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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 7th – Everybody Hates Jen

Both Jen and Carol are on the show for the fame factor. Carol wants to get some kind of representation and become a spokesperson because of her appearance on Big Brother, but she’s worried that she’ll be evicted and won’t have been in the game long enough for people to recognize or remember her. Oh. My. God. Kail tells her that she should be able to cheer for whatever team she wants now if she puts the BB experience on her resume. Are these people for real?

We finally have an EvelDick sighting – he’s outside smoking. Thank goodness – I’m about to plow my head through the screen listening to Carol. Carol, though, has to go and point out to Dick that he was snoring loudly. She starts talking about never having bad days, and how a bad day for her is scoring under 80% on a test. Dick says that a bad day for him is having to get checked out for an STD. Hee.

Joe is regaling his fans with stories about his dreams from the night before. Something about “fictional” characters called Weevils (note to Joe: weevils are real bugs) that were chasing him and biting his tendons (?), but then he found some nice ones and bought them all kinds of accessories to wear. We need a dream interpreter, stat. Because my non-professional opinion is that Joe is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Carol and Jameka are reading the bible and wondering what God’s plan is for the two of them in the house. Time to switch feeds. Oh wait – there’s Dick and Daniele, talking about how no one believes that the two of them met up randomly during the audition process. Daniele says it was completely random. She’s worried though that other people are watching them talk to each other, so they’d better split up and talk later. That’s a good sign.

Amber is apparently feeling the stress of being up on the block, and she’s going around talking to people about the vote. She tells Jameka that even though they don’t talk with each other very often, she knows they have a bond and is counting on her vote. Good grief woman, just stop. Just talk to people, have real conversations, and leave a good impression. That’s enough, really.

Amber goes to talk with Dick, who tells her to stop thinking about the vote until after the Veto Ceremony. He refuses to go over a hundred different scenarios with her because there’s no point to it.

Carol is also on the campaign trail, talking with Kail and Eric. She thinks that Mike, Zach, Nick, and Kail will make it to the end, and then Kail will be dumped from the group. She also claims to know who’s leaving next, and says it will surprise the all because it’s not Jen. No idea what she’s talking about, unless she still thinks that Dick is the target. Carol thinks it’s inappropriate that Amber is using her daughter for votes, saying that she’s playing the game for her family. Cut to the pool, where Amber is telling Jessica that she’s playing the game for her family. Heh.

Amber is complaining that Carol said she wouldn’t campaign for votes, but right now she’s upstairs with Kail and Eric. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two nominees who were so paranoid about the vote. Eric comes outside and tells Amber about Carol’s little spiel in the HoH room, and that Carol isn’t happy with Amber’s approach to campaigning for votes (the family thing again).

Lots of small talk going on around the house. Dick, Amber, and Eric talk about what they were like in high school. A bat flies around the backyard and freaks most of the girls out. Blah blah blah – a pretty mundane afternoon so far. In the kitchen, Amber is trying to figure out what to make for dinner, for those people who aren’t on slop.

Dick, Carol, and Jameka get into a conversation about religion. This ought to be good. It starts out with the question of who is to blame in the Garden of Eden – Adam or Eve? This goes on to include who wrote the bible, and if the good book is full of truths to be believed 100%, or if you can pick and choose what to live by. Hee – this is getting good. Dick doesn’t buy that someone who is a murderer can get into heaven if they accept Jesus and ask for forgiveness, but someone else who is a good person and never does anything wrong will go to hell because they’re not Christian. This is exactly what my problem is with Christianity as well. It makes no sense when you consider that God is supposed to be a forgiving kind of dude.

Jameka and Carol are taking great exception to Dick’s comments, and Jameka even tells him that he’s hurting her heart. She says that she knows what it’s like not to be a believer, but Dick has no idea what it’s like to be a believer. What? How is that a debate point? Dick says no, he used to believe completely but doesn’t any more. Jameka says that God is crying for him right now. The conversation gets heated on the girls’ side, but it looks like Dick really just wanted to get a little debate and discussion going. He says that more people should talk about these things out in the open, but Jameka is pretty sure they shouldn’t. She and Carol are feeling hurt and insulted, and don’t want to talk to him any more.