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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 5th – Props to Dick

The first night of the live feeds is always a bit crazy. We’re still getting to know the houseguests, but they’ve already been in the house for 6 days together and even have nicknames for each other and little inside jokes. But I have to admit that I’m excited to be firing up the feeds again and sharing the daily updates with all of you! Let’s get this season kicked off, shall we?

After watching the blue swirly water vortex of doom for what seems like months, finally we hear voices and see the hamsters. Carol is talking about not wanting to go home yet because she still has so many cute clothes to wear in the house. There’s our first nominee. She’s in the gym talking to Dustin, who tells her that his vote is with Amber. There’s nominee number two. Kail nominated Carol and Amber – I wonder how that came about.

Meanwhile, the hot tub contains Nick, Jen, Eric, and Danielle. Mike may be there as well – it’s hard to tell from the angle they’re giving me and apparently the boy doesn’t like to speak. It’s mostly small talk in there. Jen has on a really small bikini. Not only small as in “not much fabric” but also small as in “did you buy that in the children’s department?”

Back to the gym. Carol and Dustin are talking about a possible alliance with the three “enemy” pairs. Joe has been pressing for this alliance, but Carol doesn’t think they could all trust each other later in the game, and Dustin just isn’t interested. Dustin says that Amber has his vote but that he won’t campaign against Carol or anything like that. Carol keeps saying how much she loves Amber and won’t try to campaign either. She loves Amber, adores Amber. Did I mention that Carol loves Amber? Because she keeps repeating it.

The veto competition is tomorrow, and Carol says that if she wins it she’ll save Amber. What? Did I hear that right? Strange. Dustin says that if Amber comes off the block with the veto then he’ll vote to save Carol. But he’s not sure if he’s even allowed to vote since he wasn’t able to play for HoH. Carol starts talking about all the things she sacrificed to be in the house – her boyfriend, school, and cheerleading for the KC Chiefs. Now let’s keep in mind that 21-year-old girls tend to be a little over-dramatic, but I can’t imagine why anyone would give up all those things to be on Big Brother. Carol is starting to remind me of J-Blow, and that’s not such a good thing. She also tells Dustin that she’s Hispanic, apropos of nothing.

This conversation goes on for a while. Highlights: Carol had to write letters of apology to the Chiefs and doesn’t think she left on very good terms. She loves Daniele and thinks that Dick will be the next to go because of Daniele’s “Daddy issues.” Oh, and Dustin was so excited when Trix cereal came out with their original shapes again that he bought some and ate the whole box in, like, five minutes. Dustin, honey, you’re pretty. Stop talking. Carol thinks it’s silly that she and Jessica were put in the house as rivals, and says that they should have chosen better girls that would have had the potential to actually fight with each other.

Back outside, the hot tub/swimming pool crew are probably the most boring bunch I’ve ever seen. Daniele looks like she’s freezing cold, standing in the pool with her arms wrapped around her chest. There’s the odd bit of conversation, but they’re really talking about nothing. And not in a good, Seinfeld-type way. Eric starts talking about how fat Janelle got by the end of her season (not sure which season he’s going on about) and says that she went from wearing bikinis to muumuus.

As the young’uns turn to raisins in the pool, Dick, Jameka, Zach, and Amber are playing a game of golf with giant clubs and balls. Spell check wants me to change “Jameka” to “amoeba.” What the hell?

The food competition has already happened, and there are a few of the hamsters on slop. Joe, Jessica, Daniele, and Zach as far as I can tell, but there must be more. Jessica and Joe also have flavoured body paint, which they’re tasting and wondering if they can use as a condiment. Bleh.

The riveting conversation in the hot tub turns to last season’s veto competition that resulted in Chicken George and Kaysar shaving their heads. Carol insists that if there had been girls in that comp that the producers would never have made them shave their heads. She says this a few times, prompting me to hand her this season’s Rain Man Award. Did you know that she also loves Amber? Nick says no, girls wouldn’t be forced to shave their heads, but then they wouldn’t win the veto.

