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So You Think You Can Dance, May 30th – With a Hiccup and a Wink

Kurt Myers, 23, of Orem, Utah, and Dia Beck, 28, of Pleasant Grove, Utah, are ballroom dancers, and he believes her personality beats the others. He admits he has been hiccuping for the last 7-1/2 years, but thankfully it’s not every five seconds, yet when excited they come on strong. They’re great dancing together, and Nigel notices Dia winking in the middle of the routine. He asks if she was aware of it and she says sometimes, yet Kurt is definitely aware. Nigel says it kept him amused. He talks to Kurt about his hiccuping and says with the hiccups and winks they’re a really strange couple. Right on cue, Kurt hiccups and Mary and Wade start laughing so hard they’re wiping their tears. Nigel brings it back around and tells Kurt he’s a really good partner and says it was pleasant to watch, completely cracking up in the middle of his critique. Mary agrees he’s a good partner, yet tells Dia she’s unbalanced on her feet. Right then Kurt hiccups and they all break up again. They’ll be coming back for the choreography round for day one.

During the choreography round, Olivia is feeling the pressure and doesn’t think people realize how intense this all is. She’s never been under this much stress before. She, Kurt, Dia, and Gold Inferno dance the choreography with their final chance to impress the judges. After, Kurt says he’s stopped hiccuping and thinks they may have finally scared it out of him. Nigel suggests they’ll have to see if it’s there in Las Vegas. Dia comes up and Nigel asks for a wink. She’s going to Las Vegas as well. Gold Inferno is not so lucky, not so surprisingly. Olivia is told they really like her, and she’s going to Las Vegas, and while she cries, so does Mary. She calls her mom to inform her and says she loves her. She and eighteen others made it to Las Vegas.

There’s a few guys here on day two that made it Las Vegas before and want to get there again. Jesus “Chuy” Solorio, 23, of Paso Robles, California says he has a passion for wine making and used to work for a vineyard, but now he is sticking more to dancing. His father doesn’t appreciate it and doesn’t support him, not seeing how he has progressed in his art and as a person. He wants him to see how it can be appreciated by a community, especially a Latin community, as a lot of fathers don’t appreciate dancing. He gets in some terrific jumps and spins, and Nigel asks why they let him go last year. Chuy believes it was his ballroom and hip hop that held him back. As far as Nigel is concerned today, they should send him straight back to Las Vegas, and Mary mentions the energy in the room and calls him a shining star. Wade calls him wonderful, and Chuy jumps an spins his way down to get his ticket to Las Vegas.

Hokuto “Hawk” Konishi, 22, of Los Angeles, tried out for season two and also made it to Las Vegas but was cut as he was only in the country on a student visa, meaning he wasn’t allowed to work, and this show is technically work. He was cut with the judges being upset he hadn’t told them about his visa. He thinks it will be more hard to get back here as he needs to show them something different. He is just as I remembered if not better, and works in comedy as well this time. He’s so enthralling; you can’t stop watching him. Mary and Nigel both give him standing ovations. Nigel asks to see the work permit and Hawk produces it. Nigel calls him fabulous, entertaining and great fun with so many different moves. Mary says he is such an entertainer, and she is so pleased he came back with his card this year. Wade says his interpretation of the music is ridiculous in the best possible sense. He’s “badass,” and Wade gives him a standing ovations as well. Nigel is sorry to hear he has a bad ass, but they’ll see him in Las Vegas again. I was so sad to see him leave last year, so this is great news.

Domonic “D-Trix” Sandoval, 22, of Roseville, California, says what separates him is his speed and hopefully he’ll bring it today. He looks just like rubber dancing out there as he does some breaking. Nigel tells him he has some great moves and he’s been keeping his fingers crossed, hoping a “B Boy” would get through this year. Mary thinks D-Trix is a lot of fun with great moves, and she hopes he can do something else. Wade likes him and the staccato movements where he freezes. He wonders, though, if he’s a 45 second performer. Regardless, he has faith in him, and he’ll be joining them in Las Vegas. Another guy comes up in the lobby and talks about the partying they’ll be doing, but D-Trix says he’s a Christian.

Brianne Healey, 18, of American Fork, Utah, has just graduated high school and wanted to grow up a little bit, so she went to Miami to dance on a cruise ship. Well, it’s definitely good work if you can get it, although maybe it wasn’t work and she was on a 4-1/2 month vacation. She admits to really growing up and is ready to be critiqued today by the judges. She does a beautiful lyrical routine and Wade says she has a wonderful smile and is a beautiful girl, and that all comes out when she’s dancing through her spirit. Mary, she of the many colloquialisms, calls Brianne an inspiration and breath of fresh air, and Nigel invites her back for the choreography round.


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