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So You Think You Can Dance, June 7th – All in the Family

It’s D-Day for season three of So You Think You Can Dance; it’s the day the top 50 will be pared down to 20. There’s some favorites we are hoping to see, and some we are hoping to be found, as they haven’t been seen since their original audition.

To help the judges, Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Shane Sparks, and Mia Michaels make their decision, the dancers each dance one more solo for them in their preferred style. We see the whole gamut here from the fifty, lyrical, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, breaking, ballet, etc. There are some that are so spectacular, I can only say they must have been holding out on us last night. The last dancer to do a solo, Faina Savich, Stanislav’s sister, dances a Latin inspired dance, then collapses offstage laying her head on the floor. She says she feels shaky, and the paramedics think she is dehydrated.

The judges inform the dancers they have one surprise left, and invite eight of the dancers up on stage before them, Olivia Usey, Colette Williams, Anthony Bryan, Lynn Burt, Taliana Marina, Jackie Ford, Jeff Gonzalez, and Kalen Gray. Some of the names are a guess, as editing still refuses to flash any names onscreen for us. And we usually either hear Cat Deeley or Nigel saying the name in their accents. The eight onstage are thanked for working so hard, but are excused from the remainder of the competition. Olivia says she’s okay, but it’s a little upsetting, and others says it’s not the end of the world and will now get to go on to other things. Olivia, as she’s prone to do , keeps on going, saying it sucks, as she would have rather got cut at the first one, than stay there all week working her butt off, being around people she doesn’t like. Buh-bye. Ooops, what was that? I think it was the door hittin’ you on the way out.

There are now seventeen girls and seventeen boys left, meaning 7 girls and 7 boys will be eliminated shortly, leaving us with our final 20. Some of them begin freaking out a little backstage, with one guy even saying he thinks he needs a bucket. The dancers will now appear onstage in front of the judges to hear the verdict.

The first dancer to appear in front of the judges is Kevin Hunt. He’s going in thinking he laid a good foundation for himself. Mia tells him that after reviewing the tapes they feel he did a wonderful job, but they also want to see him keep growing, so for this season they’re going to have to say no to him. This is followed by them dismissing another two people.

Danny Tidwell happens to be the adopted brother of last season’s runner-up, Travis. Danny showed signs of following in his footsteps when he got a ticket straight to Las Vegas, and he saw it as a great learning opportunity to be around so much talent, and there’s also so much of this business that he doesn’t understand. For him, dance has always been a form of communication, more like therapy, but in Las Vegas they began to have doubts about him. Mia tells him he has a reputation in the dance world for brilliance, but Shane tells him they had a problem with his attitude, and says the whole vibe was whack.

Nigel explains that looking through the tapes, he has a real problem with Danny. The ego has to go out the door no matter how good he thinks he is, as a lot of people aren’t going to recognize that in him. They decide to put him in the top 20, though, as he’s one of the best dancers they have seen in this competition. As he leaves, Shane thinks it’s a mistake and says they will all regret Danny being on the show. Mia says he has nothing inside, but he’s brilliant. Nigel says he wants to watch Danny develop, and Shane notes he still walked away like he was God’s gift to dance.

Ashley Langus had the looks and personality that the judges loved throughout Las Vegas. Shane notes she dances from within. Ashley doesn’t know where she’s going right now and says that’s scary for her, as she always has a plan. Mia tells her that first of all, she thinks she needs to be careful not to approach everything with the same kind of energy, as they’re concerned with that. However, she’ll be in the top 20. As Ashley excitedly walks out, she hug Cat, and it just has to be noted how warm and maternal Cat always is. Such a difference over usual reality TV hosts.

Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval walks onto the stage, and Shane tells him they think he’s dope, as he’s good at what he does, yet the show is based on being able to do more than hip hop. It kind of bothers him that he only does what he does and he does it so well, as D-Trix needs to represent for all the street breakdancers that do hip hop, because he is going to be one of the top 20. Despite the fact that his inclusion in the top 20 means less of a chance Hok will get in, he’s still jumping up and down and excited for him.

Cedric Gardner had many difficulties in Las Vegas and says the entire experience has been the most trying time in his life. Mia was blown away by his freestyle. Nigel points out that every routine Cedric has done, he cannot do. Yet, it’s always his solos that save him. At what point do you say he’s screwing up the other dancers’ opportunities in going through? Mia says she’s hoping, and Nigel asks if she is willing to put him into the top 10 boys, screwing up the others. When the others say yes, Nigel adds he wants to apologize to the 10 girls then. As he walks in to hear his fate, Nigel tells him his own stuff is fantastic, and he’s sure it will blossom, yet knowledge of the other routines has probably pushed him as far as he can go. Shane tells him for someone from the street, it doesn’t make sense for him to only know that one style of dance. Mary tells him they think he can do it, though, as he’s in their top 20. So far, then, they’ve put through one guy with an extreme ‘tude and a guy that can only dance in one style really well. Great!


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