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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 10th – To Flip Fop or Not Flip Flop?

Back in the kitchen it’s not much better. Kail is showing off her braided hair that is compliments of Jen, and Dustin asks if everyone else was missing chewing gum as much as he was. The answer was yes. Sorry, but I’d be missing a lot more things before gum. Dustin packed a bunch of it, but had it taken away. Figuring gum wouldn’t be allowed, Kail packed LifeSavers, but those were taken away as well.

Outside in the hammock, Joe is talking to Dani about his alliance with her, Nick, and Jessica. He doesn’t think anyone knows about them working together. He thinks it will work well since Dani is so good with strategy, and he has the numbers thing down. He asks her about her relationship with her dad, and she says she’s talked to him one time, but it’s still very awkward. She tells him she moved out of her grandma’s house when she was 18, and things have improved much since then. When she talks about working at Hooters he wants to know if they do the stool thing, flipping it upside down, and she says no. I have to ask what would interest him at Hooters. It reminds me of some friends that came up with a male-oriented counterpart to Hooters. Cojones. And the ojo would look like the two Os in Hooters. Think about it.

Dick and Kail are having a conversation as well, and after talking about being such a gentleman, they both wonder who could be just “acting” in the house. The wonder if Jen is fooling ’em all. He keeps the conversation going and asks what Kail’s impression of him as a father is, but she refuses to answer. And we get another piece to the difficulties between Dick and Danielle. He says when he lived in Europe for a year and a half, he came back to visit often, and when he lived in Hawaii, they came out to visit him often. He knows his moving around could be viewed as selfish, but it’s what he wanted to do, and his parents always took very good care of the kids.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. Dick says he didn’t like Dani’s teenage attitude and says she was really mean to his parents. She called his mom terrible names and was mean to his dad when he was dying. She slammed a door in his face, and Dick thought she had broken his dad’s nose. But remember, she says her dad was always more of a friend to her, a “mean friend.” He finds his son, Vincent, more compassionate. Dick calls his own sister a mental case, and says she’s on drugs and took all their dad’s things after he died. Maybe Dani’s thing with her dad is that she needs to grow up? My view is colored, though, to having my own teenager.

Mike and Zach are in the washroom trying to figure out what to do about accepting Carol’s deal. Zach wants to do it, but Mike’s not too sure. He wants more than two weeks, he wants to know she can’t vote them out at all. That’s what I’m saying. Zach’s deal isn’t enough.

Dani and Nick are talking in the hammock now, and it seems she might be putting things together, as she asks him his feelings for Kail. He lies and says he thought she may have put him up on the block this week. She thinks Kail is close with Mike and Jen, and thinks Mike doesn’t like her. Mike isn’t sure about that, but isn’t sure about anything else, either, as while he’s laying here with Dani, he’s watching Jen play golf in her teeny bikini. Dani says she thinks her dad would make a cool HoH, so possibly we’re making headway with their relationship. Both say they don’t want HoH.

Carol and Amber go over yet again which thinks they are staying. Interestingly, it’s Carol that says she thinks the votes keep shifting, when she’s the one that had no votes earlier, then worked Zach for his vote. It’s one of those things I think they’re going to keep setting up for us, but I think Carol will be voted out unanimously. No one will be able to do the smart move to take out the stronger Amber. Amber says she’s glad to have experienced being on the block if she stays, and Joe says that’s how he feels about being on slop.

Dani and Nick are joined by Dustin. He tells them about Kail thinking he and Amber would get romantic together. Dustin asks Dani who she would nominate as HoH, and she says she can only think of one person, Jen. e wonders if she would put up her dad, and she says she doesn’t know if she could, as she wouldn’t want to be known as the girl who put up her dad. I think she’s definitely covering, as I don’t think she’d do it anyway. Dustin says he kind of feels the same way about putting up Joe. It would make it personal.

For some crossover for me, Carol joins the hammock and she and Dani discuss So You Think You Can Dance. They think Pasha is cute, and Carol is a fan of Dominic and Hok. She thought about trying out, but knows she peaked around 17. Man, that’s just sad. Dani also watches Pirate Master. They talk about American Idol, and Dani mentions Sanjaya’s sister working at Hooters, but thinks she’s ugly. Carol thought Blake was cute, but Zach points out he didn’t have any lips. It’s just so funny to me to hear reality TV people discuss other reality TV people. In a way it makes them more … human?

It’s kind of funny that most of the HGs that aren’t nominated spend more time talking about who will win HoH next and who they will nominate than talking about what they’ll do this week. That says a lot. Joe confirms for Nick that one of his nominees would be Dustin. They wonder who Dick’s “surprise nominees” would be, and Nick wonders if it could be him since he’s getting close to Dani. They note she’s eating normally now that she’s not on slop. As if eating slop is normal?


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