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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 8th – Cuckoo? Kachoo!

A little later Carol joins the party, and Eric insists on still sitting with them in the hammock. There doesn’t seem to be much bad blood between the two girls as they get caught up on their lives since not speaking when they were 14. Meanwhile Amber and Dani are whispering about different people in the house. Amber tells Dani that she likes Dick and that he’s like a father figure to her. Interesting, since Amber was raised by a single mom and Dani thinks of her dad as a mean friend.

Eric moves on and has a discussion with Dustin outside the HoH room. Dustin tells him he’s heard rumors that Eric has been flying off the handle, and Eric fills him in about the fight with Joe, but says it could hardly be called flying off the handle. They discuss the different types of people in the house, and know no one can be that bad, as everyone passed IQ tests (everyone? sure? was there cheating going on?) and everyone has a certain social awareness. (Again … everyone?) They also talk about Joe’s idea for a “Six” alliance and basically call it stupid, which isn’t the first time.

Dick and Mike have cooked dinner for everyone tonight, and all HGs sit down to eat together. It’s always hard to hear what they’re talking about when they’re eating dinner, especially when there’s fourteen of them at the table.

Kail and Dick have their “date” in the teacup, and she is looking absolutely bored to death as he prattles on and on about all the people he knows that are big names. Brandon from Survivor, Dave Navarro, etc. Apparently producers took pity on us as the feeds switch from this to Dani taking off Nick’s fingernail polish. We don’t hear what Dick says, but Dani yells over there that it’s no way to talk to a lady on a date. Dani and Nick talk about what would happen if they get HoH and if they even want it yet.

Dustin joins the nail session and asks Dani if she has any clear, as he would wear that. She goes in to get her clear polish. When she gets back, they also talk about what would happen if they get HoH. Dustin knows he’s going up if Joe is HoH, as he told him he’d do that. Eric sits with them and Jen comes out in the bikini she stole off my daughter’s Barbie, but it’s underneath clothes. She starts taking off the clothes, saying she thought Dustin wanted to go in the hot tub. It’s not like they were driving there or walking there from cross town. Why would she need to put clothes on over her suit? We’ve all seen her already in her suit. It’s like she just wants everyone to see her disrobing. And why not do that when she was on her date with Mike? Why do it when she’s doing something with the gay guy? Nick starts biting his nails, despite the fact they are recently painted, and says literally, “BRB.” Is he texting from the couch?

Dustin finds himself outside the HoH room with Jess and Jen who is clothed and not in swimsuit. They are going to be working their abs and Dustin is leading it. Eric comes to join in. Joe pulls out the Arnold voice to lead them . Eric bails early on, but I do a few of them with them until I feel guilty for not following the feeds. I catch back up with Eric and he’s in the bathroom watching Jameka straighten Amber’s hair. Noticing the cameras on him, he says, “Oh great. They’re watching me watch the girls do their hair after being a loser in ab class.”

Zach talks to Nick about the game and says he wants Amber or Dustin to win HoH, as he knows they’ll put Joe up. Nick isn’t too sure, though, as he thinks Amber might put up Kail in an eye for an eye type of thing. Zach wants the 6 pack up no matter what. In between game talk, Zach can’t help talking about all the hot chicks that will be waiting for him outside the BB house. Sometimes I think this is the summer of Overzealousness, in more ways than one. Nick just wants him to know that he’s tight with Joe, Amber, and Jameka, so the plans are clashing a little. They also discuss splitting the money in the end, but we all know that is against the rules.

Finally, he comes clean. Zach admits to Nick that he has a deal with Amber and Joe. If he makes it work to keep Amber, they will float two votes his way if he’s in trouble. He doesn’t want to make waves with that already. Jen walks out in her bikini and does more of the constant adjusting to her top that she always does. She may as well stop. It’s never going to fit right. Two little pieces of fabric can only cover so much real estate. Zach says if he had four hands, he’d give her four thumbs up, then talks football with Zach. Boobs and sports. He’s a man.

Also finally, some people that want to have a little fun. Zach and Nick move into the kitchen with Dustin and Carol. While drinking wine and eating ice cream, they choose Croatian names for themselves and talk about wanting to play quarters, but have no quarters. Dustin says they played it in grade school and used water. The first to have to pee lost. Outside, Eric, Jess, and Jen are in the hot tub. Both Eric and Jess say they like it in CA and want to stick around after the show. Jen tells Jess she has connections and could get her a job. Eric says he could go for that, too, and Jen tells him he isn’t a hot chick. He wants to know what that has to do with being a nanny. I suppose that would depend on your job responsibilities.


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