Jameka and Jessica sit in the kitchen talking about the vote. Of course Jessica doesn’t know if she even has a vote, but both of them decide that they don’t want to go against “the house.” Jameka says that she’s already given Amber her word, and Jessica adds that Dick has as well. I would never have paired these two together, but they seem to be close. Jessica says that Carol is very competitive and wants to pick someone on slop to play for the veto so that she has a better chance of winning it.

Outside, Joe is saying that he knew Dustin would be in the house because people were asking him questions that should have been for Dustin. He figured it out and asked someone, but was assured that he was wrong. So then he was totally surprised when Dustin came down the stairs. This guy is already annoying the snot out of me.

Dick, who is still playing giant golf, grabs one of the animals in the backyard from behind and gives it a good humping. Moments later Joe is on the exercise equipment doing the same thing. Odd. Nick tells Daniele that he wants to hook up with her because his dad thought he was gay for the longest time. Why? Because he never had a girlfriend until he was 21. Oh, and because he gave a guy a blowjob once. I can’t tell if he’s kidding or not. He’s also got his nails painted bright red to keep himself from chewing on them.

Zach and Amber go to the hammock to talk strategy. Zach is complaining that his mushroom in the competition was spinning faster than all the rest of them, and thinks that production should have reviewed it and done something about it. He can’t believe he’s being screwed over already. Get some drinks in this boy – maybe he’ll go Busto on us.

Dick joins the hammock conversation, and there’s a lot of chatter about keeping Amber in the game. They try to figure out who would go up if Carol or Amber come off the block, and Zach seems to think it would be Joe. Amber, who is Dustin’s bedmate, says that Joe is really annoying and keeps bugging Dustin and saying stuff like, “you don’t love me any more!” There’s some talk of “the six,” meaning the enemy pairs. Dick is denying that there’s an alliance there, and Zach thinks that the pairs have an advantage because they know someone in the house.

Dustin joins the conversation and they talk about saving Amber, how much of a target Dick is, and how Zach told Carol that Dustin was campaigning for Amber. Dustin thinks that Joe is spreading rumours about a “six” alliance to stir things up.

Jen goes upstairs to try and use the spycam in the HoH room. It seems like Jen and Kail are tight already, but Kail is nowhere to be seen. Jen has some trouble with the remote, but ends up spending a good deal of time in there watching the screen with her mouth hanging open. Lovely.

Zach leaves the hammock crew saying that Amber has convinced him that he should vote to keep her. Zach’s got a way of talking to people that makes it seem like he’s talking down to them, like he’s got the game all figured out and now he just needs to get everyone where he wants them. I’m on the fence with this guy so far.

With Zach gone, Dick tells Amber that her closest allies are himself and Dustin, and Amber agrees. She says she also trusts Nick, but Dick thinks that Nick wants him gone so that he can make moves on Daniele. He adds that Jen and Daniele both hate each other, and that Jen would go after Daniele so that she could have Nick to herself. Oh boy. Amber and Dick both want to talk about themselves, but the difference is that Dick realizes it and says that this isn’t about him right now – they have to make sure that Amber doesn’t go home on Thursday.

Amber and Dick both seem to like Eric, but agree that he’s a bit odd. He was apparently acting weird when they were told that the feeds were live, and Dick says that Eric flat-out lied to his face the other night. Lots of talk about who they can trust and who they can’t. Dick says that he’s barely talked to Daniele at all in the last two days. He thinks he might be able to ask her to vote against Carol, but he’s not sure if she’ll listen to him or not.

It seems that no one is really a big fan of Jen in the house. Dick says that she’s got an average body and face, but he’s been with much hotter women and thinks most of the guys there have as well. He adds that she’s wearing a ten-year-old’s bathing suit (yes!) and that, if she didn’t like herself in the group photo, wait until she sees the camel toe on film. Hee!

Dick’s given nicknames to most of the hamsters, and most of them fit in with the Alice in Wonderland theme. He says that Daniele is Alice, Joe is the Mad Hatter, and he’s the Cheshire Cat. There are others as well, including Joe and Dustin as “the gonorrhea boys.” Finally, there’s someone interesting in the house to listen to!