Groundhog day to him. If he hears I Got You Babe when he wakes up tomorrow morning, he’ll know for sure. She wants to talk about the problem she had with Nick from her saying he tried to kiss her, but Zach wants nothing to do with that.

Nick and Amber talk about how many votes she has to stay. Nick says he knows Joe has announced officially he is voting for Amber, and she thinks she has Mike too. Amber, probably playing the game, talks about about her boyfriend and worries about falling in love with someone in the house. Carol is telling Eric she thinks she has three solid votes, then it changes to four as she says she has Joe, Jen, Jessica, and Zach. Eric is very non-committal. He does say he thinks he is taking what people say too much at face value. Carol says her parents raised her a certain way, and because of that she isn’t a good liar.

Have I mentioned how boring the feeds are on Tuesdays?

Sometimes Nick is just odd. He asks Amber what she thinks of Mike’s body and face, then she tells him Mike thinks she has a crush on him, but she doesn’t. You just can’t ever tell Nick’s true motivations, and I think that’s probably the beauty of his play. At least I hope it’s game play. You don’t know at this point whether he is wondering about Mike compared to himself or whether he is asking Amber’s advice of himself with Mike.

Thankfully Dick is around to lighten up the day a little for us. He’s outside doing cannonballs, and Zach wonders aloud if he’s going to crack his head open. He then suggests Dick do a Chicken George belly flop. Mike, not one to be original, joins in on the cannonballs. Zach keeps up his commentary, wondering if they’re trying to see how much water they can get outside the pool. Dustin joins in and tells Mike if he keeps growing his mustache, he’s going to look like Dustin’s dad. It does kind of have that odd in between look that facial hair gets.

I can’t tell if Dick is just working Kail or if he’s starting to develop a real friendship with her. He and others are in the hot tub, and when she comes to join in, he holds her hand and helps her in, adding that if he holds her hand for more than three seconds, it’s a date. He’s a pretty chivalrous guy, but we know Kail wasn’t liking or understanding him too much earlier. He figures out the Mrs. R alliance, and suddenly he’s having date night with her and being extra chivalrous. When Jen says it’s hard not to check yourself out in the mirrors, (Oh Brother!), Dick says he uses the mirrors to check out Kail without her knowing.

Carol, who just won’t let it rest, works Mike for his vote. Honestly, if I were there and wanted to vote for her, I’d be changing my mind. She further screws up her chances saying she’s really good at competitions, just hasn’t had a chance to show it yet. Don’t tell him that! That’s what might be saving you, that they think Amber is probably a better player, so might be getting rid of her. Meanwhile Zach is talking to Nick about keeping Carol, saying she could be like his lap dog, like how he has Dani. Nice.

After telling everyone in hot tub that the word hysterical comes from hysterectomy, Joe tells everyone that if he pooped in the hot tub, it would go straight down the drain, so no one has to worry. Jen makes a quick retreat out. Before she leaves, though, she wants to know about the voting process. Jessica notes that Eric won’t talk about who he is voting for, and we know why, yet she’s voting for Amber to stay. Joe says she’s going another way, and Jesse is surprised, as is Jen, that they’re voting separately. Showing he’s just as conceited as Jen, Joe admits he asked his friends and family to record themselves watching the show so he can see their reactions. OMG!

Jess goes inside to find Dani and they talk about needing to get Kail or Mike out. Dani isn’t sure she should try for HoH or not since she just won PoV. Jess will definitely try for it. They know they want to put Jen on the block. They note that while Jen says Amber is rude to her, Jen is rude to everyone else. Jen interrupts them, walking through with a bowl of something and when asked if it’s ice cream, she says, “No, it’s spaghetti sauce.” You know, she just proved their point.


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