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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 7th – Everybody Hates Jen

Dick leaves, saying that he doesn’t want either of them to take his comments personally. Jameka tells Carol that she won’t call him “Evel Dick” and doesn’t even like calling him “Dick.” That’s mature. Carol suggests that she call him “Richard,” his “God-given” name. Er, when did God start choosing baby names? I’m so confused. Jameka and Carol want Dick out of the house now, and Jameka goes on some tangent about the Crusades. This is disappointing to me, because I really liked Jameka until now.

Dick goes for a spin in the teacup with Zach, and they talk about what will happen to them after the show. Zach is under some sort of delusion that he’ll be famous, but Dick says no, none of the other past houseguests have become famous because of the show. If he gets invited to do some crappy guest spot on VH1 he’ll be happy.

This is all followed by a lot of strategy talk between small groups of people, and it seems that no one really know where the alliances in the house are. Daniele and Jameka think that have a solid four with themselves, Nick, and Jessica. Jameka wants to target the guys first, and asks Daniele about her dad. Daniele gives a non-answer and tries to change the subject.

Amber is getting ready for date night with Mike. This is so weird – these date nights make no sense whatsoever. She tells Dustin that Mike isn’t her type at all, but she wants to use this opportunity to try and secure his vote. Amber’s getting all tarted up, wearing a clingy striped top and a short white skirt that droops down in the back, showing butt cleavage. That’s terrific.

Meanwhile, Mike is downstairs pacing around in the kitchen waiting for his “date.” I don’t see any flowers this time, however. Ah, he’s made cookies for her instead. That’s kind of sweet. No pun intended. Oh wait, there are indeed flowers. Looks like Amber’s already scored better than Jenius did – Jen’s not going to be happy about this.

The date pair moves to a couple of loungers outside by the pool. Eric is in the hammock, talking first to Jen and then to Carol. Eric and Jen talk about their alliance with Kail and Mike, and think that they need to bring a few others in. Jen moves on and is replaced with Carol. Carol is feeling Eric out (not literally) and saying that she doesn’t have anyone in the house who has her back, and there’s no one she trusts completely. Eric says he doesn’t either, and when Carol suggests that they could work together, he gets out of it by saying that he doesn’t think the two of them can connect on that kind of level. Or something – he’s clearly brushing her off, but nicely so that she doesn’t talk smack about him later.

Amber is talking a mile a minute about all kinds of things, and Mike can’t get a word in edgewise. I’m thinking that after tonight, Mike might want to abandon the whole idea of date night. Which would be a-ok with me.

Kail and Zach are talking, and they’ve confirmed that there’s an alliance of four made up of the two of them, Nick, and Mike. Good grief. How many alliances of four are there, and how are we going to keep up with them all? I need to make a chart or something. Zach mentions that there’s another alliance of Dick, Amber, Dustin, and Jameka. Jameka? Um, no. Kail is upset about this, and wonders why they aren’t taking Amber out then. Zach tries to explain that an alliance of four is safer than an alliance of six (the enemy pairs), and that Carol should go first. Kail’s pretty upset though and thinks they need to start working on saving Carol immediately.

Apparently Kail’s closeness with Jen is all a front to keep the attention away from her real alliance with the three guys. They’re planning to use Jen for votes as long as they need her. What I can see happening here is that Jen will eventually win HoH (if she lasts that long) and one of the guys will tell her that Kail has been using her, and she’ll put Kail on the block.

Kail and Zach don’t agree on which one of the Dick/Danile pair they should keep. Not surprisingly, Kail wants Dick gone but Zach says he can read Dick better and he should stay. These two really don’t seem to know what’s going on around them, but they talk like they’ve got the game in the bag. Should be fun to watch this all play out.

Carol is telling Eric that most of the women in the house are trying to get by on their looks, except “not really Jameka” or Amber. Heh – nice.

I’m going to skip over the details of the next little while on the feeds. Why? Because I can sum it up like this: Amber talks Mike’s ear off, Carol talks Eric’s ear off, and Joe is making up scary stories for the others that are rather cheesy. While Joe is talking he uses the expression “when in Rome” and Jen wants to know if that’s from some movie. Joe has to explain to her that it’s an old expression that may have been used in a movie, but has been around much longer than that.

Eventually another golf game starts up, and the teams are Dick/Zach, Amber/Mike, and Eric/Dustin. Dick adds some amusing commentary, making all kinds of ball jokes along the way.

The slop folks will be getting food and booze at midnight, and when the time rolls around Daniele is actually eating. Yay! She says she’s going to eat until she throws up, which is kind of counter-productive, no? She grabs for … lettuce. She hasn’t eaten real food in a week, and her first bites are going to be lettuce. Sigh.