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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 6th – Date Night in the Hammock

After a whole afternoon of the same stupid trivia we were tired of by week 2 last season, we finally get our feeds back, and we have the people that are not involved in the PoV locked into the HoH room playing a rousing game of 20 questions. Dick is sleeping; that’s how excited he is. It makes you wonder if the PoV comp is some type of endurance that they didn’t expect to go this long. Jen is most likely in heaven, as the only girl up there with all the guys, it seems, minus Nick. Eventually Dick continues his sleep on the bed, with Joe sleeping on the other side, and Dustin and Jen nestled in between playing the game with the other guys. Here’s a question to come out of their game. What’s the stick called that props your hood open on your car?

We finally get all the HGs reunited outside on a lockdown. Danielle won the PoV which consisted of everyone hiding their own PoV symbol somewhere in the house, and the hider of the last found symbol won the comp. They’re all celebrating with pizza, and two of the slop eaters get to eat pizza as well, as two slop passes were included in the comp. They’ll be stuck outside for quite awhile as the players in the PoV completely trashed the house, and Jen is upset when Nick admits to looking through clothes for the PoV symbols. She doesn’t want people looking at her underwear. Lucky for her Howie isn’t there this year. Danielle has been on slop and gets to eat pizza with a pass. Her dad tells Dustin to make sure she eats a lot of it, as he thinks she’s too thin. Maybe they should let Julie Chen in on this then too. Then again, maybe it’s just the way that awful red dress made her look last night.

After everyone finishes eating, they’re still outside, as somehow with the competition a pipe was burst, so they’re stuck until that gets fixed. Eric complains how tough they had it locked in the HoH room, and says Joe and Dick seem to think they should be exempt from everything since they went through the enemy twist thing. He then tries to put the moves on Jen, and they joke about having a pretend relationship.

Amber and Danielle sit down and chat on the couch outside for awhile. They talk about not trusting Eric, knowing that Kail and Jen are “buddy-buddy”, but mostly Danielle finally opens up about Dick. She says he was never there for her as a father, and they only had a friendship with each other. He emotionally hurt her, and she doesn’t think being in the house together will change that. Amber helps Dick out a little, and tells Danielle that Dick said he loved his daughter and had her back. She also says he really opened up to her and started crying about the situation. Danielle doesn’t seem very moved. Amber admits that Dick told her he would never put up Danielle, and Danielle makes her promise to not tell anyone else. It’s almost painful to watch this father/daughter have such a difficult relationship. Correction, not almost, but IS.

After everything is put away, Dustin vacuums the whole house while Joe lays on the couch and watches him. Something tells me that fire isn’t completely burned out gonorrhea or not. While this is going on, Carol sits with Zach and cries. Jen wants to go swimming as there’s not thing else to do, and Carol says of course there is, lose vetoes, go home, etc. Well, Diane played that same card last year and lasted several more weeks. Maybe it will work for Carol as well.

Carol then went out and chatted with Joe outside, asking him what she needs to do to stay. He starts talking nonsense about it being a double eviction this week. Is he trying to scare her? Why would they do that the first week? They go through the votes for her to stay and go, and he tells her that he wants to keep her, but doesn’t want to be the only vote for her. If the vote could go either way, he wants to be the vote to save her.

The girl is getting around tonight, apparently working all the angles. She’s now in the hot tub with Nick, Zach, and Dick. Zach comes up to kiss her, and she says her boyfriend will understand. He then does the same to Nick. :shrug: They have a confusing conversation of if I were a guy would you date me? If I were him and you were a girl, would you date me, etc. The talk is of putting a Baby Ruth in the hot tub a la Caddyshack, and Zach says he’s waiting to see some nipples, but not Dick’s. He’s … he’s … I don’t even know how to explain what he’s doing right now. He’s odd. Damn. The feeds switched to Jess and Amber inside. Not nearly as exciting. as kissing, candy bars, and nipples.

Jameka and Jessica talk about eating tonight, because Jameka thinks there is another food comp tomorrow, as the one they had was probably “house food,” not official food comp. They decide to eat themselves silly. Shortly after we hear a snippet before the blue vortex telling the HGs if they are on the slop, they have to stay on the slop, not go off it tonight. When we come back from the blue vortex, Dustin is telling Amber he wants Joe gone. He can handle anyone in the house, even Jen, but not Joe.


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