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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 8th – Cuckoo? Kachoo!

Danielle comes outside the lay out, and can’t move the chair by herself. Amber and Jameka tell her she did good today, meaning in the PoV ceremony, and Danielle says she was nervous. They acknowledge here that Danielle teased like she was going to use it, but didn’t. Jessica comes out to join her and they have a five minute conversation about pony tail holders. They talk about thinking Carol doesn’t have the votes to stay, say they don’t trust Joe, and think Eric is bi-polar. If you think he’s crazy now, just wait until America starts telling him what to do. Dani and Jess also think Zach is lost with no alliance in the house. They obviously have not noticed the Mrs. R. thing.

When Dick joins everyone in the backyard, they block out two of the cameras with trivia, and Dick says, “A few too many pubes for me, Joe.” What? Is this what the trivia is blocking out? It’s going to be a fun summer if Dick stays in the house for awhile. Nothing like having someone there that always says the first thing that comes into his mind.

God only knows why Amber feels this knowledge is either useful or entertaining to the house, but she sets out and tells a long involved story about being in the hospital for something, maybe some type of surgery. She talks about being surprised when she woke up at having tubes all over her, because she was expecting just one little tube. She was on morphine and crapping herself, and instead of having the nurses help her, she’d call up her boyfriend and have him come clean her up. Perhaps this is why they’ve been “on and off.” Joe still wins the TMI award with his Gonorrhea Boys story, but this is a close second.

The brain trust sets out to play chess. Carol is playing against Kail, and I’m not a bettin’ woman, but if I was, I’d bet the house on Kail. Zach is sitting behind Carol like he’s going to help her, but just sitting there more or less bored to tears. Anyone else ever wondered what kind of a name Kail is? Who names their kid after lettuce? Can you tell the feeds are a little slow right now? I can’t decide whether to sit here and keep watching this or go fold laundry.

Oh yay. The feeds have switched to the guys hanging out outside. Eric wants to be the “fun Eric” today, and Dick wonders if that’s like the fun nanny. He then asks if Jen is the fun nanny, what the bitchy nanny would be like? Eric decides this blows it for him. He’ll never be on Wheel of Fortune now. (Supposedly Jen is the nanny for Vanna White.) They also talk about Carol saying she was banging the guy from Desperate Housewives. The cameras move on to Joe in the bathroom asking for Zach’s help to save Carol. Can we please go back to Evel Dick and Fun Eric? Apparently not. For some reason BB finds this drivel more entertaining.

Eric, Dustin, Joe, Amber, and Dick are inside the kitchen eating. Eric gets called away to the DR, and the others continue. They’re trying to peg someone for jacking off the bathroom or shower. I think maybe Eric. Dick says he knows he’s lying, and when Amber calls him smart, he says he’s worked in bars for too many years. He knows when people are lying. But … could he detect a spool of lies? Joe styles his hair up, and Amber tells him to do that more often because he looks hot. She corrects herself and says he looks hot always, but looks even more hot. Stop! Wonder what Dick’s BS detector thought of that.

Joe leaves, and the other three continue talking about Eric with Amber repeatedly saying, “He’s somethin’ else.” They are dreading the day he gets put on the block as they know he’ll walk around talking about everyone being against him. You mean like Carol? Dick thinks he was right on target at the beginning of the game, but thinks he has lost focus since. Amber laughs at Eric’s audition video sitting in a tub filled with cereal and milk. And that’s who they thought needed to be America’s Player?

Dick leaves as Danielle walks in, and Dustin tells Amber he had a dream last night where he was the video guy filming the Pamela Anderson video. Now the three of them are discussing Carol. She told Dani that she’s horrible at keeping secrets and every time someone tells her something she runs off and tells someone else. Does the girl not understand the point of this game? Does she not understand the point of a reality TV game? Does she not understand the point of any game at all?

Outside in the hammock Jessica tells Eric she’s worried about the eviction this week, as it concerns her safety. I can only imagine she means it makes her much safer without her rival in the house. She reveals that both Carol and Amber have told her that the vote is pretty even and she is the deciding vote. Eric asks who said they had his vote, and she answers Carol. He calls this a lie saying he told them both he wasn’t ready to make a decision yet. Carol annoys the shit out of him, yet Amber is a bigger threat in the game. Jess says Carol promised to not nominate her if she ever got HoH, but she doesn’t believe her. Eric complains everyone has groups and alliances, but he has no one. Well, he has all of America!


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