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So You Think You Can Dance 3, June 21st – Talent Vs Uniqueness

Next is Pasha with Robert Randolph and the Family Band’s “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That.” He’s definitely a charmer alright. I think that’s a mandatory course in ballroom education: “Suave and Class 201.” I think he does pretty darn good, considering he is a ballroom dancer who doesn’t often dance solo, but I will admit there’s a lot of little side-steps that won’t impress the appropriately detail-oriented judges.

Shauna hits the stage with “Everything” by Lifehouse. Her contemporary routine blows everyone else out of the water. I mean, how many people do YOU know that can raise their right foot directly above their head, forming a vertical line with their body, all while spinning? I have to watch it a few times just to make my eyes believe it.

Jimmy dances to Charlotte Martin’s “Veins.” After seeing Shauna’s contemporary piece, this one doesn’t really compare, but it is good in its own right, despite all the arm-twirling. He tells Cat later, “My heart is into this competition. I want it so bad.”

Faina’s up next, and I’m expecting an eye-popping spectacle like I saw last week. I’m pretty sure she’s a shoe-in. And then… she dances. Or rather, she doesn’t. Performing to “Do You Love Me” by the Contours, she does a couple twirls and a few of the same unimpressive side-kicks that Pasha did. And… that’s about it. I’m left wanting more. A lot more. And something tells me the judges will feel the same way.

Cedric does his thing to Imogen Heap’s “Hide And Seek.” Of course, he’s a hip-hop genius. He’s all smooth movement, his body taking on positions that don’t look physically possible. But like Nigel, I’m tired of his solos saving his ass every time he does poorly with other genres. When asked if he’s confident about his safety, he replies, “I’m at peace either way.” Obviously, even he’s anticipating a trip home.

Daddy Yankee performs. Annnnnnd that’s all that needs to be said about that.

The female dancers are on stage, lined up by height, probably by coincidence. They look like a Cingular commercial. Nigel says the judges were unanimous in their decision, and that no one will be happy, but the trouble is, the competition requires two people to go home no matter how much we may like them personally.

Jessi steps forward, and Nigel says they didn’t like her solo tonight and that she lost her quality of dance. Knowing how well Shauna did in her solo and how well Faina did with her foxtrot, I’m expecting to say buh-bye to Jessi. Shauna steps forward, and the audience cheers. Nigel compliments her on her solo and tells her that she is safe. Faina steps forward. Nigel tells her he knows that it’s difficult for ballroom dancers to do solo routines. Her foxtrot was excellent, so exactly why was she in this predicament of being potentially eliminated? Was she let down by her partner? Was she let down by her partner last week? “We don’t know,” says Nigel. Uh, what? What do you mean, “we don’t know”? You singled Cedric out to tell him how he can’t learn the choreography and how he keeps letting his partner down! What the bloody… I’m not understanding. Nigel explains that they have to judge her against the other two girls in the bottom three, and with that… she is eliminated.

Wait. What?! Let me rewind that to make sure I heard you right. You could not stop praising her for her elegance in the foxtrot, you accused her partner of letting her down and dragging her down to the bottom three, and yet you let her GO?! There is something seriously wrong here. And while the farewell montage of Faina moments plays, I am left despising Cedric, his stupid hat, and all his suckiness.

The men line up on stage before the judges. “Kill Cedric!” I yell at the screen. Nigel informs them that the judges were not, repeat, not unanimous in their decision. Pasha steps forward, and Nigel tells him that if he is to remain in this competition, he’ll have to work on his solos because his was not good enough. However, he is safe, so it comes down to Jimmy and Cedric. “Kill Cedric!” I try to contain myself. Nigel gets into a long speech about the discussion the judges had last week about whether the judges should support “really good dancing as we see it now” or “the promise of something good.” It’s a talent vs. individuality debate, supposedly, but I think it comes down to this: do you let in someone who’s great at ONE thing but sucks at everything else, or do you let in someone who can perform everything, albeit on an average level? Mary felt one way; Mia felt another. Nigel was the deciding vote… and decided to support Cedric.

What?! Ahhh! I don’t understand this. You singled him out, warned against him being in the competition to begin with, and you KEEP him?! You let go of the chick who rocked, and you keep the dude who sucked. Wow. How incredibly sad. I can only take solace in the fact that Cedric has a snowball’s chance in Hades of making it much farther. Even Nigel says that he will not support him if he fails another partner.

Still, I can’t help but feel like the world is tilted the wrong way tonight.
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