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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 6th – Date Night in the Hammock

There seems to be a houseguest or houseguests every year that are so entertaining, if there’s a feed pointed at them, we’re watching. This year it’s definitely Dick, or who I like to call All Night Dick. He may be just the most entertaining ever. I think I could actually watch him and only him all summer long and never get bored. Yet, after he went to bad last night, which was actually this morning, it wasn’t even an hour past until other houseguests started waking up.

Kail and Jen were both sleeping in the HoH room last night, and they both get up around 8:00 AM. Kail hops in the shower, and after Jen brushes her teeth, she goes downstairs to make coffee and clean up the kitchen. Wow, this is exciting. Can I have my All Night Dick back? Wow, that didn’t sound too good, or it did, depending on how you look at it.

Shortly after, the HGs are given their wake up and told they have 90 minutes until the PoV, which we know means we’ll have a long time without feeds, and the HGs will be lying around waiting for it to start for seemingly hours. Dick doesn’t seem overly enthused about getting up at this time, but it’s barely been an hour since he officially went to bed.

Jen and Dustin find their way to the backyard and talk about one of the first four evictees coming back into the game. She proves that she isn’t a huge fan of BB, as she says that in every year since season three one or all of the first four evicted have come back into the house. We all know it was only Amy in season 3 and Kaysar in season 6. :kaysar:

The HGs are then sent inside on a lockdown, assumably to get ready for the PoV, and we see fashion maven Joe wearing glasses and a Native American poncho. Someone has a Bible of sorts, but it’s really an explanation of all the passages in the Bible. Jameka reads from it to Zach, and Danielle talks about her own religion, saying she was raised a Christian, and even went to a Christian school. No mention, of course, of Dick, so we’re still waiting to hear if he was part of her early years or if he was always on the outside as maybe her parents weren’t together then.

Dick talks to Jen who is worried about being put on the block if either Carol or Amber comes off. He tells her not to worry, as he thinks the only one that will save Carol is Carol, and that if Amber and Carol are left up, Carol will definitely go. He tells her as long as she makes sure Carol doesn’t win it, she’ll be fine.

While many of the guys seem to spend just as much time primping in the mirrors as the girls, Dick doesn’t, saying he doesn’t use any hair products at all. People are always surprised at how soft his hair is. He says if you want to feel something hard … I have a feeling with this guy and his name in the house, we’ll be having a complete double entendre summer. He then finds Kail and tries to convince her not to put up his daughter if someone comes off the block.

We lose our feeds to … BB trivia, the same damn questions we were tired of last season. Is it too much to ask to do trivia on a different season other than 2? While we had hopes of the PoV, when we come back, no one is wearing the PoV, and there’s no talk of it. It seems they only picked who was playing, the noms and HoH, as well as James, Nick, and Danielle.

Jen, who is about as deep as her tiny bikini, talks about not know how to flirt very well, then says she had a lot of her jeans taken away out of her suitcase when she came to the house. Either they wanted her in something more revealing or perhaps they had big name brands on them.

After Joe and Jessica both talk about how badly they want to be entertainment reporters, Carol comes in and picks up the pseudo-bible and begins to read, while sitting over Joe’s legs, about making relationships work. The cameraman has a funny moment as he rams the camera view down the crack in the back of Carol’s pants. Maybe they knew they were going in for that shot, and that’s why they took away her other jeans.

Amber and Nick talk in the bathroom, and she asks if he’s happy that he gets to play for the PoV. They seem fairly close, and she says if she wins it, she just might leave both her and Carol on the block, not wanting anyone else to go through what she is. Is she just appealing to his kinder side, or is she really serious? Ask Marcellas about that move.

Nick leaves and Dustin takes his place, and Amber tells him pretty much the same thing she was telling Nick. He tells Amber it makes him feel bad that people he likes have problems with Joe. Are the Gonorrhea Boys rekindling? Jameka comes in and is another that says she is fighting to keep Amber. The trivia comes back on, and we lose the feeds for several hours as the PoV competition goes on.


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