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So You Think You Can Dance, May 31st – Of Cowboys and Cloggers

Mary tries to confirm that Kippery really does know she isn’t a good dancer, and Nigel says she doesn’t, as she was told she was a good dancer for $1400. He wants to keep it real for her and says he won’t even charge her. this is where Shane turns to a meanness I’ve never seen from him. He tells her to never come to another audition like this again unless they are looking for her type. She asks what her type is, and he tells her if they are looking for overweight people who can’t really dance to come back. He asks if she has seen the show, and when she says never, he says nexst time she should do her homework. Nigel’s advice is to stay healthy. I’ve just never seen Shane that mean before. Nigel, yes, Shane, no.

Matthew Krabbe, 22, of Seneca, South Carolina, wearing rhinestones and suede that he says he’s had for awhile, says although he dances to new age country, he is definitely just a good ole boy from South Carolina that loves to dance. He started out shy and line dancing in a 10 gallon hat, and realized when he put on the big old belt buckle and started wiggling his butt, everybody went crazy. This is another where you don’t expect him to do well, but he’s incredibly fast, and even Nigel says he doesn’t know one person in the entire arena that wasn’t entertained by that. Mary wants to talk about the technique not being good, and Shane adds he thinks the show will kill Matthew, as it’s no joke that you need technique. Matthew guarantees them he will learn, but is rejected to the tune of Rhinestone Cowboy.

Jessica Diaz, 30, of New York City, comes out onstage wearing a headband with dog or cat ears attached and moves around crawling and clawing on the floor. She takes them off and is begged not to take anything else off. When she finishes, Nigel gives her the opportunity to put her ears back on. He doesn’t know what to say as he doesn’t know what Jessica was doing, but he says she is not good in any way, shape, or form. She looks cute from the top half, but he’s not sure at all about the bottom half. Mary thought Jessica danced as if she was possessed, and Nigel adds she had no idea what she was doing, and Jessica pleads that she really wants this. Unfortunately, well for her, for us it’s fortunately, everyone votes no.

Christopher Garmon, 25, of Winder, Georgia realizes it’s odd to see someone like him dancing. He’s normally on his 75 acre cattle farm cutting hay and fixing fences. He joined the Marine Corps, but dislocated his shoulder and had to leave his friends to the war as he came home to a lot of depression. He finally realized God makes everything happen for a reason and decided to use the strength the Marines gave him to get better at dancing. As he dances, he does a unique hip hop country thing, and the question on my mind, and probably others, is if he can do choreography. Nigel asks him if he likes Brokeback Mountain. Christopher admits to not watching it yet and says he doesn’t care to.

Mary yells, “Yeehaw!” and Christopher says “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ma’am,” and says that’s why he took his hat off, because he was in front of a lady. Shane loves his energy and personality but doesn’t think he’s right for the show. Mary agrees but still likes his personality, and says there’s something about him people like. Nigel notes how strange life is, saying he could be in Iraq, but instead he’s auditioning on So You Think You Can Dance. It’s obvious this guy is still looking for what he lost when he says the people here today were his squad and he’d like to stay and help them go all the way. He’s not being allowed to go on, but they tell him they understand why he was a good platoon leader, because people love him.

After the choreography round, Shane tells Bryce he is casting a movie called Backdown next month, and there’s a 90% chance he could get him on there as a dancer in the movie, as Nigel tells Bryce he is that good at what he does, but unfortunately, he’s still not that good at what they are doing. They let him go, and Nigel says it’s with huge applause from all of them. Bryce hopes Shane pulls through for him to have his chance to shine.

As a contrast, Nigel tells the other judges they gave Myles an opportunity and he knew it was just to learn. He is asked if he learned anything, and he says yes, that he loved it. He asks if they have anything else critique-wise for him and Shane says, the only thing he can tell him is that in Las Vegas he needs to do a bit better. They believe he needs to work with some great choreographers, because he’s going. He is thrilled, and walks off to call his father, who seems like he probably has mixed emotions.

Myles makes the last person off to Las Vegas. Next week we’ll have the Las Vegas rounds where everyone gets put through more choreography, and we’ll keep paring down until we are left with our final 20. Who do you think stands a good shot at making he final 20? Email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com


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