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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 7th – Everybody Hates Jen

Maybe I shouldn’t mention this in the very first paragraph of my recap, but the houseguests have dubbed this the Most Boring Day in the house so far. Since it’s only the second full day that we’ve had the feeds, I’d have to agree with them.

When we last left our hamsters, Dick had finally hit the sack at about 5:45 am. An hour later, Carol is up and doing some yoga in the backyard. Daniele gets up and heads for the shower, and then spends ages in front of the mirror putting her makeup on, straightening her hair, etc etc. Carol goes back inside and lays down on the couch with pillows covering her ears.

At about 8:05, Big Brother announces that it’s time to get up for the day. I think CBS is missing out on a great marketing product here – the Big Brother alarm clock. Seriously, wouldn’t you love to have an alarm clock that blared, “Good morning houseguests. It’s time to wake up for the day.”? Then, five minutes later, it would remind you that the lights in the bedroom must remain on.

The usual morning milling about begins, with most of the hamsters wondering why they have to get up so early. Dick, who has had a little more than two hours sleep, is nowhere to be found. Carol is complaining loudly that Dick has been snoring and grinding his teeth since 6 o’clock and she couldn’t sleep. Poor baby.

Eric is sitting on the bathroom couch, sort of brushing his teeth. There’s a toothbrush in his mouth, and he’s got his hand there ready to brush, but he’s also leaning back against the pillows and nodding off. Hee. Joe is in the shower, and Eric snaps out of it enough to apologize for going off on him the night before. Eric says that Joe just caught him at a bad time and he over-reacted. Joe says it’s no big deal.

Carol’s telling Dustin that she can’t drink “home made” coffee; she only likes Starbucks. The longer Carol stays in the house, the better Jessica looks as her “enemy.” She also enjoys a green tea latte on occasion. This is followed by more complaining about Dick’s snoring. Carol thinks that anyone in the house who snores should have to sleep together in one room. Hey Carol, here’s an idea: sleep somewhere else. Just sayin’.

Eric is tired and worried about bags under his eyes, so he and Jen hang out in the backyard with damp teabags under their eyes. I thought cucumbers worked better? Lots of small talk going on everywhere, as the hamsters make their breakfasts, go through pots of coffee (but not for Carol of course), and get showered and dressed.

Jameka and Nick seem to think that tomorrow (Sunday) will be a live eviction show followed by another HoH comp. I have no idea where they got this impression, but they’re about to be sorely disappointed. Jameka is even planning how she’ll wear her hair for the live show.

All four feeds are giving me Carol and Dustin. These two have the dullest conversations ever. Carol’s plucking her eyebrows and talking about how the cameras are all on her now because she complained yesterday, and now they’re all trying to drive her crazy. They talk about being the only two people on the show who didn’t apply for it. Somehow the conversation turns to oral hygiene and Carol is of the opinion that production would never allow someone in the house who had poor hygiene. Ah, poor delusional Carol.

Nick and Jameka are still talking outside. This discussion includes stories of their childhoods that involve fighting with siblings and getting spankings, as well as Eric being short-tempered and Jen being a complete ditz. Nick is just a few months out of a serious relationship, and he says that being there in the house is helping him. Probably because he only needs to look around to find people who are far worse off than he is.

Carol’s now in the hammock with Jen, talking about her ex-boyfriend and how she still wears his ring, but not when her current boyfriend is around. This is followed by a lengthy “strategy” talk that includes such helpful ideas as “stay happy” and “you can stay in the house if you want to” from Jen. Kail joins them and immediately I’m concerned for her active brain cells.

Carol starts yapping about the Chiefs and dancing and cheerleading. Kail asks about a job (as in, “do you have one?”) and Carol says that she works a couple of nights a week and rakes in 2-3 hundred. I have no idea what job that is, but I’ll stay away from the innuendo for now. The reason she has this job though is because Daddy Dearest was only giving her $50 a week in spending money, and that wasn’t enough to drink with. Daddy pays for everything else though – school, books, clothes, food, etc. Jen says she had to pay for all that herself, and Carol says there’s no way she could ever do that. The more I learn about Carol the less I like her.

Kail asks Carol about her dad, and Carol says that he’s really important in Kansas, and that he’s on television all the time. “He’s passed some really important bills and stuff,” she says. Kail wants to know what kind of bills, and Carol starts off, “Well he’s Republican, and I don’t know if you are or not so you may not agree with this …” and then she kind of stops talking. She says the word “education” with her hands spread wide, and then admits that she doesn’t follow any of that stuff and really has no idea. Argh. Dad must be really proud.