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So You Think You Can Dance, June 20th – Truly Inspirational

As Faina and Cedric dance the fox trot to Elvis Presley and Ann-Margaret’s You’re the Boss, it’s reminiscent of the feel of the song overly done on these shows, Fever. They don’t seem to be dancing together enough, and I’ve learned from Dancing With the Stars to watch for his frame, which seems okay. Mia thought they seemed like Ginger Rogers and an insecure Michael Jackson. She tells Cedric he is her second favorite, but she wants him to stylize it more, as he’s capable of better. Faina was beautiful but not copacetic enough. Mary agrees with Mia, saying Cedric is usually extraordinary on his own, but he wasn’t wonderful in this style with hands that were completely wrong and stiff. She felt the hip hop moves were thrown in to cover this up. Nigel tells Cedric if they land in the bottom two, it will be his fault and not Faina’s as she was terrific. He says if they stay, they should invest every minute into rehearsals.

We all know that Lacey Schwimmer has dancing in her blood after watching her brother win last season, but her dad inspires her most, as he’s not the typical dancer type, but just loves to watch how his body moves and how he feels the music. Also inspired by a family member is her partner Kameron Bink. His sister started when she was 4, and him 5, yet watching her, he knew that’s what he wanted to do. His mom always told him that football players go into the locker room with a bunch of guys, but dancers go into the dressing room with a bunch of girls. Right, and one of them was his sister. He and Lacey felt connected last week, and she finds it an amazing feeling to have had people vote for them to stay. They pick Broadway from the hat, and choreographer Tyce Dioro says they’ll be looking for sex appeal and flirtatious, with a little bit of danger added in. Lacey wasted no time in getting to the sexiness.

Overture/And All That Jazz from the Chicago soundtrack is the backdrop for Lacey and Kameron’s Broadway number. He does flips and gets jazzy as she definitely brings the sex in. Aside from her dad with the electric sign, her cousin and last season’s finalist Heidi is also in the house. Mia thinks they are the sexiest couple, although she felt she was missing the pizzazz. especially from Kameron. She also wanted it to be sassier and spicier. Mary thinks she remembers Tyce saying he wanted danger and thinks danger is now their middle name. She thinks it was naughty in the beginning as Kameron ran his hand up Lacey’s leg, but it was hot hot hot once he threw in the flips. Nigel thinks that last week they showed the anxiety of the routine, but this week they showed the pizzazz. He would have thought they were dancing together for years as they looked so comfortable together. He thinks they’ll be seeing Mr. Schwimmer later as Kameron asks for her hand in marriage.

Next up are Anya Garnis and Danny Tidwell. For her, growing up in Russia, ballroom dancing was almost a right of passage, and she loved the beautiful costumes and rhinestones. For Danny it was definitely less glamorous, as he was in a lot of trouble when he was younger, and his was a way to bring him something positive when another woman took custody of him when he was 12 and got him into the dance studio. They had a great time with the audience reaction as they danced the jive last week, and this week they have pulled Viennese Waltz from the hat. He has no idea what it is, and she admits sadly that she doesn’t either. Hunter Johnson is choreographing this and says it’s a faster version of the slow waltz. He’s looking for sexy and 50s style romance, so feels Anya’s hair constantly in her face is a distraction. The big moment in this dance will be the runaround, her balancing on one foot as he dances around her.

The Viennese Waltz is set to the modern song of You and Me by Lifehouse as Anya and Danny look absolutely gorgeous with this, although it could stand to be a little sexier. Mia tells Anya she is like the lady of the competition, and tells Danny he’s like the man. They bring such professionalism and maturity, and she feels Danny’s hands are spectacular as they are nearly an entire piece of their own. Mary says last week they hopped off the hot tamale train and this week stepped out off a dream, as they are absolutely beautiful. She wants Danny to know that professional ballroom couples struggle with reverse twirls and while he was rolling her head during one, there are so many couples that struggle with that for years, yet he came out and made it look effortless. After congratulating the choreographers, she has one more thing to say, “Whooh!” Nigel thinks everything has been said, but knows that people that don’t know anything about dancing will watch that and say, “How beautiful.” He thinks the runaround was the fastest he has ever seen anyone do it. He thinks it’s the routine of the night.

Shauna Noland thanks her mom for starting her out in dancing when she was 5. She doesn’t plan on ever stopping and really looks up to anyone that can make it doing what they love. Her partner, Jimmy Arguello, found his passion when he needed a fine arts credit in middle school. He was inspired by his very first teacher that saw potential in him. He and Shauna can’t get over the emotions they experienced after their first performance week on the show, and hope for even more this week after they choose hip hop, choreographed again by Dave Scott. She admires Dave’s work, and he admits his style is aggressive, as with this one he’d like to add some stepping into it which is harder than either Shauna or Jimmy thought it would be. He doesn’t pick up the moves quite as quickly as she does, prompting him to call her a “Gangsta.”


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