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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 5th – Props to Dick

Eric joins the hammock, and Amber leaves to go to the bathroom and then get a beer for Dick. Eric says that he was all set to vote for Amber to get rid of the better game player, but now he’s leaning towards voting out Carol, who is a “non-entity piece of garbage.”

Meanwhile, Zach has cornered Mike and is filling him in on the voting situation. They think the votes are there to save Amber. Their next target is Daniele, and when she’s gone they plan to pull Dick into their alliance. I’m completely on board with this plan.

After some more inane chatter, half of the houseguests are going to bed for the evening. It’s about 11:30 Big Brother time. There’s some talk in the small bedroom about teeth and whether or not Jessica will get to vote this week. Really riveting stuff here.

Back outside, Dick is now sitting on the couches with the gonorrhea boys. Joe is pushing for the alliance of six thing, but Dick and Dustin are both saying that they want to keep Amber this week. Dustin leaves, and Dick starts working on Joe. He says that keeping Amber is a better idea because then she’ll owe them going forward. Joe’s not sure, but agrees to approach Amber and offer to vote to keep her in the house if they can make some kind of deal to look out for each other.

Joe says that he was the one who suggested the nominations to Kail, telling her that it was a fair way to do them. She nominated the first two people who were eliminated from the HoH competition. Ah, okay. Joe’s taking a lot of credit for this, and says that he’s already told Kail that if one of them comes off the block with the veto that she has to nominate Zach or Jen in their place, to keep it fair. Dick says that he thinks Joe is at risk if Carol or Amber wins the veto, and Joe agrees.

Inside, Dustin and Amber are talking in the storage room. Dustin says he’s just sick that people are saying that he and Joe are together when they’re not. He’s just sick about it, I tell you! Sick! Amber tries to talk him down by saying that she liked Dustin immediately and knows that they’re not together. Blah blah blah.

Eric joins Joe and Dick outside, and makes plans with Dick to stay up late and chatter. Everyone has gone to bed except for Joe, Dick, Eric, Jameka, and Jessica. Joe shaves his chest while still wearing his vest (ooh look, poetry) and then calls it a night. And then there were four.

Eric and Dick go back outside to the hammock, and at some point there Jameka and Jessica both head for bed. Jessica and Joe are bedmates, and they end up talking and giggling for a while, annoying the others in the room.

The Dick/Eric conversation isn’t at all earth-shattering, and it’s laced with curse words, belches, and farts. But for some reason this is highly entertaining to me. They both think that the slop is getting to Daniele and she’s not acting like herself. Neither of them likes Jen very much, and Dick wants to see her up on the block and then out the door. They think Nick might be bisexual, and don’t like the fact that Kail is so religious. They also seem to think that Dustin and Joe are actually still together and working together in the house. Oh dear, that will just make poor Dustin sick.

After a lengthy conversation about the rest of the houseguests and how they think the game might play out, Dick and Eric both head back inside to use the facilities. Eric says that he wants to go to bed so that he can wake up at the same time as everyone else, but Dick doesn’t want to hear it. Eric goes to the bathroom as Dick walks around talking to himself. He asks us if we’re giving him props. Abso-friggin’-lutely Dick. You’re the only entertaining person in the house so far. Mad props to Dick!

Dick decides to hide some of the small topiary rabbits, and is laughing to himself while doing so. Eric comes out of the bathroom, and Dick says he wants to do something to one of the girls … which brings on the vortex of water. When they come back, Dick says that BB ruins all of his fun. Eric leaves, and Dick heads off to make waffles. Heh.

Waffle preparation is relatively uneventful, and it seems that Dick can actually cook. Impressive. He eats some of his waffle and tries to clean the waffle iron, commenting that it’s tough to clean so this must be why people don’t make waffles at home. The guy’s funny, he cooks, and he cleans. Nice.

He sets a place at the table and leaves a message written in mustard beside it. The camera went past the message too quickly for me to be sure, but it said something about Mom sending her love, and it’s signed, “Evel Dick.” He spends quite a bit of time on this mustard masterpiece!

This is followed by seemingly random antics. He walks around, puts rubber gloves on the heads of the topiaries, talks to the walls and himself, takes more bites of his waffles, cleans up the toys in the backyard, does some laundry, eats more waffle, grabs an orange from the storage cupboard, and repeat. Nothing like being wide awake in the middle of the night in a strange house with strange people and being filmed the whole time, eh?

Dick goes back outside to smoke, play golf, and work out his strategy – all at the same time. This is fun to watch, in a strange voyeuristic kind of way. But he’s talking to himself and to us, so it doesn’t seem so strange. He’s well aware that there are a bunch of losers like myself who paid for the honour of watching this.

He sees a bat in the yard and wanders off to find it. He’s like a kid with ADD out there. He’s saying that he should have watched Alice in Wonderland before he came (because that’s a movie that just jumps out randomly from the video store shelf), and that it’s so cool that Daniele always wanted to be Alice and now she is. He sits down and starts to cry. Aw. This is sad. He’s saying that he’s living in the same house with his daughter now, but he misses her more than ever. Poor guy – I just want to jump through the screen and hug him.

Dick goes inside to cry on the couch, then back outside to smoke and twirl a ribbon on a stick. Honestly? This is the most interesting few hours of feeds I can remember. Even better than the Janelle/Kaysar chats, I think. And I don’t know why I’m so riveted. Weird. Maybe it’s because I’m sleep-deprived as well. But I don’t have a ribbon on a stick to play with.

Soon after this, all feeds are on sleeping hamsters. Did Dick go to bed? I didn’t see anything. About an hour later Dick is back, saying that he was in the Diary Room. That explains things. He goes back outside for a smoke and thinks that maybe ten cartons weren’t enough. Oh boy, I don’t think I want to see Dick run out of smokes. He gets another beer and topples a shelf in the fridge. He says he’s getting tired now, but goes outside to play some more golf, get into the hot tub, get out of the hot tub, and draw another picture in mustard on the table. If Dick is like this every night, I don’t know how I’m going to keep up with the guy.

He finally goes to bed at about 7:20 am, saying that he’ll probably get to sleep for an hour before BB wakes them up for the veto competition. Heh. He has just spent almost 8 hours wandering the house, drawing in mustard, smoking, talking to himself, doing various things with the topiaries, making waffles, and other assorted random things. And I? Am completely exhausted.

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