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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 8th – Cuckoo? Kachoo!

Jameka appears to be a girl playing the game. Joe tells her if she wins HoH he would hope he would nominate Dustin, but she says she has bigger fish to fry. She says she needs to get rid of the people that would never vote for her if they were in sequester. If she doesn’t have a relationship with them now, they’re a target. Joe wants to have storytime now, but I always switch feeds at this time. I love stories, but I guess with the feeds I want the feed stories, not Joe’s.

Jen, the nanny, changes into her jammies, and stands for awhile primping in her bra and underwear, and asks the camera if it’s nice to watch. Why the hell is she not on the block? She gives two craps about winning the money in the end. She just wants to get a TV job and thinks us seeing her scantily clad will get her more work than Vanna White could.

While Joe is on story two, Dick, Justin, and Amber talk game. They are all onto the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Dick is good. Wait, that didn’t sound right. He talks about Kail and Mike and how they never talk, but in private. Amber is pissed at Kail for trying to be her friend, then putting her on the block. They all agree that Carol is definitely going this week and Jen the following week.

Nick is playing dog and moving covers around in a corner making a bed for himself. Oddly, Zach comes and joins him, asking if it’s comfy. Nick wonders allowed why the guys are always straddling him, then mouths to the camera that he loves it. Does he really or is this his game? I can’t figure it out. I mean is it a Howie thing, is it his game to play everyone, or is their some secret thing here that he’s making very not secret? I don’t get it.

Dick, Amber, and Dustin move their conversation outside and Eric and Joe join in. Joe gives up after just a short time, and the talk quickly turns very blue. So blue that I can’t repeat any of it here. I mean detailed funny sex talk. I think they may have even put Howie to shame. The cleanest funny bit is Amber talking about “fermunda cheese,” then explaining its meaning, and Eric saying he has never had any cheese of any kind on or around his testicles. I’m hoping someone youtubes the chat. Another tidbit: Dustin has been with girls at an early age, but never fully had sex with them.

Joe, Jameka, Nick, Dani, and Zach are in the kitchen and play a yes/no game with the cameras, asking how many people are there watching them and if they love their job. somewhere in between 5 and 20 people, and they seemed to refuse to answer if they loved their job or not. Perhaps they’re still thinking.

The kitchen bunch breaks up, and Joe goes outside to have a smoke and join the outside bunch, causing Dustin to make a quick retreat. They tell funny stories for a little while, but it isn’t nearly as good as earlier. Joe eventually tells Amber that she has his vote officially as he trusts her. She and Dick crack up about it after Joe leaves, saying it doesn’t mater, as they don’t trust him. They talk about others and again talk about Kail. Dick says he called her Mrs. Robinson tonight just to see what she would do, and she didn’t even flinch. They think Eric is an emotional wreck and worry about him if he’s ever nominated. They can’t figure out why he spends so much time in the DR. Wait until he starts acting on our suggestions.

Amber then has a conversation with Eric, and he says Dick follows him around everywhere. Dustin wakes up and comes out to join them, as does Dick when he’s out of the DR. Nick isn’t the only one with painted nails. Amber paints Dick’s nails red. After Dustin goes back to bed, everyone jokes about Nick being a closet bisexual. Meanwhile he’s inside getting down with Danielle. It’s not clear what they’re doing, but it seems like a little Janie/Dr. Will action under the covers. We head back to the backyard crew with Dick worried that Nick wants to get rid of him to have an easier shot at Dani.

The names cross paths again here as Dick admits to Amber that he took a lot of notes on how Dr. Will played the game. He says one of the things he learned is to keep people feeling comfortable. He also thinks in this house of mirrors that it’s a great way to spy on people. While Amber definitely doesn’t like Kail, Dick thinks she’s a nice lady and that she just doesn’t want blood on her hands. He doesn’t like Jameka, and I think that pretty much goes both ways. He wonders what the internet will think of him talking about Eric being an angry Jew rabbit, but also admits that his grandfather was a Russian Jew. Before they part for the night, Dick tells Amber he could take her further than Dustin.

After his nightly cleaning routine and staring at the memory wall (he declares Jameka and Jen need to go), Dick goes off to bed without decorating the topiaries, which I know won’t make my fellow feed recapper Aurora very happy. She likes the topiary action. I just like … well, I’m not going to finish that sentence with his name. I just like that guy we were talking about. I want him to stay around awhile. He’s smart and fun. If the rest of the house was smart, they’d get rid of him post haste, though. He’s not so much Evel as he’s dangerous with his knowledge and quick wit.

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