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So You Think You Can Dance, May 31st – What Happens in Vegas …

With the auditions now finished for So You Think You Can Dance, 190 of the best dancers in America have now been given the go ahead to meet up again in Las Vegas with choreographer/judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Shane Sparks, and Mia Michaels. By the end of this time in Las Vegas, there will be twenty dancers left, ten girls and ten guys. The problem is they run through this so quickly, we don’t really get a chance to reintroduce ourselves to these dancers stories. By the end of tonight, we’ll be down to just fifty left, and it’s hard to say which of our favorites have survived.

Nigel starts out reminding the dancers about the old saying that whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. He’d like to amend that to what happens to the dancers this week in Vegas could change the rest of their lives. Well … duh.

The first choreographer to work with them is Shane, wearing a “Just Showin’ Off” T-Shirt. The dancers will learn the routine with him, then be seen dancing the routine in groups of ten. One male dancer is shown feeling confident, but Olivia Usey, whose mother with breast cancer had pleaded with her daughter to audition, making it seem like a last wish, is not feeling confident at all. With her first auditions in three years, she’s feeling the pressure. Student/teacher combo Ashley Keegan and Katie Watts look very confident in the rehearsals.

After the groups of ten are seen, each dancer will go before the four judges. They need three votes to move on, and with two votes, they will need to perform a solo in their own style at the end of the round. As Ashley appears before them, none of the four judges vote for her to stay, and she’s gone. Sadly, her teacher Katie gets the same results. As they leave, Katie states she’s still going to be sore tomorrow. Another leaving isn’t named tonight, but looks to be Brianne Healey who had graduated high school then danced on a cruise ship for a few months. The quarterback that gave it all up for dancing, Myles Johnson, doesn’t have the votes to stay either. Olivia seems to be nervous, but still gets everyone’s vote to continue except Mia’s.

The two lindy hoppers, Evita Arce and Michael Jagger, dance Shane’s hip hop routine, and based on what he knows about Michael and not on the routine, Michael gets Nigel’s vote. He has Mary’s as well, but not Shane or Mia’s. Evita gets the same breakdown. As they dance for their lives, it turns from the Charleston/Lindy hop into a dance routine for the song One. Mia tells them they are adorable, and she thinks they’re great. It’s a yes for her, as well as Shane and Mary. Nigel doesn’t even need to vote as these two are sticking around for now.

After just this first dance with Shane, it sent sixty-two contestants home. Mary now teaches the remaining 128 dancers the samba, telling them it’s supposed to be a joyous light-hearted dance. As the dancers are put into pairs by the producers. Dmitry from last season’s show joins Mary as his partner for this. The lindy hoppers try and make each other jealous as they each work with other partners. Kaley had tried out it Atlana with her husband and 3-year-old in two. Now she’s paired with jay, and while he has never seen a samba before, she has never worked with a male dancers.

Also seen dancing the Samba are Russian Pasha Kovalev, yet instead of dancing with his ballroom partner, who isn’t seen at all tonight, he is dancing with Janet Lombard with the prosthetic arm. Nigel gives Pasha a yes to return, as do the other three judges. Nigel tells Janet he keeps forgetting about her arm and says she is incredible. She gets yeses from the other three judges as well and is staying on. As Kalen and Jay dance, she just looks lost. Appearing for judgement, Jay is given nos by everyone, and Kalen receives yeses from all except Mia. Jay calls this unjust, as he was dragging her around the stage, yet while he was cut, she was kept. She overhears him saying this, but thinks they both did a good job.

On day two, the remaining dancers get ready to work with Mia Michaels who has quite a reputation with these dancers. One dancer says Mia is known for bringing irrationality down from the stars to physicality. Well, that’s one way to put it, but I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean. Is he just searching for something to say to earn a sound bite? As they work the routine, the dancers are still astounded at this routine they are being expected to do. Meanwhile, she’s telling them o not be such needy dancers and t just figure it out. After just one hour of learning the routine, the dancers perform this contemporary routine for the judges what are already saying it was horrible to th first group of ten.

Michael has now received four nos and is not moving on, while Yesenia Gomez is told by Nigel that she managed to cover up her size since she began the competition, yet it’s a no for today, and the other three judges agree. Nigel tells Evita her personality is wonderful, but it isn’t always enough. he votes no, while Mary votes yes. Shane and Mia also split their votes, meaning she will be dancing for her life again. Cat asks her and Michael if it will be weird if Evita makes it through, but Michael doesn’t. Although usually Evita is anxious to answer questions first, this time she is more contemplative. She tells Cat she just wants it so bad.


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