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Big Brother 8: Where It All Begins

In case you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, the premiere of Big Brother 8 came on this past Thursday. CBS brought back another installment of the summer-favorite, with a cast of 14 people and a promising twist.

The Show

The show began with the America’s favorite host, Julie Chen A.K.A the Chenbot. She looked fabulous but you can tell she has lost some weight. Anyway, the house guests met at the front door of the new house, but this time there were 11 not 14. Carol, Joe, Mike and Amber were the first to enter the house. Nick, Danielle and Jameka were second, while Kail, Jen, Eric and Zach were the last.

The theme of the house is “Alice in Wonderland.” There were tall beds, round beds and small beds. The house looks amazing. I am super jealous.

Of course, Big Brother would not be the same without a twist. This season, there are two twists. The first and the biggest twist is that 6 of the house guests will be sharing the Big Brother house with a rival, enemy or someone with whom they have unfinished business. The second is “America’s Player.” A player in the house will be controlled by the viewers via text message and online at cbs.com. For every 5 tasks the player completes, they will earn $10,000.

The other three house guests who didn’t meet with the other house guests were isolated in the HoH room. There, they were able to watch and listen to all the other house guests.

So I’m assuming everyone knows who the house guests are, but if not, you can see here: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/bigbrother8/

The three other house guests who were isolated were Jessica, Dick and Dustin. Jessica used to be best friends with Carol, but they haven’t talked to each other for three years. Dick is the father of Danielle; they haven’t talked in two years even though Dick is persistent in sending her e-mails. Dustin is the ex-boyfriend of Joe, and it is pretty obvious they DO NOT like each other.

After the three “enemies” were revealed to the viewers, the house guests were told there were some other house guests in the house who were watching their every move. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a big commotion about it, maybe because there was a Head of Household competition in 30 minutes.

Head of Household

The Head of Household competition was “Mushroom Madness.” The houseguests had to pair up, leaving one person automatically out of the competition without a partner. The pairs had to split up; one had to sit on a mushroom stump and the other one had to sit on the mushroom head. The people on the stumps were asked a series of True/False questions about their housemates. For every wrong answer, the head of the mushroom would spin faster, making it harder for the other partner to stay on the mushroom. The team who stays on the longest wins.

Ok, so the pairs were Eric and Kail, Joe and Jameka, Amber and Carol, and Mike and Danielle. Sadly, Nick was not chosen. I was upset about this because Nick is the new love of my life, so some people will pay for this.

Anyway, Kail and Eric won the competition. The other three house guests, who did not participate in the competition but are safe from elimination, picked the first Head of Household between Kail and Eric. Thankfully, Kail was chosen.

The Twist Revealed

After the HOH, the house guests were told of the twist. Obviously, the houseguests were not happy especially Joe. He revealed that he had gotten gonorrhea while in the relationship with Dustin, hinting toward that Dustin had cheated. America ultimately learns that Joe has no class, which I realized the first time I saw him.

The “enemies” came out, and there wasn’t as big of an uproar as I expected. Danielle ran in the bathroom and cried for a bit. I feel really bad for her. I HATE Dick! I don’t trust him at all, but there are hints that Danielle and Dick will be making an alliance. Carol seemed as if she could care less about Jessica. Of course, Joe was no where near happy to see Dustin.

America’s Player

At the end of the show, it was revealed that Eric was “America’s Player.” Starting Sunday, America will be able to start controlling their house guest!

Ja’s View!

So this is the section where I talk about what I really think of the show and the house guests. This season seems really surprising, but of course, I have my favorites, indifferents, and dislikes.

My favorites are Carol, Eric, Nick and Zach. Carol and Nick are the new loves of my life. I am obsessed with them. Eric is just adorable, even though he has a big nose. I am not sure of how I feel about his being “America’s Player,” but I will see. Zach is kind of creepy but I can’t help but like him. He’s really tall, and that makes me really happy!

I am unsure of how I feel about Amber, Dustin, Jameka, Mike, Danielle, and Jen. I am completely indifferent about them. I feel that Mike is weak and boring, so he won’t last long in the house. Carol doesn’t like Jen which means I don’t really care for her.

Ok, so here are the people I HATE! I do not like Kail. She constantly talks about how half the town works for her (though she’s trying to keep it a secret from the other house guests). So here’s my translation: She lives in a town with 10 people, and the half who work for her are her family. Then there’s Dick. I really just don’t trust him. He’s 44 and he’s the most immature person in the house. Joe is also on this list. Like I stated above, he has no class, and is a bad representation of us gays. Lastly, there’s Jessica. She is the person I hate the most in the house. Obviously my hatred grew when I found out she was the enemy of Carol. She is so lame and stupid. She talked about how much trash talking Carol did and how she (Jessica) was so much better than that. Yet, she says at one point, and I quote, “Is that a ring? Is she engaged? Because I was gonna say, she is not loyal!”

Well that’s about it for now. Watch Big Brother on Sunday at 8 p.m. (eastern time) and check by here for some more juicy Big Brother recaps and “Ja’s View!”

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