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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 6th – Date Night in the Hammock

As we return to the hot tub, Nick has left, but Eric has taken his place, and Jen joins them as well. Zach talks about wanting a girl so bad in high school, but she always turned him down and made fun of him. Later, she saw him at a FSU game and didn’t realize who he was and was coming on to him. The other guys here say he should have done it with her, but he says no. Joe comes out, not in a swim suit, and says he was the one getting yelled at by BB, as he accidentally ate a little pineapple while he was cleaning up the kitchen.

As the hot tub group prepares the slip ‘n slide, Mike and Jen have a “date” on the hammock. They get dressed up and he even brings her flowers. They eat frozen grapes while they swing back and forth and talk. Nothing very interesting, just first date type stuff. Carol has moved inside and was pouting outside the HoH to Dustin, teasing the cameras by saying she has to go to the DR and just get it off her chest. She also wants to break all the cameras she says with a baseball bat. Zach follows her inside and gropes her, I mean rubs her shoulders.

Jen and Mike come inside to get wine and get their suits on to go out in the hot tub for the next part of their date. While Nick is looking at the memory wall, he says something to her about her wishing she could retake her picture. She ignores that and says she’s waiting for the hot tub to empty out so she can have the second part of her date. He invites her into the store room with him, but no one does a thing about it. Carol walks through still complaining about the cameras, positive they are following her around.

Zach and Kail have a discussion about Dick and Danielle, and say he got teary-eyed talking about her earlier, and had to go into the DR. They both acknowledge she doesn’t give him the time of day, no matter how hard he tries. They switch to talking about Jen as others come into the room and discuss some fight that Jen and Dick had. Zach thinks Jen is spoiled and that everything is just handed to her as she doesn’t pay for the place she lives in or even pay utilities.

Nick and Danielle talk in the hammock and plan what they’ll do when they get off their food restriction. He’s shocked at how much she says she’s going to eat. He admits when he had seen her earlier, it must have been for auditions for the show or something, he had told his parents he saw a girl that was flawless, but not very bright. Yet, now he realizes he was wrong about her. She tells him in high school she was voted the funniest. They move on to comparing the HGs to Saved by the Bell characters. Joe is Screech, Danielle is Kelly, Jameka is Lisa, Jen is Jesse, Nick is Zack, Mike is Slater, and either Eric or Zach is Max.

Joe talks to Nick and Danielle in the hammock and again mentions a double eviction this week, while Danielle thinks the eviction will be Sunday. Have these people never watched the show? He talks about wanting to put up Jen and says it would be an easy week for everyone to put her up and get her out. He segues into this current vote to find out where Amber and Carol stand with them, and both say they will vote for Amber to stay. He works on them to create an alliance with him. He’s probably selling it too hard too early, as he was also the one pushing the enemy alliance.

After Joe leaves they talk about not really trusting him and slam Jen again, as Danielle says her swimsuits are like stripper suits. She also says Kail said after the first night in the house that she slept with Jen and it was like having her husband there with her, but they didn’t spoon or anything. It reminds me of the Friends episode when Joey and Ross take a nap together and agree it’s the best ever, but agree to keep it a secret, and can’t stop finding reasons to have more naps together.

Inside, Jameka is walking around without pants on, and Joe observes she is wearing what looks like men’s underwear, as they have a “penis pouch.” It would be understandable if it was Kail, as she could say she packed her husband’s or something, but why does Jameka have these? Many in the house are getting ready to go to bed. Eric, Jen, Dick, and Mike are up still in the kitchen, but I’m just waiting for All Night Dick to come out and play. Joe is telling scary stories in the room with the little beds, and they aren’t stories about himself.

Eric leaves the kitchen group, and eventually Jen does too, leaving just All Night Dick and Mike up. Dick makes breakfast for someone else, then puts it on the table and writes a message in mustard again. This time it says something about being for Eric and that his mom wants him to eat it all. All Night Dick and his new accomplice Mike decorate the plants with plastic gloves, shoes and sunglasses. Just whatever is laying around.

All Night Dick and Mike go to the backyard for Dick to have a smoke and Mike to fold laundry. Eric comes back out and joins them and is pissed. He was woken up by Joe screaming very loudly as he was doing something in the bedroom with Jessica. Making it worse, once he got up, he nearly tripped and broke his neck on stuff Joe had used to block off the door. Joe now joins them outside, apologizes, and asks Eric if he’s mad. Seems to be the understatement of the year. Joe sticks around and has a smoke, and All Night Dick tells him to watch out, or Eric will stab him in his sleep with a plastic knife.

Joe goes back to bed, and All Night Dick, Mike, and Eric talk about reincarnating the Jack Shack by using the teacup with a blanket over it. Eric finally goes back to bed, and when Dick goes into the DR, Mike brushes his teeth. Mike goes to bed, and when All Night Dick comes out of the DR, he goes to bed as well, and it’s just shy of 6:00 BB time.

I can’t see Danielle doing anything to change the noms, and Carol just seems to be tripping out, decreasing her chances immensely that there will be a change of heart to keep her. Again, Diane tried that and was saved, but had alliance people helping the change of heart. Carol doesn’t have that luxury, so it looks like we’ll be saying goodbye to her on Thursday, unless something really dramatic happens.

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