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So You Think You Can Dance, June 20th – Truly Inspirational

Shauna and Jimmy perform their stepping hip hop to U Sexy Girl by Fat Man Scoop feat. Elephant Man & Jabba. It’s definitely another African inspired dance and they work in some double flips, as well as the stepping. Mia tells Jimmy every time he has a piece to do, it looks like he’s jumping out of his skin, which is a great thing as he’s just so committed. She also thinks Shauna took a step up this week, yet she still sees a little bit of “dancing school syndrome.” She wants her to go out next time and abandon everything and fly. Mary thinks they both stepped it up this week, and she loves seeing people grow on this show. She feels the same as Mia that Jimmy stood out a little more, as she found herself watching him, but by the end, she was watching Shauna. Nigel disagrees with Mia, as she didn’t see any dancing school by Shauna, and he thinks the routine was all about the F word, “Fun.” He likes that it’s not all urban and “down” and was just fun, enjoyable and brilliant to watch.

This leaves us with our remaining couple of Sara VonGillern and Jesus Solorio. She has been dancing since the age of 4 and recently fell in love with her particular style at a B-boy jam four years ago. With Jesus he was inspired by the ability to be free and passionate and show it, without being told he can’t. The past week for them has felt like a year, but being onstage was a big adrenaline rush. They choose a paso doble and Sara jokes about having to wear high heels. This dance of the matador and his cape will be choreographed by Jean Marc Genereux and France. Jesus does a lot here to teach Sara about partnering, although he doesn’t know much about the paso doble, other than puffing out his chest.

For the oddest song choice of the night, Sara and Jesus perform their paso doble to We Will Rock You by Queen. It’s a slow start, and she doesn’t seem as much like a cape as she should, appearing almost like dueling matadors along with him. Mia calls it a little awkward, and says she’s one for stepping out of the box, but for some reason the music for her doesn’t support the choreography. Jesus’ carriage and presence were fabulous, and while Mia felt Sara was all over the place, she realizes she had no formal training. Mary feels it’s a great routine, yet she agrees with Mia that it did step out of the box a little, as the song is something normally heard at football games. She thinks Jesus was amazing and added fire and passion that they love in the paso doble. Nigel sees this as the most stylized routine of the evening, and he would much rather them experiment with the music than experiment with the dance. He says they surprise him every week.

The level of these competitors is just so good, it’s hard to imagine who will be in the bottom three on Thursday night, but it looks like possibly Sara and Jesus, Faina and Cedric, and maybe even Hok and Jaimie, although he is extremely popular. Like last week, though, look for the judges to blame us again, for putting good dancers in that position of possibly being sent home.

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