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So You Think You Can Dance, May 30th – With a Hiccup and a Wink

Janet Bombard, 26, and a medical sales rep from Tampa, Florida, does a contemporary dance and seems a little too happy. Nigel calls her a lovely performer and says he wouldn’t believe if he didn’t have it written down and would never have know she has a prosthetic arm. What? I had to quit typing my notes and look up at this point, and sure enough … Nigel adds that for all those people that go through losing a limb or something similar, she is cooping so brilliantly. He is knocked out. Mary feels the same way and sees a light inside of Janet that shines all over the stage. Shane calls this crazy and admits she has a joy and light in her and is ready to let it out. She’s the brightest star in the building right now and is asked to stay for the choreography. Janet explains that on December 18, 2001, she was driving and looked down to get a pen, and her car flipped over with her arm being severed and thrown out. Her goal is for people not to know that she has had the injury, and wants them to like her for herself and personality and way she dances. Wow, very inspirational.

We have another familiar face tonight, Jon “Quincy” Vereen, 22, of Chicago. Something has changed though. The first season he was a breakdancer with the “suicide” move, and has now had a life altering experience. He was in a motorcycle accident that severed his leg, and now wears an artificial one. The first thing he told his sister in the hospital was that they said he’d never be able to dance or walk again, and to see him walk is the biggest blessing now. She had offered to the doctors for them to take her leg and give it to him, as she had accomplished more in her life at that point. He just got the new leg eight months ago, and has only eaten, slept, and worked since then. He’s hoping something good comes from it. His attitude in life is to not lay on your butt and do nothing; get up and do something about it.

Quincy dances on the stage tonight and does more bouncing than anything else, and it’s clear he won’t be getting close to Las Vegas at all, but he is inspirational nonetheless. Nigel notes he got carried away with the music in his head rather than letting it go through his body. Quincy says he’s happy just to be able to walk again and explains the accident, showing his leg. Nigel calls it incredible and says he would be happy if he were Quincy as well, but he has to make them happy. He says it’s nothing against them, but this is for him and he feels good. Nigel tells him they get a lot of people that audition for them and he wishes they had his attitude. He invites him to stick around, as he think he’d enjoy the experience of the choreography round.

Yet, as everyone else is inside starting the choreography round, Quincy is out in the lobby nursing his ankle. All this, and he still has a fracture, with a titanium rod holding it all together. He’s not giving up, yet he’s unable to continue. He says to look out for him next year, and I believe him. Janet with her prosthetic arm is unanimously put through after the choreography, along with thirteen others.

This was a great ending to a long show tonight. Two hours of auditions is a bit much, but it was such an inspirational way to end it, with one guy missing a leg and a fracture in the other persevering and refusing to give up, and another with an inner light that is always happy, and who just wants to make it on her own, rather than out of pity. It also makes me forget about Nigel being rude to E.J., calling him fat, telling him the other were patronizing him. Almost.

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