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Welcome to the New and Improved Big Brother 8 House

We’ve been waiting all day for some news on the upcoming Big Brother season, and it’s finally arrived! Even though we still don’t have a cast announcement, we do have pictures of the redecorated Big Brother house, and it’s gorgeous.

Gone are the dark walls and flames of hell. Gone is the retro 70s-style Brady Bunch kitchen. Now what we have are pastel colours, a fairy tale theme, and two bedrooms that are quite the opposite of each other.

The bedrooms are designed with Alice in Wonderland in mind. One is small and crowded, with 5 beds that are only 5 feet long each. There’s barely room to move around in there! The other bedroom has a huge bed (which is the same round bed as they used last year) and a dresser that will require a stepladder if anyone wants to reach the top drawer.

Upstairs, the hallway is done in an enchanted forest motif. The chess board and half-moon couch are back as well. The main bathroom is a gorgeous shade of blue with white fixtures, and apparently the shower heads look like lion heads. Creepy.

Outside, there’s a spinning teacup as well as a giant chess board and the usual pool, hot tub, and exercise equipment.

There are pictures of the new house posted at TVGuide.com, including the most revealing photo:

See the memory wall? That’s right – 14 photo slots. So we have 14 houseguests.

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What do you think of the house? Will the fairy tale theme be taken further throughout the game, or is it just a fun decorating idea? Drop me a line at carrie@realityshack.com and let me know!