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The New Big Brother Cast, The Twist, and The Plant

The cast of Big Brother 8 was released this morning, first at Variety and then on The Early Show. While the website still isn’t up as of this writing, it can only be a matter of time now.

Even though we only got first names with the announcement, it hasn’t taken long to discover some extra info on these 14 fresh faces. A lot of them have private MySpace pages which really aren’t worth mentioning. But here are a couple of interesting tidbits to help us get to know the houseguests better.

First, there’s Dick. I can’t decide whether I love him or hate him, and I imagine it’ll take a couple of weeks of watching the live feeds before I make up my mind. His picture makes him look like a fun guy to hang out with, but in the Early Show clip he says something about manipulating ladies being his job. But if you want to learn more about Dick, head over to his MySpace page and read some of his blog entries. Sure he loses points for spelling and grammar, but he’s pretty darned funny if you don’t take him too seriously. And he has good taste in music.

“EvilDick” was also a regular poster on a couple of reality TV message boards, including SurvivorSucks. He tried out for Big Brother 5 (and other seasons as well I believe), and provided some information about the cast prior to the official release. To me, this works in his favour. He wasn’t recruited at some bar or gas station, or even through MySpace – he has a genuine desire to play the game.

Kail is a wife and mom, and Allison Grodner tells us that she’s probably the most conservative houseguest they’ve ever had. That alone might make her an early target, unless she can become a trusted ally to someone and act as den mother. She’s a real estate broker and runs a couple of businesses with her husband, including The Holiday Farm Resort. So what we have here is an ultra-conservative mom who is also business savvy and successful. We all know how well this type of person does on a reality show, don’t we?

Mike has some reality TV experience. He was on the show Gay, Straight, or Taken?, where his bio says that he’s “great at lying.” That’ll come in handy. Oh, and he was the straight guy, in case you were wondering. He’s also a model, which I’m sure will shock you. A model? On Big Brother? Get out.

And, because there’s always one, we have a bikini model. Jen has some pictures that you men out there will love. I wonder how many bikinis she packed for the summer? Will she rival Erika’s record number of different ensembles? I know we’re all waiting with bated breath to find out.

On to the twist. Of course we have the “enemies” theme and the fairy tale house, but there’s also a new element to the game called “America’s Player.” From the most recent CBS press release:

“One participant has been selected to be “America’s Player.” At the conclusion of every episode, beginning Sunday, July 8 (8:00-9:00 ET/PT), a question will be asked of viewers where they will vote on an important assignment that “America’s Player” must complete. It could be a strategic move or a personal action. They must attempt to do what viewers request, including voting out a specific Houseguest. And, they can never tell anyone in the house that they are working on behalf of the viewers. But, they need to be careful…just like their fellow Houseguests, they can be voted out at any time. If “America’s Player” successfully accomplishes these assignments, they will be financially rewarded. Viewers will be able to vote on cbs.com or via text messaging on a mobile phone and will choose from multiple choice answers on each question. The prevailing vote must be completed by “America’s Player” in order for him or her to be rewarded.”

I would love to see Dick as America’s Player, because you just know that he’ll try and do whatever it is that we all vote for. This new twist has the potential to be brilliant; it all depends on the situations that the producers decide to let us vote on, and how often we get new options. Just like America’s Choice, it could actually make a difference, or it could backfire and barely cause a ripple.

Finally, there’s the question of the Chill Town plant in this season’s cast. Will and Booger have floated the idea that they’ve trained one of the cast members on the ways of Chill Town, and apparently she’s made it into the house. While we don’t know for sure who this person is, we do know that it’s someone who Booger had (or has) a relationship with. All things considered, my money is on Jen. I mean, the bikini thing alone makes her the number one suspect. She’s also from California, which makes her more likely to have hooked up with Boog. Who knows though – with Chill Town, it could all just be a big joke.

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