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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 8th – Cuckoo? Kachoo!

Sometimes you just have to wonder why Big Brother does things. You know their ultimate goal is to make it all interesting enough so that we keep watching, whether it be the show or the feeds, but Saturday night they decided to take everyone off food restriction and fed them all late night/early morning. Of course, this just made them all stay up really, really late. They were already on food restriction from a past contest before the show even started, and assumably we’ll see that tonight, but why take them off now? Are they doing another food comp before the next eviction? Several of the HGs were thinking there would be a live eviction Sunday night. Will there be? Or did BB just want to mess with us by making the HGs stay up really late, meaning then they sleep half the day away. It’s just odd. I’m just sayin’.

Dick never even went to bed until around 7 AM BB time. Kail and Jen are the first ones up again, and Kail goes straight to the DR. When she returns, Jen asks if she’s going to work out today, and she says no, as she needs to read her Bible, because she hasn’t done it in a few days. Is it just me or is there time to do both? After, she goes down to have some coffee, Dustin joins her, saying he didn’t sleep well because of what happened last night. Can’t quite figure what big thing went on that he’s so upset about. The only big thing was the drama with Nick, Danielle, and Jen, but I can’t see why that’s bothersome to Dustin that he couldn’t sleep.

Zach and Mike join the other two in the kitchen and Zach is hurting over his sunburn and does not want to talk about what happened last night. Nick joins them and tells everyone about the thing with him, Jen, and Danielle last night. Kail is happy to not be single in the BB house, but says she never did have to put up with this type of stuff as her husband was her high school sweetheart. That means nothing, as the stuff Jen is doing is very high school-ish anyway. Dustin says he tries to stay out of drama like that.

After a lively discussion about the expense of healthy eating, Kail, Zach, and Mike discuss the possibility of voting out Amber instead of Carol, as that will eliminate one of the “six.” They know Amber thinks she has Danielle’s vote, and if they and Nick vote for her as well, that’s five right there. They think they could probably get the vote to go the other way to keep Carol and know she would feel indebted to them for keeping her, but they’re afraid Amber would come back into the house at a later time and keeping Carol would mean there were still six of the six left. They discuss how strong of a player Dustin is and know everyone likes him, so want to possibly take him out next week, which would hurt Amber’s chances if they ket her. Not so coincidentally, Mike mentions having a dream that Chill Town was in the house with them.

Later on, they move their discussion to the backyard when others are up. Kail wants an emotional player like Jameka, Jen, or Eric on the jury. Of course, it would help her game out to do that, but not necessarily the others in her alliance. She doesn’t want loose cannons like Joe, nor any of the six enemies. Has anyone told her it’s only week one? There is no way to take what you have learned and done at this point and use it to control the rest of the game. She’s getting way ahead of herself.

Finally at 11 AM, BB wakes the rest of the house up, though they seem to have been straggling out the door anyway. When Dick walks into the bathroom, he greets everyone with a “Good morning, Ladies,” and Danielle answers with a “Good morning.” Cordial, at least. While he keeps trying to talk to her, she still seems to be holding quite a grudge.

Dustin is catching on to the so-called Mrs. Robinson alliance, and tells Amber he saw Kail talking with the guys this morning when no one else was up. He says they need to keep Dick safe, because they’ll need him later on. They think the three of them are pretty smart and need to get rid of the other smart people in the Mrs. R alliance. At this point, they seem to be smarter than the Robinsons, koo koo kachoo, as they aren’t getting ahead of themselves.

Zach meanwhile is doing nothing to make friends, as he mentions the dancing Carol did with the Kansas City Chiefs and compares it to a high-priced go go girl, and says it right in front of her. She either doesn’t care, is pretending it doesn’t bother her, or is too dense to realize that was a major cutdown. Carol then talks to Jessica about needing more votes and says she’ll help Carol if Carol will help her. My best guess is her help would come with a price, $5 to be exact.

We lose the feeds during the PoV ceremony, and once they’re back, we have Amber and Jameka talking on the couches outside. Well, mostly Amber taking and Jameka uh-huhing. Amber talks about her boyfriend back home, then talks about her thing with Dustin, and says they really don’t talk about the game much. She warns Jameka to be careful of Joe and not trust him. Would anyone after the gonorrhea blurt? Amber wonders who Dick would put up if he won HoH, then tells Jameka what she was probably getting at the whole time, and that’s Dustin’s suspicion about the Mrs. R alliance.


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