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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 10th – To Flip Fop or Not Flip Flop?

It was certainly an odd ending to the day yesterday on the live feeds. The men planning a He-Man competition, yet Jen the one that was working out for the equivalent of running 20 miles on the machines. Then we had Jen wrestling Eric, and All Night Dick going to bed at 3 AM, before decorating the topiaries, and before Jen and Mike. It’s makes me wonder what will happen today, but it’s Tuesday, and we all know that means a day of nothing on BB.

Dustin is the first up today, even before Kail, and after he does a mini cleaning of the fridge, Kail finally joins him. They talk weather. Yes, that’s right. The weather, but remember she isn’t in favor of the gay lifestyle, so my guess is she’ll learn a lot this summer. She decides to learn right now and mentions that Amber and Dustin are so close it might lead to something romantic. She’s not too obvious, is she? He seems so secure with himself, though, that it doesn’t appear to bother him. He says what’s great about being gay is that he can develop deeper friendships with women, not having to worry about the other stuff. And he feels he has great friendships with men as well.

Further showing her ignorance, Kail asks Dustin if straight men are nervous around him. Are straight men nervous around her? He tells her he’s not too flamboyant, so he gets along well with the straight guys, which is true if you look at his relationships in the house. No one dislikes him, and he fits in really well the guys. Showing more ignorance, she talks about the time she was shopping and a gay men picked out perfect shoes for her. I realize she’s from a town of 500, but does she not get out to bigger cities and never watch TV or movies? How can she be so ignorant? Dustin then points out how Zach does fashion.

Not so surprisingly, Jen walks downstairs seeming very stiff, and it reminds me of myself the past few days after a Judo seminar. That was tough, so I can commiserate there. Mike, Eric, and Dick are up as well, and everyone is stuck inside on lockdown.

Because we have a creative bunch this year, they are apparently trying to find something to rival the coasters game. Last night the guys were doing a drinking game every time Jen mentioned herself while she was talking (thank God they were only using water, or I fear we would have had alcohol poisoning on our hands), and today, looking at the cubes Zach made from a cereal box, Kail thinks they could turn them into dice. So far, no one’s jumping up to do it though.

Dick calls out Jen for her constant watching herself in the mirrors. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this guy? The talk then turns into a conversation of Miracle Whip vs. mayo. Don’t ask me; I hate it all. Eric is using mayo to make grilled cheese sandwiches for him and Dick, but he burns Dick’s. He never seems to stop making these sandwiches, so he must be making them for the rest of the house as well. Carol refuses to eat one, though, as they’re too fattening. 🙄 It’s cheese and bread. She also takes this time to tell us she has never had to shop for herself before this summer. Her parents are doing her no favors.

Joe joins the kitchen group and announces he thinks Jake Gyllenhal is sexy. That conversation never really goes anywhere. Jen wants to talk about beating Eric at wrestling last night. She admits, too, that she wrestled in high school. Dick asks how that went over with the other girls, and she says they all thought she was weird anyway, so it didn’t really matter. Did she have to go and say that? Now I’m starting to feel sorry for her.

Still with the wrestling theme, Eric says he was always so small, no one else could pin him. While Joe thinks it’s hot to watch, the smallest and biggest guys in the house, Eric and Zach, wrestle. Eric does okay, then pulls Zach’s pants down and Dick calls the end of round one. I missed the beginning of the conversation, but they also discuss a hybrid wrestling/Judo thing, as it was ground grappling, but also involved throws like Judo. We did a little mish mash of that at my seminar this weekend, so I wish I would have heard the whole convo.

Dick and Nick (feel like it’s a 1st grade reading book here) end up in the storage room. Dick just wants him to know that Jen is still talking about him. After the whole he kissed me/no he didn’t brouhaha, she’s now walking around telling people that she and Nick are getting together after the show. That Dick; he’s a smart guy. It sure seems like he has it figured out that the Mrs. R alliance was thinking of putting up Jen and and someone on Dick’s side, Dustin, so he drives a further wedge between Nick and Jen.

Carol meets up with Zach in the backyard and tries to reach a deal with him. She says she knows Amber only has one person on her side, and that’s Dustin. Zach tells her that’s more than what she has, zero on her side. Ouch. If he keeps her safe, he wants her to vote the way he wants for two weeks. Again, that Mrs. R. alliance just gets ahead of themselves. He’s thinking of keeping her because it will mean a vote the way he wants it for two weeks. Who’s to say people that he wants our will be on the block? Is it really worth it?

Everything in the backyard breaks up, as it’s started raining outside. Nothing at all happens with that, just people eating, doing dishes, showering, etc. Joe announces he is classically handsome, and that if he lived in the 1940s, he’s be the sexiest man alive. Can we just send him back to that era and be done with him? Please? Thankfully it was a short rain and we’re outside again. Back to the more interesting happenings. Well, maybe not. The talk is about shaving testicles.


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