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Big Brother 8 – A 15th Houseguest and The Enemy Pairs

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There’s lots to cover here, so let’s get right to it.

The TvGuide Channel did a Big Brother preview which features quick interview clips with all of the houseguests. Normally this wouldn’t be a huge deal – we get to learn some interesting things like the fact that Dick blows his nose on the inside of his shirt, or that Joe is interested in fame and fortune. But this one had a surprise in store for us.

Included in the houseguest interview clips was a woman named Samantha, who spoke of using her looks in the house and other mundane things. But … who the heck is Samantha? She’s not on the roster of houseguests announced anywhere else, and she’s certainly not included on the CBS Big Brother website.

Here’s the video clip of the segment, thanks to Joker’s Updates:

A couple of the pairs have been confirmed, which most of you probably already know about. Dick and Daniele are father and daughter, and by Dick’s own admission they haven’t spoken for “about a quarter of [Daniele’s] life.” (Check out Dick’s MySpace page for his thoughts on that – I give the guy credit because he takes equal responsibility for their apparent disconnection.) Dick’s son Vincent has taken over the page while his dad is in the house, and he’s confirmed the connection.

Vincent is also posting at SurvivorSucks and answering questions from fans – well, those he’s allowed to answer, anyway. He seems like a nice guy and even admits to being a little jealous that he’s not in the house himself. I would be too!

The other confirmed pair is Carol and Jessica. They’re both from the same hometown, Haysville, Kansas, and both girls are dancers. Look for a heated rivalry between these two. Carol’s dad posted at Joker’s Updates and confirmed that she has an enemy in the house, and that there’s a “one in three chance that she’ll walk out” when she discovers who it is.

Dustin may have an enemy inside the house, but it could be either Nick or Joe. Joe and Dustin are both currently residing in Chicago, but that seems to be their only connection. Chicago’s a big place, so that one’s not anywhere near a sure thing. However, Dustin originally hails from Minnesota, which is where Nick is from. So there could be a connection there as well.

There are a couple of Big Brother preview bits coming up this week before the big premiere on Thursday. First, there’s a house tour scheduled on ET tonight (Monday, July 2nd). There’s also a Big Brother preview segment scheduled for Thursday morning on The Early Show. Maybe we’ll find out who Samantha is by then!

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