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Big Brother 8 – More Info on the Houseguests and House Calls

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This is it. Our last day of freedom before Big Brother officially starts and we’re all glued to the live feeds and the updates around the ‘net. How fitting that it’s Independence Day in the US of A! Of course there are a few updates in the world of BB news and gossip, so let’s dive in.

WeLoveBigBrother, who is kicking ass with their exclusive video content this season, has some new stuff for us this morning. A whole set of exclusive video interviews with the houseguests can be found here. They’re getting hammered with traffic today so the videos might be slow and choppy – if you can stand to wait, give it a few hours and try again later.

At the same site, you’ll also find a quick clip of Julie Chen peeking in the HoH room. Have you wondered why that particular room hasn’t been featured in any of the house tours so far? Well wonder no longer – it’s being used for a “different purpose” on premiere night, so we’ll have to be patient. My guess is that half of the “enemies” will be holed up in there, watching the other houseguests on the big screen, and will come downstairs to surprise them all. But that’s just a guess.

Finally, WLBB also has a diary room tour. The only thing different in the DR is that the hallway is decorated in the same bookshelf wallpaper that my Dad has had in his bathroom for years.

ET also did a preview of the houseguests, and here’s the video clip from YouTube:

Here’s Jen’s quote: ” A lot of people notice that my hair sheds … a lot … and I don’t care to clean it up.” I just don’t understand why anyone would share that. On television, no less. Also? If Eric sings a lot he’s going to drive me bonkers. The feeds cut to flames or fish or whatever they’re using as filler this year when someone sings. Argh. Of course if Dick starts telling stories about his good friends from Guns ‘N’ Roses and Motley Crue, we’ll be getting the same treatment.

Moving on.

This past weekend fans got to check in with Kaysar Ridha at the Reality TV Convention. He confirmed for several people that he’ll be involved with House Calls this season, possibly appearing every Thursday along with host Gretchen Massey. Janelle has also said that she’s scheduled for a few stints on the show, and we’ll probably be “treated” to the likes of Jase, Bunky, and others as well.

Here at Reality Shack, we’re running our second annual Big Brother pool. You have to be a registered member to play and access the pool page, but if you’re feeling lucky give it a shot! There’s a $50 American Express gift check set aside for the winner. More info on the pool can be found in the forum.

Lastly, it’s the final day to take advantage of the savings on the Big Brother live feeds package from Real Networks. You can still get the feeds after today of course, but the price goes up tomorrow! The 3-month SuperPass is on sale for $10 cheaper than it will be tomorrow, so don’t forget to sign up today. You’ll get 3 days free to check out the feeds, which start tomorrow night immediately following the premiere, and then another three months at the reduced rate. Here’s the link to sign up: Watch Big Brother 8 on SuperPass

We’ll see you back here tomorrow for our coverage of all things Big Brother, including show recaps, daily live feed recaps, the BB pool, our live feed photo gallery, and lots of chatter in the forums. We’d love to have you join us!

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