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Big Brother 8 Commentary – A Rival Chopping Block?

Welcome to Chinook’s Big Brother 8 Commentary! My actual name is Will, and I’m an accountant based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Two times a week, I’m going to be giving my predictions for the events that take place in Big Brother. At the beginning of each week I will predict the events of the week, and immediately after every Tuesday episode I will predict how the voting and eviction will turn out. I will also be keeping an eye on the America’s Player twist, predicting what Eric will or will not dare to do, as he balances whether or not the money won from completing five tasks outweighs the best choice to get further in the game.

To be fair to those people who do not keep an eye on the live feeds, for whatever reason, I will be adapting a compromised policy as I make these predictions. I will base all my predictions off only the episodes seen up to that point, and any live feeds from previous weeks. So if you have been watching the most recent live feeds and think I’m way off on my predictions, I will not catch up on those feeds myself until the eviction takes place.

With all the introduction out of the way, let’s get to the important stuff – it’s time for the first eviction!

Amber and Carol are on the block. Daniele did not use the power of veto.

The eligible voters are:

  • Daniele
  • Dick
  • Dustin
  • Eric
  • Jameka
  • Jen
  • Jessica
  • Joe
  • Mike
  • Nick
  • Zach

Let’s start by addressing Jessica. Because she is Carol’s rival, and based on her comment shown at the end of Tuesday’s episode – “Bye Carol – see you at high school reunion in ten years” – I think it’s a pretty safe bet that Jessica will be voting to evict Carol.

Next, let’s take a look at Kail’s alliance of Mike/Nick/Zach. I don’t think any of them would dare to be treacherous off the bat – they’ll all be voting together for someone who they agree upon. And I think they’ll be voting for Carol’s eviction. From what I can tell from what little I’ve seen, Amber seems to be someone who is bonding well with several of the other houseguests. If such a large alliance so early in the game votes for someone like Amber, they’ll be showing their hand rather quickly and making it very difficult to sustain their large numbers. Carol is the smarter choice.

Who has the highest chance of voting for Amber? In my opinion, that person is Dustin or Joe. I think that those two dislike each other so much that at least one of them will go out of their way to figure out how the other will vote, and vote in the opposite direction.

Eric, “America’s Player”, will most likely do whatever America tells him to do. With so many people voting for Carol, it won’t matter if he is made to throw a vote towards Amber.

The final vote – Carol is evicted, 9 votes to 2.

As the season goes on, I will become aware of more and more information, and this commentary will get better! I promise. My next article, which will make several various predictions for the upcoming week, will be written after Thursday’s eviction episode.

Comments? Predictions of your own? Email them to me at Chinook@realityshack.com!