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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 7th – Everybody Hates Jen

Amber tells Dustin that she thinks she totally won Mike over on her date with him, and that she sold him on Dustin as well. They both gloat over how clever they are. Amber thinks that Mike even has a crush on her now. Oh boy. They promise to tell each other everything and be BFF’s forever.

Carol asks Zach if she can count on him for a vote. He says he thought she had given up, but if she can find three people to vote for her to stay, he’ll try and get three more. She thinks she has Joe, Jen, and Eric, and Zach tells her to get them to talk to him and he’ll do what he can. Interesting.

Dick joins Amber and Dustin, and again they’re talking about the vote. Amber seems to think the vote will now be unanimous to keep her. I have no idea where she gets this from, but wow is she ever riding a paranoia roller coaster. I’m sure she’ll be back to second-guessing everything by tomorrow.

Eric and Kail are holed up in the HoH room, and Eric is complaining about Daniele and Joe quite a lot. Kail doesn’t offer much here – instead she just listens and nods, and offers little nuggets like, “If Joe is irritating you there’s a good chance he’s irritating others as well.” But Eric keeps ranting and raving and swearing.

Back outside, Dick is telling Dustin that he doesn’t trust Kail at all. She listens to everyone but rarely speaks, and that makes her dangerous. He says that he has a date with her tomorrow night and he plans to try and get some info out of her. Hee – date night with Kail and Dick. I would never have seen that coming. Dustin says that Jen is upset with Nick, because she told him that if he was going to flirt with her then he wasn’t allowed to flirt with any of the other girls. He told her to forget it. Good grief.

Back to talking about Kail now. Dick is sure that she’s aligned with Mike, referring to the Mrs. Robinson alliance. He’s good, that Dick. He just needs to start keeping these bits of knowledge to himself instead of telling everyone everything.

A large group of people have retired to the small bedroom, but there’s still a lot of meaningless chatter going on. Jen, Joe, and Carol are in the kitchen talking about how Nick and Daniele have become close. Jen claims that Nick tried to kiss her on the first day, but she wouldn’t allow him to. Riiiiight. Joe jokes that Nick tried to kiss him, too. Carol mentions that she has a date with Mike tomorrow night. Ugh.

The rest of the night is laced with lengthy trips to the blue water Vortex of Doom because people keep singing and talking about celebrities and other folks who didn’t sign waivers. There’s some strategy talk between Jen and Carol, with Carol desperately trying to convince Jen to go talk to Zach for her. Eric joins them, Carol leaves, and Eric goes on a rant about what a spoiled brat Daniele is. Jen agrees with him completely.

Jen and Nick go to talk and try to smooth things over. I’m not sure if Jen got caught in her lie about the attempted kiss or not, but Nick doesn’t seem all that happy with her.

Meanwhile, Eric is still ranting. Every other word is “fuck” and he’s on about everyone being fake and messing with him. Where did all of this rage come from? Dick tells Eric that, if he’s not going to make him laugh, he should just go to bed. Hee.

As most of the hamsters drift away for bed, there’s a lot of talk about Jen and how horrible she is. At least Dick has some late night company this evening – Nick, Daniele, and Jameka are all still up, and there may be others. They all agree that the only person who wouldn’t put Jen on the block is Mike. Somehow I don’t think Nick or Zach would either.

As the others go to bed, Dick is left once again puttering around the kitchen and talking to himself. There’s nothing much happening here – he’s not dressing up or hiding the topiaries. Just a lot of cleaning. This is one good housekeeper.

Dick wanders outside for a smoke or two. Then he goes around decorating the topiaries with vegetables (yay for decorated topiaries!), hits up the bathroom for a bit, and finally goes off to sleep. At 7 am. I really have no idea how he can keep this up, but he’s doing a stellar job of keeping me entertained. He should get a cut of the live feed profits.

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