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So You Think You Can Dance, June 20th – Truly Inspirational

Jaimie Goodwin’s sister was seven years older and was dancing first, prompting Jaimie to want to do it as well seeing her in shows. Her partner, Hokuto “Hok” Konishi, was inspired to take up dancing as a a teenager after doing judo and seeing a Japanese dancer on TV. He wanted to give people those same feelings. Last week doing hip hop, it was his field, and he was able to teach Jaimie a few things, and she admits to being so nervous about it she thought she was going to throw up. They choose samba from the hat for this week, and Hok jokes that he’s been doing it since he was 2, and then asks if that’s not a character from The Lion King. Jean Marc Genereux and France choreograph this routine, with Jean Marc saying it originated in Brazil and should have a lot of rhythm. Hok likes it, finding it amazing to learning something new, and Jaimie tries to help him out learning partnering. Hok jokes that last week he was like the dog in the routine and during this one she’s slapping his bottom.

Hok and Jaimie samba to Bang Bang to the Rock ‘n’ Roll by Gabin, and they are very sexy together. They have tight moves and big smiles. Mia was expecting a nightmare but thinks she drank the love juice as she finds them amazing. She loves the fact they were doing the samba, despite never doing it before, and thinks while it was sexy as hell, she wanted more hip work from Hok. Mary says she wasn’t drinking out of the same cup, as while there were some good bits in there, it still doesn’t cut the mustard. She notes if you’re clubbing it, it would be good, but not for this level of competition, as the feet weren’t placed correctly. Nigel thought they did a great performance, yet agrees with Mary. He makes a comparison here to Dancing With the Stars, saying he likes that type of traditional samba more, as this was loose on technique. He can’t grade them on technique, as they did what was asked even though he didn’t like it, yet he thinks the performance was terrific.

Sabra Johnson and Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval were in the bottom three last week, and even he says they should have done more disco and less hip hop. He has never had any formal training and started b-boying because he wasn’t into sports and wasn’t a ladies man, so figured if he spun on his head he could get the girls. He complains he still doesn’t get the girls. Sabra started dancing at 16 because her friend in high school was a dancer and she thought she looked gorgeous when she danced. They pull contemporary from the hat, Sabra’s genre, and as Dominic prances around saying he’s a parrot, choreographer Mandy Moore has something else in mind, a dance showing men and women and how they relate. Dominic is to be a creature crawling around and Sabra a bird. He has to throw her in the routine, and she keeps falling on the floor … hard. He complains there’s another part where she’s supposed to fall on him, and if he doesn’t catch her, “she’s hitting my wiener.” Okay.

Dancing their contemporary dance to I’ll Stand By You by Pretenders, Sabra’s jump doesn’t seem too good, although she also doesn’t seem to ever hit his “wiener.” It doesn’t look clean and sharp, but I never really understand contemporary. Mia asks Dominic what he’s feeling, and he admits to being scared. He’s been wanting to do contemporary to show this side of him since Mia opened him up more to it in Las Vegas. Mia admits she needs to thank Nigel for being persistent about Dominic, as while she didn’t see it then, Dominic is truly what the competition is about. Both Mia and Dominic get teary eyed as she says she lost Ricky to him, but he was truly beautiful tonight. She also tells Sabra she looked like a little “ailey” thing, whatever that is.

Mary just has to say Sabra and Dominic were absolutely fabulous. She loved the intricate partner work and tells Sabra she had her from the very first back spin. Mary thinks she looks like a heavenly creature out there every time she dances. She tells “the B-boy” that he is a force to be reckoned with in this competition. Nigel sees Sabra as one of those dancers that sometimes slips through the net, as they only see her when she’s soloing, but he hopes she won’t slip through as she’s outstanding. He is pleased to hear what Mia said about Dominic, and points out he is taking it so seriously now that he even shaved his toes this week. To sum it up, he wasn’t hit in the wiener, but shaved his toes.

Faina Savich owes her dancing career to her mother. She wanted to quit at 13, but her mother convinced her to continue. Faina’s partner, Cedric Gardner, feels his childhood frustrations pushed him into hip hop. He had emotional issues when he was younger and found he could either express himself through dancing or punching people. Let’s hope he doesn’t start punching Faina by accident. Tonight they pull fox trot, choreographed by Hunter Johnson, from the hat. Faina thinks her partnering skills will help out here, as Hunter tells Cedric it’s like being on railroad tracks, and while he can come on and off the tracks, Faina cannot. He also advises Cedric to throw a little Michael Jackson into it.


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