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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 9th – See Jen Run. Run Jen, Run!

The guys are planning some kind of “Strong Man” competition. There are five of them competing, and they’re putting the challenges together. You know, that could be fun to watch. I’ve gotta hand it to these people – at least some of them have good imaginations.

Nick has a nice little chat with Daniele, and then heads out to talk with Amber. He says that he feels a connection with Daniele, like a boyfriend/girlfriend thing, but she already has a boyfriend at home. He also feels a connection with Amber, but it’s more of a brother/sister thing.

In the bathroom, Joe is having a shower. Dustin comes in and Joe offers him a free peek, which Dustin doesn’t appear to be interested in. Go figure.

Back to Nick, who’s saying something about having a “top 5 guys” list. Uh … all right. Dick and Zach immediately pick up on this, and Nick tries to explain that making the list was something he did with his ex-girlfriend. They each made lists of the opposite sex and then the same sex. Dick asks Nick if Joe is on his list, which embarrasses Nick enough to make him leave and go find Daniele for comfort.

Nick tells Daniele that the guys are making fun of him and why, but then proceeds to tell her what his list is. Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, … and he’s completely serious and animated while he’s sharing this. Then he says that Daniele occupies all 5 spots on his “top 5 girls” list. Awww!

Nick then says that he can’t wait to go to a gay club and dance with Joe. Hee! Daniele says, “you’re gay!” Nick asks if he’s on the brink, and then says that it’s an exciting time in his life. I was ready to dismiss Nick as a complete meathead based on the first episode and the previews, but this is one interesting guy. I love how open he is, both with himself and to others.

He goes back outside, where Dick and Zach give him props for coming back out to face them. Then Nick heads over to Amber and they talk about how much he loves “The Notebook” movie and other assorted chick flicks. Hee.

It’s almost dinner time now, and the guys and Daniele are talking about having a bikini contest – only with the guys in bikinis. They all seem into the idea. Daniele wants to primp Mike up in a dress and makeup for a date with Joe too, but I’m not sure that one’s going to see the light of day.

Dinner is served, and everyone except disinJENuous are sitting together and eating. As Laura has mentioned, it’s near impossible to recap this many people eating together because there are just too many conversations going on at once. Jen is running on the machine in the gym, and besides, she’s already eaten a whole cucumber. Bah.

Carol, who hasn’t said two words at all, finishes her dinner, pushes her chair in, and says goodbye. She doesn’t even clean up after herself, and a few of the other hamsters are annoyed with her. They’re also a little put out that Jen didn’t bother to come and sit with all of them, but Joe says that he’s not going to talk badly about her any more. Sure Joe, we’ll see how long that lasts. He’s worried about her because she said she was going to work out until she either passed out or burned off 1500 calories. Jameka gets up to go and check on her.

After dinner, as Joe sits outside and keeps talking about being worried about Jen, Kail actually goes into the gym to check on her once again. Jen’s fine – she brags about running 13.4 miles, and says that she almost threw up a cucumber. She’s been running backwards and doing these little side-step things too, and the camera even gives up a closeup shot of her boobs. Terrific. She gets off the equipment and goes out to the pool.

Mike tells Kail and Zach that he wants to go for HoH and put Joe on the block. He wants to keep Jen around, but they’re all afraid that she’s going to screw up somehow. Zach suggests that Jessica isn’t trustworthy, and he’s also insulted that he asked her for a date and she said she had plans, then spent the rest of the evening talking to Joe. Heh – methinks Zach has had a little ego bruising there. Watch out Jessica, he’ll be holding a grudge on that one for a while.

Jameka comes in and breaks up the little Mrs. Robinson conference. They quickly start talking about food, and Zach says he wants to get an oyster bar set up outside to make everyone “feel erogenous.” Now, besides mispronouncing the word, he also did not use it correctly in a sentence. And he’s supposed to be the smart one.

Jen gets out of the pool and goes back to the gym. She’s on the freaking treadmill. Good lord woman, seeking attention much? Jessica takes up residence on the elliptical machine, so at least Joe can keep sitting on his ass outside and claim to be really worried about Jen.

Nick and Amber talk about their exes a bit. Nick says that he went to Australia for a while but didn’t meet anyone down there. Amber says that she tried to run her boyfriend over with her car. I love how random Amber can be, when she’s not talking so fast that I can’t understand her.

Kail and Daniele are in the bathroom – Daniele’s trying to cut the front of her hair with the scissors, and complain that BB will only give them dull scissors. She doesn’t think anyone would honestly “shank” anyone with a pair of sharp scissors in there. I dunno, I can think of a few people in that house that could possibly snap, and Dick isn’t one of them. Nick comes in and makes a joke about Daniele being in love with him. Kail laighs and asks what they’re going to name their kids, and Nick says “Tristan and Skylar.”

Kail goes to join Jen in the gym, since Jessica has already had enough. Jen is asking if working out all the time is bad for you, and says that she’s always wanted to but never had the time. She thinks she’s burned off 1800 calories so far today, which will compensate for the cookie dough she ate yesterday. And, if you care, she wants to get rid of the lines on the back of her thighs. Whatever that means.

Jen ends up doing 20 miles, and says that she’s never done more than five at once before.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Zach is making some World’s Strongest Man shirts for the boys to wear for their competition. Who brought in all of these blank shirts? In another room, Eric says that they should officially make 9-12pm party time for the people watching Showtime. See? This is what I’m talking about. The people watching Showtime are never going to see the real stuff that goes on in the house if these hamsters are hell bent on putting on a show.

Mike makes a milkshake for Daniele, but he puts a raw egg in it. She balks at this, but he tells her that everyone puts eggs in their milkshakes. Say what? I have never made a milkshake with eggs in it, but apparently I’m in the minority here. Zach ends up drinking the offending beverage.

Outside again, where Jen is trying desperately to get attention by continuing her workout in the pool and hot tub. Who works out in the hot tub? That’s just asking for trouble. Jessica and Dick are doing cannonballs in the pool.